Any experienced doctor can confidently say that oxygen canister for breathing needs to be in every home and in every medicine Cabinet. And do not think that this is so unnecessary at first glance of the subject is unjustified. Each person can trap in trouble with his health, until the resuscitation therapy. In this case, oxygen spray to breathe will help to provide emergency aid to the victim, which is very important in severe crisis situations.

Sphere daily use

Oxygen canister for breathing can be used even in the strange and unfamiliar situations. However, it has a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole, what makes it so useful.

Oxygen canister for breathing: instructions for use, contraindications, and reviews

Most often this unit doctors recommend to use in such cases:

– Diseases associated with the nervous system. Oxygen spray to breathe is guaranteed to provide patients with temporary comfort and harmony with you.

– Pneumonia, asthma, and other diseases of the respiratory system.

– Alleviate the condition of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Doctors recommend the use of the tool for insomnia.

– Helps to restore strength after a long stay in a stuffy room.

– Helps to improve immunity.

– Improves the condition during a hangover, as it cleans the blood.

In addition, regular use of oxygen spray tones the whole body. After the first application you can notice that the energy level has increased significantly. Also you will see how improved memory, concentration and other thought processes.

Increases the content of oxygen in the blood, which leads to improved functioning of all organs and organ systems.

The use of oxygen spray for lung cancer

Oxygen canister for breathing, instruction which is described in this article, is an indispensable attribute in the treatment of lung cancer. As you know, this disease is usually accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms. This could include feelings of shortness of breath and suffocation, and also felt the lack of air. With these symptoms the Ura will manage the oxygen canister to breathe. Reviews you can read about it in this article.

For lung cancer oxygen canister significantly improves the condition of patients, so doctors strongly recommend its use.

Oxygen Breath Paint: How to use

To use this tool is very simple. To each balloon is attached a mandatory instruction, which is very simple to understand.

First you need to remove the protective film. Now that you have done this, wear a mask with a tube on the upper part of the cylinder. Of course, this should be done only if the data the component parts included in the kit. That's all. The oxygen canister ready for use.

To determine the number of breaths will help the situation. If you just want to bring the body in tone, it will be quite a few deep breaths twice a day. If you are trying to cope with chronic illnesses, increase the number of procedures to three, and do about fifteen breaths.

In an extremely life-threatening situations are advised to do about twenty deep breaths with neskolkomi breaks.


As medical practice shows, this unit is absolutely safe for human health. Flame spray has no adverse effect on the body, so it can be used without fear.

The tool can be used not only by adults but also young children and elderly people.

The spray can also be used by pregnant women. However, in this case necessarily need the advice of your doctor.

Methods of use

Oxygen bottles with mask for breathing are often used in medical institutions. However, they can be used at home. Also the cartridges are very popular for carrying out special procedures in beauty salons. Very useful oxygen cocktails, which are specifically enriched gas. They have a tonic effect on the human body, provide energy and improve mood.

You should pay attention

Oxygen spray to breathe in pharmacies may sell several types. Choose a tool based on your needs. You can buy a single instance or a set that allows you to save a considerable amount of funds. The price depends on the size and brand of tank, but also from the ways of oxygen inhalation.

The balloon can have a mask that is intended for use by only one person. For use by multiple people it is best to buy a non-contact capacity.

Pay attention to the contents of the bottle. Ideal is the content of 80% of medical oxygen and 20% of nitrogen. With this combination of gases, health procedures are absolutely safe for health.

What are the benefits?

Oxygen spray is considered a useful and completely safe medical product. It is very effective not only for first aid but also for the treatment of many diseases.

Compact dimensions of the unit allow you to carry it even in a small hand-bag. Therefore, the necessary tool will always be at hand. Use the product at any time and in any place. Even the smallest spray may contain a large amount of oxygen.

Product reviews

Oxygen spray is very popular with different groups of people. Of course, in the first place are patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. According to reviews, a few mouthfuls of oxygen can very quickly elevate mood and increase vitality.

This tool is also very popular in students while preparing for exams. After a few SIPS of useful oxygen, it is possible to remove nervous tension, and improve mental responses. According to the responses of the students actually improves memory and attentiveness. Doctors recommend oxygen spray as a cure against insomnia.

A few final words

Today in any pharmacy you can buy cheap compact oxygen canister, which is very easy to transport. To use this tool very comfortable and easy.

Modern canister weighs no more than a pound, and that makes it no problem to carry, even in a small handbag.

This tool can be used by anyone in any conditions. Even a few deep SIPS can significantly improve health, not always do expensive tablets.

Deciding to buy a cartridge, read reviews of specific models, and only then make the purchase. So you can find exactly the model, which is suitable to use for you.

In the presence of serious chronic diseases should not use an oxygen canister as the main therapeutic agent. Definitely contact the hospital and pick up the right treatment.