Why do we dream about keys? A dream interpreter gives a clear answer to this question. This object embodies the new changes in the life of the dreamer, to which he longed. But how do you know if they will be good or bad? In this case, you should pay attention to the details that surrounded the dreamer in his night dreams. We'll talk about this in our article.

To see the keys in a dream

In a dream, did you dream that the keys were on the ground? This means that in the near future you will get acquainted with a special opposite sex. Unfortunately, this meeting does not turn out well. After a while you will feel dislike for each other. Because of the incompatibility of interests and characters, you can have a scandal.

Keys - dream book

If in your dream you see the keys, the dream book explains it this way: you will find a solution to a problem that has not bothered you for a long time.

And if you saw a lot of keys in your hand? This indicates that soon you will take a leadership position. In this case, these objects represent power and victory over enemies.

In your dream, do you see how the keys are scattered everywhere? This means that on the way to your goal there will be many obstacles. On the positive side, this dream can be interpreted in the event that you rushed to collect these keys. It is in this situation that all obstacles and problems will be solved easily.

If you dreamed of a key with a key fob in a dream, then it shows that in a short time you will make a certain act, which you will be proud of. This step will make you a hero in the eyes of your loved ones. Perhaps you will save someone's life or help a person in a difficult moment. In any case, this act will demonstrate your kindness and sympathy.

In your dream, did you see the key sticking out of the door? This means that in your life there will be a new fan who, contrary to your refusals, will still achieve reciprocity.

In your dream, did you notice that the key is sticking out of the door? Rejoicing, did you follow her to open? The interpretation of such a night vision depends on whether you managed to do it. If the door you easily succumbed, then wait for a fateful chance that will bring you success and prosperity. The key suddenly broke down? In this situation, do not expect a good result. The problem is that you always hurry up and do not finish it. A broken key in this case personifies your affairs and projects that break down before they reach completion. A dream interpreter advises you not to hurry, if you want to achieve something in life.

What will this dream tell about the dream book? The keys (bundle) mean the profit from your activity. But do not stop there, otherwise the prosperity will be insignificant. If in your dream you counted exactly 10 keys on a bunch, then it means that you are at the peak of your career. Everything you could have done. Now you can "reap the fruits."

In your vision, did you find only one key on the binder? This means that all your ideas and suggestions will be ineffective. But after a while on your way there must meet a person who will become your patron. Listening to his recommendations, you will certainly achieve positive results in your activities.

If in your dream you found that there are only 2 keys on the bunch, then this indicates that you are waiting for an unexpected turn of events.

A bunch of keys is in the hands of your relatives? Great changes in life are expected that will come about thanks to your loved ones.

If you saw a bunch of keys in the night dreams, then it means that you will soon have a long journey. Perhaps you will have a great opportunity to visit several countries. This trip will bring you not only joy, but also will allow to learn a lot of new and interesting.

Open / close the door

What can the dream book tell about this vision? To open the door with a key means the appearance in the life of a dreamer of a person who will play one of his main roles in his life. Perhaps there will be a serious falling in love, which will lead to excessive credulity. Unfortunately, this person can use it at any minute, thus harming your well-being and your heart.

In your dream, did you observe how the door was opened with a key? This means that in your life there will be situations that require immediate intervention and wise decision-making. It all depends on whether you open the door easily. Or maybe you could not open it at all? In the latter case, one should not count on a good result.

What else can the dream book tell about this vision? Opening the door with a key that breaks down means that all your plans and aspirations will become unworkable. It's all your haste and inability to detail the situation.

In your dream to help you called a friend (colleague, relative, parent, etc.)? So, in implementing the plans you will be helped by the one who came in a dream. If it's a stranger, it means that you will get acquainted with a good person who will become a true friend for you.

If you notice that the key turned only once, it means that your boss will put you in an awkward position before colleagues. Perhaps he will chastise you for all for a poorly executed job or point out forgetfulness.

Are you opening the secret door? What can the dream book say about this? Opening with a key means that in the future you will reveal some mystery that you want to share with someone. In this case, one should not blindly trust anyone. After all, you can harm not only yourself, but also the person who owns this secret.

What if in a dream you open the door and do not know what is behind it? This suggests that in real life you are acting blindly. To avoid problems and difficulties, try to listen to the opinion of more experienced people, pay attention to the little things and details that surround you in reality.

Close the door with a key

What if the door is locked? A dream interpreter treats this dream as a quick marriage. Happy this union will be or not, can explain some little things. If the castle was given easily - expect happiness and love. Having trouble closing? In this marriage there will be a lot of obstacles and problems.

If you want to close the door and do not know which key to pick up, it means your uncertainty. Perhaps you have several partners that you like. But with whom to bind your life, you have not yet decided.

What else does the dream in which you try to close the door with a key? A dream interpreter says that in your life the final moment or moment of transition to a new life has come. This may mean readiness for pregnancy or marriage for women, certainty for men, retirement for the elderly, transition to adolescent life for children.

How else can this dream explain the dream book? Closing the door to the key, which suddenly breaks, means that there will be obstacles and problems in your relationship. Perhaps it will be connected with the third person who will enter your life. The interpreter advises not to make rash decisions and go to the end.

