Probably, many people mention about the book reviews and suggestions to bring a smile on the face, like a memory from the distant past. "Book of complaints" associated with flashy saleswomen times of the Soviet Union. But Union is long gone, saleswomen are different, and books. Whoever thought they are a relic of the past, and gone forever, declare: you are mistaken. In fact, such books exist at present, moreover, this is not a useless dusty stuff, and a completely official document. Just not everyone knows about it.

Why the need for book reviews and suggestions?

For us accustomed to the old definition of the document – the book of complaints and suggestions. The name itself suggests that it guests and visitors have the right to leave comments, both positive and negative, to Express complaints and suggestions. And indeed it is. Now, however, this document called the book of comments and suggestions (in the text hereinafter abbreviated the Society).

Book reviews and suggestions: making and filling

Of course, changing the name essence has not changed. Any citizen has the right to put their opinions about the work of the organization. If the review is negative, then the administrator of an institution obliged to react. In General, the question arises, whether obligatory document for the firm is the book reviews and suggestions and what organizations should it be?

Do I have to have the organization of the Society?

Yes, definitely. All firms and the enterprises of a services sector or sales needs to make a notebook (Notepad). A list of such organizations is quite large. Moreover, the existence of a book does not affect the size of the enterprise. It may be small street stalls, and large supermarkets, banks, beauty salons, dry cleaning, etc.

The book of comments and proposals must be in a conspicuous place and provided to the client upon request. Re-request should be reflected in the records within the same document. Moreover, you don't have to explain to anyone why you need it. And especially to show their documents. By the way, I wonder what this book is even in the police.

And it looks like this book?

Some citizens imagine her in a tattered notebook in a box or Ticker. But it is not so. Since this is an official document, then it should look properly. Of course, for the Society not provided for by law strict form. Even if it is similar to a notebook, its appearance must meet a number of requirements. It must contain the seal and signature of the head. Pages must be numbered and stitched. This is done so that they could snatch.

The design of the book reviews and suggestions simple. On the first page displaying information about the contact phone numbers of the Directorate and of the institutions which, if necessary, you can write a complaint. The document is issued right? Feel free to leave feedback in the book of complaints and suggestions – they will reach the addressee. And if you see a scruffy old notebook, it's a reason to contact the CPS, which oversees the activities of organizations working in the field of trade. Sometimes a conflict situation it is possible to solve with the help of the administration.

Can you refuse a visitor in presentation of book reviews and suggestions?

According to the rules, the book should be available, visible place. Of course, most likely, you will have to ask her employees. As we have said, to give you her have, no questions asked. If asked to show their documents, do not try to do this. Such a requirement is not legitimate. You do not have to show, and that's just the organization has a duty to offer you a suitable place to fill the book reviews and suggestions.

It is likely that you will refuse, citing the fact that the document is on the Desk at the moment. But you understand that it's just tricks. According to the law, in this case, you have to give paper in which you describe the problem. Write two copies, one of which (with the date and signature of the person who received the complaint) you will take, and the second will remain in the organization.

It is also possible the situation when you refuse to provide even a paper or to take the complaint itself. In this case, as they say, nothing remains but to turn to a higher-ranking person in the organization. And don't be surprised if this cherished book are the most wonderful way.

But if a miracle did not happen, you should make a complaint about the refusal to make the Society, again in two copies. One of them you leave in the company, and the other will take, having asked me to sign it representative of the firm/ shop/company. If the signature refuses to supply, you can simply use postal service and send a complaint by registered letter with notification.

Will the police help?

If you openly ignore, not wanting to bring either a book, or sign a complaint, set out on an ordinary sheet, then you can go to the police. The fact that the book reviews and suggestions is bound to be in stock in any store (firm, organization). Not to provide it is already regarded as an administrative offence. For him there is a penalty in the amount of thirty thousand rubles.

In this case, grossly violated your rights (e.g. consumer, if it's a supermarket). And it is the responsibility of the police.

Law enforcement officers are required to verify the documents of the company or store. Perhaps the book and find it, if the administration does not want to exacerbate the conflict. If you wish to bring the matter to its logical conclusion, namely, to ensure that your complaint got to the CPS, can in the nearest police station at the place of location of the organization. You will need to write an application instituting proceedings (administrative). In it you describe the situation and indicate the number of the Protocol drawn up by police. Then there is the chance of referral to the CPS. And he will decide on sanctions to offenders.

Will somehow conflict resolution filling out the book reviews and suggestions?

