Today, cosmetology is developing so quickly that girls sometimes do not have time to get enough information about new-fangled procedures. One of such beauty products is keratin lamination of eyelashes. Reviews about it say that this is a useful process that allows you to get strong, large and curved cilia. What is lamination, what are its advantages and what is the result?

Keratin Laminating Eyelash: Reviews

What is the lamination of eyelashes with keratin?

Lamination can be done not only on natural hair, but also on eyelashes. This procedure allows you to restore the scales of each hair and permanently retain the color, so often laminate the lashes. Additional care after the procedure is not required, as is the use of mascara.

Laminating eyelashes, reviews of which are mostly positive, are conducted by a special Lashes. The composition encircles the bristles of the hair, the formed protective film facilitates their alignment. Eyelashes at the same time breathe, do not become heavier, since the film is very thin, nothing weighs and lets in air. Lamination not only does not harm eyelashes, but also moisturizes, promotes retention of moisture and nutrients in them. One element of the composition is wheat protein - a strong antioxidant and keratin - a high-strength protein. Hair, nails, eyebrows and eyelashes already contain keratin. Additional procedures with this protein make them more durable.

Keratin lamination of eyelashes (testimonials attest: the result of the procedure depends on the professionalism of the master) allows you to get eyelashes more vivid and curved, but as natural as possible. This procedure has nothing to do with the build-up. This is nutrition, vitaminization and filling of eyelashes with a cumulative effect. Simple curling and eyelash coloring gives a similar result, but lamination is a more gentle procedure with a health-improving effect. Do not wait, that eyelashes immediately change dramatically after lamination. It simply emphasizes your natural virtues.


A procedure that everyone would like to try, but not everyone can afford is laminating eyelashes. The doctors' comments on this procedure make one pay attention to a number of contraindications. Lamination is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Inflammation and any diseases of the eyes, mucous eyelids (conjunctivitis, barley and others).
  • Recently transferred surgical operations in the eye area, simply not healed wounds, cuts.
  • Pregnancy and lactation. During this period, the serum may not work. Unstable hormonal background can cause unpredictable consequences from using a cosmetic.
  • Serum has a hypoallergenic composition, but if you are allergic to any cosmetics, testing is required.

It is undesirable to go for lamination in the first days of menstruation, as the skin marks left on eyelashes reject all cosmetic procedures. Consult with an expert and choose another cosmetic procedure if you are contraindicated in laminating eyelashes. Reviews, photos of various salon services will help you decide.

7 advantages and 3 minuses of eyelash lamination

The procedure for laminating eyelashes, reviews of which speak of its effectiveness, allows girls to lead an ordinary life. Keratin lamination has many advantages:

  • the firmness of the procedure, which takes about an hour, making the eyelashes volumetric and long for two to three months;
  • branded serum acts completely painlessly;
  • after lamination, you can wear lenses, dye eyelashes, use eyeliner, eye cream, masks, make-up remover;
  • the product is indispensable for rest, as it will protect your cilia from ultraviolet rays, wind and sea water;
  • 24 hours after the procedure, you can at least every day to go to the sauna, the pool, swim in the sea or in the river;
  • correction is not required, but to enhance the effect it is desirable to repeat the lamination;
  • another positive effect of the procedure is the awakening of sleeping cells and bulbs, which helps to accelerate the growth of new eyelashes.

Laminating eyelashes, reviews of which have left many girls, has its drawbacks:

  • high cost (professional services will cost from two thousand rubles and above);
  • presence of contraindications;
  • ugly kind of eyelashes in the first hours after the procedure. They are solid, look stuck, at the base remains a black pigment, reminiscent of sloppy eyeliner. Then everything passes.

Features of the procedure

Therapeutic procedure for laminating eyelashes takes from an hour to a half, in the process there should be no inconvenience or discomfort. The only thing that can be, is an easy tingling after, associated with the staining of the eyelashes. The coloring pigment in the formulation contains chemistry, the rest are natural substances. After opening eyes tingling should pass. It is important to remember that burning and tingling in the lamination process occurs due to eye disease or the use of a poor-quality preparation.

Laminating eyelashes, reviews recommended to read before visiting the procedure itself, is the process of strengthening eyelashes with a lasting effect of up to three months. The effect of the composition in some cases is reduced to two months:

  • if eyelashes are quickly updated;
  • if you are used to taking a shower very often;
  • if you actively use cosmetics;
  • quality of cosmetics and other factors.

Laminating lash reviews which talk about the horrific effect of "open eyes", makes lashes curved and beautiful. It is important to remember that if you have short, sparse and weak lashes, you should not expect from the first laminating procedure incredible results (just the length, thickness and volume). Only regular conducting for therapeutic purposes, return them to a healthy condition. Depending on the condition of the lashes you can repeat the procedure without waiting for the three-month period.

Laminating eyelashes LVL, reviews of which are generally positive, does not hurt in the "overdose" of the drug. Eyelashes will absorb as many nutrients as they need to recover. But with the right approach it is not recommended to repeat the procedure often (within two months), it is better to wait until new eyelashes grow out.

How to care for eyelashes after lamination?

In special extra care after keratin lamination, eyelashes do not need. It is important only not to expose them to water in the first day and avoid unnecessary touch. After leaving the salon, you can not wash for six hours, soar your face, touch your eyelashes and eyes. After washing a day later, you will see straightened out beautiful eyelashes. For 24 hours the composition has become stronger, and it is possible to proceed safely to water, solar and other procedures.