In a dream, did you try to close the door, and the key suddenly fell? This indicates that your reputation will soon deteriorate. And it will happen because of some minor trifle. In this situation, you should keep your head high and do not pay attention to the abusers. Only in this case you will manage to pass this difficult line in your life.

What else can this dream tell? Closing the door to the key or trying to close it with a key that suddenly disappears in your hands (the door remains open) means that all your hopes for a happy marriage are vain. Another meaning is the dream in which you closed the door, and the key disappeared. This means that you will never return to your past life.

Closed and open door

If in your dream you saw how the door you wanted to unlock is open, it means that there will be a person in your life who you can manipulate. But the dream book does not advise it, because you will lose a real friend (or the love of your life).

What else can the dream book tell about this vision? The door, locked to the key, which suddenly opens itself, means that you have new latitudes that you should use.

If in her dream a young girl saw an unlocked door, then in her life a man will soon appear who will perform romantic deeds.

What else can the dream book tell about the locked door? A door locked with a key means obstacles to your goal.

Lose, drop the keys

Losing the keys in your dream means that in the near future you are waiting for unpleasant news. Perhaps this will be due to dismissal or summons to the court. Also, this dream says that in love you are waiting for complete disappointment.

If you lose one key from a bundle, it means that you quarrel with a person who was close to you. Perhaps it will happen because of some trifle, but it will put an end to your long relationship.

In your dream, did you forget your keys somewhere? Dreambook says that your sex life leaves much to be desired.

Did you drop the key? This means that you have cooled to your second half. The dream book advises you to act, otherwise your marriage will fall apart.

If the key has fallen into the water - you are trying to improve your sex life. Dreambook says that you are on the right track. The dream has a different meaning if you are not married (a serious relationship). Do not seek comfort in the arms of everyone caught, otherwise it can lead to terrible consequences.

If you eat a key from your hands or pocket, the dream book in this case indicates an incorrect decision. By taking it, you may find yourself in a quandary, the way out of which is only through stress or depression.

Search, find keys

What can the dream tell about this dream? Finding the keys in the night dreams is a good sign, it means that your family life will be ideal. Consent, mutual understanding and love will go with you through life forever. Also this dream says that in your life a person will appear, in your relations with whom you will have a complete idyll.

In a dream, did you find the lost key? This is because you always walk steadily and confidently through life. No one and nothing can prevent you from achieving the goal. You are the smith of your happiness and prosperity.

In another way, a dream is interpreted, in which you found keys that have nothing to do with you. In this vision, you should pay attention to some details. Perhaps someone was near you, or it was a significant place for you, or maybe you hurried to share this wonderful news with someone. The interpretation of sleep will depend on these details. The person or place that has dreamed of you in a dream, and will play an important role in your life.

If you find a bunch of keys, it means that your business will go uphill. It also promises a meeting with a person who will direct your life in a new direction.

In your dream, are you looking for your keys? What does the dream book say? The keys to the apartment represent your desire to find solutions to personal problems.

If you lost the key and immediately found it, then it predicts your participation in a profitable business. It will not only give you pleasure, but also bring good dividends.

Keys for a gift

If someone gave you the keys, it means that in a difficult period for you there is a person who will extend a helping hand.

How does this dream treat a dream book? Give the keys? This suggests that you should listen to the advice of a more experienced person. Perhaps, it is these recommendations that will allow you to make a step forward.

In your dream did you get the key? This indicates that in the near future you are waiting for the long-awaited replenishment.

How does this dream explain the dream book in another way? The keys to receive as a gift - it means in your life there will soon be a chance that you should not refuse.

Give away your keys

If in her dream the girl gives her keys to someone, it means that because of her frank conversations and rash actions she will spoil her reputation.

What else can dream about this dream? To give the keys to the person of the opposite sex means a quick marriage.

Appearance of keys

In your night vision, did you see the spoiled keys? This means that soon you will be separated from your loved one. The reason for this is the cooling of feelings or betrayal on the part of the other half.

And if the key is gold or precious? This indicates that you are waiting for a rare luck. Perhaps this will be related to your activities.

How can such a dream explain the dream book? The keys to the apartment, which are decorated with jewels or gold, promise you a big profit. And it will help to achieve such successes is your family. Fate gave you wonderful loved ones who always come to the rescue in a difficult moment. Love, mutual understanding, mutual assistance and devotion - all these qualities are inherent in your family.

A large key means huge possibilities. A good sign if you keep it in your hands. So you have new boundaries. Try not to drop it, so as not to lose luck.

The key that has been dreamed together with the lock means a lot of obstacles to the goal. But it's not scary, because all problems will be solved thanks to your perseverance. This quality represents the key that is in the castle.

If you hold the key to the kingdom in your hands, it means that you will have great power and influence. Perhaps you are expected to rise on the career ladder.

Did you dream of a silver key? Hence, all your decisions are taken deliberately, with an emphasis on logic, without any outbursts of emotion.

If you saw that the small key lies on a large stone, it means that you are powerless before the charm of a person you know well. Dream interpretation advises you to purchase a protective amulet or talisman.

In your hand is a key of scanty dimensions? Do not expect an easy way out of a difficult situation. Be prepared for obstacles. It is your willingness to help you achieve success in your activities.

Good dreams and success in business!