Fashionable stylists, hairdressers and people, for whom the creation of beauty is a profession, are well acquainted with hair care products from Kerastaz. Shampoo-bath, restoring mask Densite and many other popular means of the firm managed to get fond not only for masters, but also for their clients. Despite the fact that "Kerastase" is professional cosmetics, many women use it at home and are satisfied with the result.

Kerastase: shampoo for colored hair, reviews

"Kerastase" - a phenomenon for hair

"Kerastaz" positions itself as a premium brand. All of the company's products were originally developed for use exclusively in luxury beauty salons. The quality of products for more than 30 years remains at the highest level and meets all modern requirements. Individual approach, diagnostics and quality are the main criteria of Kerastaz. Shampoo and all other care products from each line comply with all the stated requirements, and their action is aimed at the successful solution of various problems of the scalp, curls. The company is one of the leaders in the development and production of hair restoration products at the molecular level, as well as solving problems with their dryness and brittleness.

The emergence, development and mission of "Kerastase"

For the first time this cosmetic company declared itself in 1964, creating the first means for working with damaged hair. Initially, all products were used as medicinal products, they were aimed at solving the problems of fatness of the scalp, dandruff. Then a ruler for damaged and dry curls was developed, and a few years later, a mask for sensitive hair appeared and became a bestseller from Kerastaz. Shampoo, as well as any other means of the brand, today is called not just to care, but also to treat curls. For this reason, all cosmetics must be selected strictly individually.

Now the main direction of the company's development is the creation of means for improving hair. The company's laboratories employ more than 2,000 employees conducting research, developing formulas and introducing new technologies.

Shampoo for colored hair collection "Reflection"

All production is divided into series. Outwardly, they differ in color and are designed to solve specific problems. The maximum effect from the use of funds can be obtained, observing all the rules for use and the holding time.

Each line has its advantages, but we should also say about the collection for colored curls "Reflection". According to the reviews of professionals, these tools are among the most popular. Bath-shampoo for colored hair mask "Chroma Captive" is intended for intensive care, hydration and maximum Shine. The components included in the products are effectively, in the right proportions. They are created so that they are able to ensure the active protection and care of even most demanding hair.

The best means of "Kerastase" according to professionals

The most popular gamma, according to the opinion and experience of the masters working on this product, are also Resistance, Cristalliste and Elixir Kultime.

The collection "Resistance Force Architecte" actively restores the structure of damaged curls. If you use in aggregate serum, "grooming-cement" and hair shampoo "Kerastase Resistance", the curls immediately become denser, filled, and the problem of brittleness is solved in several applications.

The line "Cristalliste" is very popular because of the love of many women to the volume. The tools in this series are designed to give your hair crystal shine and lightness. And with this task, the products cope perfectly, along the way giving them a density and elasticity, due to which a good volume is achieved.

"Elixir Kultime" is a very popular care based on a mixture of four oils. Best of all, this collection works in combination shampoo, mask and oil. Excellent for dry, porous, mellified and light hair.

Choosing Kerastase - shampoo or mask, you can always be sure of the quality of the product. Unsatisfactory result, as the reviews show, can be if the products are picked up incorrectly.

Customer Reviews

Products are very popular not only in salon, but also in home care. According to reviews, despite the fact that it is a delicate product, after application, the hair may be overloaded or dry. Often this indicates an incorrect choice of care from Kerastaz. Shampoo, the price for it though high, can completely not justify your expectations. The average cost of a bottle of 250 ml shampoo is 1,350 rubles, and 450 ml - 2,200 rubles. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, before buying a product, it is best to seek advice from your master, who will take into account the main problems and needs of hair.

In general, the wide experience of using Kerastaz in the salons of the whole world, the availability of a full range of products for health improvement and care, good reviews make the brand a true leader. Therefore, every woman can find something valuable and special for herself in the line of these funds.