Only a few salon services are exceptionally healthy and do no harm, one of them is the lamination of eyelashes. Photos "before" and "after", reviews of satisfied customers are confirmed. At the end of the day from the moment of lamination there are no restrictions: you can sleep on your cheek or face in the pillow, wear lenses, wash without restrictions, go to the sauna and much more. That is, after 24 hours we return to the usual way of life. The application of masks and oils for the supply of eyelashes is welcome and will not affect the result in any way, but will benefit.

5 steps of lamination

One of the useful procedures that quickly return lashes to a healthy look is keratin lamination of the eyelashes. The doctors' comments emphasize the importance of a careful and responsible approach when performing this procedure. Lamination is carried out in stages.

  1. Eyelashes are carefully, thoroughly cleaned and degreased.
  2. On the upper and lower eyelid the protector is fixed, on which the cilia are carefully laid. The tread is necessary to create a bend.
  3. To fill the keratin voids, the serum fixing the bend and giving the eyelashes volume is applied.
  4. The lashes are saturated with pigment. One of the natural shades are selected depending on hair color: black, red, dark brown. Professional lamination does not involve the use of harsh dyes. This is important for those who want to actually improve eyelashes.
  5. Application of keratin composition, protecting eyelashes from external influences. Keratin fills the cracks, aligns the cilia along the entire length, imparts a small volume.

Usually immediately after the procedure, eyelashes have a frightening appearance. In a day, when the keratin penetrates deep into the hair and is fixed, the picture changes, the cilia are straightened.

How to choose a wizard?

Lamination - a healing procedure performed only by a master, which results in the effect of open eyes, slightly raised eyelids and lightly colored eyelashes. Laminating eyelashes LVL lashes, reviews of which in the majority are positive, sometimes disappointing girls who suffered from poor performance of an unskilled craftsman. Therefore, to choose a specialist is important with the mind, not chasing the cheapness or high cost of services. A certified master can conduct keratin lamination qualitatively and at an average price. Such specialists have a certificate and use high-quality cosmetics.

5 tips for laminating eyelashes:

  • Seriously choose a master. Cheap lamination is a risk. An unskilled craftsman can break the hairs or curl them too much.
  • Responsibly refer to the selection of funds.
  • It is very harmful to do lamination after building, and vice versa.
  • What are the natural qualities of your hair? For example, if you have Mongoloid roots, you do not get too thick and luxurious eyelashes.
  • Do not repeat the procedure too often, optimally - 2 times a year.

How much does the eyelash lamination cost?

The cost of keratin lamination of eyelashes depends mainly on the price policy of the salon where it is held, and the city where the salon is located. The price varies from 2500 to 7000 rubles. The average price is 4500 rubles. Some masters, most of them working at home, offer lamination services for 1000-2000 rubles. The cost price of the service consists of the brand value, the basic composition used (LVL Lashes, Yumi Lashes and others), specialist work and skills, salon reputation and other factors.

Laminating eyelashes at home. Reviews

Laminating eyelashes with keratin at home is quite feasible, but requires thorough preparation. To do this, it is desirable to take training courses on the basis of many salons, as well as learn technology and purchase materials. If you are going to conduct lamination for the first time, it is recommended to go through all the stages together with an experienced master who will show how to do it qualitatively and professionally. In the process, you will ask questions of concern to you, note for yourself some of the nuances.

How to make a homemade eyelash lamination? Reviews "before" and "after" can convince you that it is quite feasible. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • we remove cosmetics with the help of special means, degrease the skin with foam or gel for washing;
  • to protect and prepare the eyelids for the procedure, we apply a cream to care for the skin around the eyes (choose an emollient cream moisturizing the delicate and tender skin);
  • on the upper eyelid we put on a special form of silicone (protector), which allows to raise and align cilia for convenient application of the solution;
  • we process the eyelashes with a special solution (serum) to give the thickness and density, evenly distributing the product with a brush, remove the surplus mixture with cotton wool or a napkin;
  • after treatment with serum, cover each hair with a composition of keratin, after 15 minutes, you can remove the silicone pads and remove excess formulations from the skin of the face.

After training, you will be much easier to exercise at home without problems and complications, a process such as lamination of the eyelashes. Photos "before" and "after", the girls prove the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures at home with the right approach. Lamination will help to align your lashes, nourish them with useful substances. Regular sessions will make them larger and dark. As with salon procedures, after the application of home technology necessary to ensure peace for lashes at night, not wash, not to use mascara.

Laminating eyelashes gelatin. Reviews

If you have contraindications for the use of salon serums and for any other reasons, it may be a convenient option for you to laminate the cilia with gelatin. Of course, the effect of this product will not be as long as from salon procedures. But it is quite possible to strengthen and improve eyelashes well, regularly using gelatinous eyelash lamination. Reviews, photos and recipes of this simple home procedure are presented in our article. How to make and correctly apply a solution with gelatin for eyelashes?

  1. To prepare the solution required 50 ml of warm water, 15 g of gelatin. After the gelatin is poured into water, stir and heat the solution for five minutes. Remove the solution from heat. You can add some hair conditioner or oils.
  2. Before applying the eyelash, it must be degreased and cleaned. Carefully remove make-up, sebum, dust with a degreasing tonic.
  3. The skin around the eyelids should be lubricated with cream. After that, we impose on the eyelids silicone pads (halves of wadded disks, cut along the arc in the form of a century).
  4. Apply a warm gelatin solution to the eyelashes with a brush.
  5. Leave the composition for half an hour, then wash off with warm water.

It is hardly possible to compete with the branded salon procedure by carrying out gelatin laminating the eyelashes. Reviews ("before" and "after") on this procedure confirm that it is possible and with its help to obtain the desired effect. Regular application of gelatin by all the rules will lead to a good result and will provide strong, well-groomed eyelashes for a long time. This version of the procedure for laminating has no contraindications, it is allowed for pregnant and lactating women.