Many citizens do not even want to ask about the availability of such a document and to show it its claims, as doubts about the effectiveness of such measures. Well, we have to admit that somewhere they might be right. But on the other hand, what can you lose? For example, you were rude in the store or in the Bank (hung, cheated, sold, expired or defective goods). If it happened once, then you will most likely not say anything, but when it happens regularly, that patience may end. Moreover, the Directorate does not always know what is happening behind them. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to show them the true state of things. A complaint will help in this. After all, there's a chance that learning how behaves the cafe staff, Director or the owner will take action, because the administration is interested in the institution of attendance. There are cases (and those are many), when the perpetrator was fired, and the customer apologized.

You understand that the owner of a hairdressing salon, shop, beauty salon does not care about the reputation of his institution. This affects the profit, and nobody wants to lose because of incompetent employees.

Another variant is possible, when management knows what is going on around, but, for some reason, he either still, or like what is happening, or even violations (e.g., financial) are initiated by him. How then to be? Will have effect while the appeal on the situation?

Recall that the book of comments and proposals is a document of strict accountability. It can be registered and might not. However, this does not diminish its importance. With any inspection of the enterprise the document can view. It is likely that your negative feedback will be seen and will be the subject of consideration.

Of course, it is easier in the presence of defective goods or other complaints to apply directly to the CPS, we are talking about the field of goods and services.

If I can help the CPS?

The CPS is that "magical" organization that fear, like fire, entrepreneurs and organizations in the field of trade and services. There you need help to exchange a defective product, to compensate for no service rendered.

The solution to your question is given in a month. The statement should be reviewed, but to ensure something is difficult. However, entrepreneurs not wanting to mess with such a serious organization, still prefer to make concessions to customers. They will be cheaper than paying fines and contend with the inspectors.

How to complete book reviews and suggestions?

Now let's talk about how to fill out the book reviews and suggestions. There is nothing complicated. This is done in any form. Still, it's not a business letter, but just book reviews and suggestions. A sample of her fill is usually present on the first pages. But even if you have not found, do not despair. You will cope with writing, adhering to some rules:

  1. Write briefly but in detail.
  2. Describe in detail the details and facts. No extra information needed.
  3. Be sure to include the time, date, participants of the event.
  4. Can provide your contact phone number.

Try not to put my emotions on paper. No need to insult someone. It looks ugly, and the complaint loses all meaning. You have no complaints, and only gratitude for good service? Or you wish to make innovations to improve the operation? No problem! After all, this is a book of reviews and suggestions. The sample document is shown below.

If you wish to obtain from the organization a written response should be to leave your details. By the way, the presence in the text of your address will oblige the administration to provide a written answer within five days. This same term is assigned to in the book have the answer to your comments. By law, the complaint shall be considered within two days and eliminate defects within five days. If you do not have time to do so, the period may be extended to fifteen days. About this entry made in the book. Again recall that the coordinates you just leave at will. Here and talked about how to complete the book reviews and suggestions. The photos in this article will help you to deal with this.

Are there any cases of substitution books?

Theoretically everything is possible. Remember how in school came the careless students? They have ready had two of the diary. One for good and one for bad grades. So there may well be such a situation. For complaints you can provide one instance, and for inspection will exist another. Earlier, when we talked about how to arrange the book reviews and suggestions, mentioned that it can be recorded. This moment is important. With registered documents, the situation is simpler. If you open the book and see that it has the stamp of the Department of consumer protection, be confident that this is the same book. The two can not exist. So, you hold in your hands a real document and not a draft. Therefore, substitution is impossible. Thus, your requests and complaints can be read by regulatory agencies during a regular inspection.

What if the book is not registered?

If the book of complaints and suggestions is not registered, then have to rely on the conscience of the authorities. In any case, you must bring a properly executed document. You will leave there your complaint. Perhaps it comes to leadership. If this does not happen, don't worry too much – there is another possible solution to the problem.

You can take pictures of your opinion, and also the previous few pages and the cover. It is advisable to do deliberately, so that the Department staff do not have any doubt in your intentions. They may transfer in Rospotrebnadzor with the complaint. If employees of the organization will be checking, the photographs can become evidence.

How to pressureat book reviews and suggestions?

Book reviews and suggestions (the sample above) is an official document. So, it needs to be stitched and numbered. Incidentally, this will provide additional protection against spoofing, and tearing out unnecessary pages. Novice entrepreneurs often questions about how to stitch a book of reviews and suggestions? The photo presented in the paper will help to Orient in this matter.

You can buy finished, bound book. And to number the pages, and then stitch the special threads. The free ends of the twine are printed on the back of the last page and there's tie at the knot. On top is a note which indicates the number of sheets, date, surname and signature of the Director. And then sealed so that part of it was on the note, and the part at the very last leaf. That's all. The book is stitched according to the rules.

Instead of an afterword

So we talked about what today is the Society. I hope that we have managed to convince you that sometimes a document can be very useful. We wish you not to get into a situation when you have to resort to complaints. However, if this happens, try to use our advice – maybe they will help you.