Quality equipment - the key to successful fishing and good catch. Every fisherman knows that great attention must be paid to functional trifles. So, the spinning coil only at first sight seems to be a minor detail, but it needs to be chosen as carefully as possible.

Which one to choose?

Spinning reel: rating and reviews

For fishing on spinning, the fishing rod can be equipped with different types of coils - inertial, inertial or multiplier. The wide variety of brands and models that they offer does not always allow you to orient yourself correctly. Therefore, we will tell you about the most popular type - inertia-free coils, which are easy to use and popular with beginners and professionals alike.

Spinning reels "Shimano" - a product that is guaranteed to allow you to fish perfectly. Models are suitable for catching predatory fish using artificial baits. Shimano creates accessories for fishing, which differ in the optimal casting distance, ease of control of tackles, besides they allow creating a harmonious tackle, in which everything will be as strong and reliable as possible.

The flagship series of inertia-free coils include Stella products, which are still in high demand due to unique technical parameters and design. Spinning coil Twin Power series attracts attention by updating the balancing system and winding system, in addition, it is very light. If you are for the availability of prices, then you will like Exage models - they not only cost cheap, but also show excellent quality. Whichever coil of this brand you choose, you will receive products that fully meet modern requirements in terms of reliability and efficiency.

The inertia reels of the Japanese brand Daiwa are always at the peak of popularity, they participate in all ratings, as with high quality products it can be purchased at very low prices. Spinning reels "Daiva" are presented in such a variety of models that each fisherman will find both a cheap and expensive accessory. Among the most popular coils of this brand are the following:

  • The Daiwa Regal series is a kind of legend, as it is mostly about good reviews from fishermen. They note that at a low cost these products are worthy to be chosen for modern spinning due to the quality and convenience of operation.
  • Reliable coils are presented in the Exceler series: users note that they are reliable, functional, pleasing with six variants of performance and are excellent in the ratio of price to quality.
  • The Black Widow BR series features the steepest spinning reels of the dive, which are designed to catch carp. The rod is thought out in such a way that it can be combined with the rods of other brands. The ruler pleases with a smooth stroke, which is provided by only three bearings.
  • No less interesting for buyers are Daiwa Gekkabijin MX coils, which attract attention with excellent technical properties. In this model, a composite material is used to produce the rotor and the body of the coil, the chiseled handle is made of aluminum.

Mark from Japan Ryobi is known as a manufacturer of quality fishing products for various purposes. Whichever coil of this brand you choose, you can be sure: it will be of high quality and reliable in operation. The spinning spinless coil Ryobi stands out for its simplicity and functionality, its easy laying and smooth running, endurance and increased reliability. The most popular models in the line of the Japanese brand include Ecusima, Zauber, Excia. Among the novelties of this popular brand is the Slam coil, which was created using the newest NCRT composite: thanks to it, the model became 20% lighter and 40% stronger than conventional plastic. Such a design solution contributes to the fact that the coil model is ideally suited for spinning, as it is characterized by lightness, sensitivity and good power and running properties.

Polish brand Salmo offers its products for more than 20 years, and therefore many anglers prefer it to her. It is noteworthy, but there are very, very many reviews about fishing trifles of this brand. And it is no less remarkable that all goods are created taking into account modern requirements and wishes of those who are professionally versed in the field of ichthyology.

Spinning spinless reel of this brand attracts attention by the fact that the company itself develops all models. Thanks to the combination of a perfectly coordinated mechanism, exciting and laying the line, with the possibility of changing the handle to a comfortable side, the Salmo reels are very convenient to use. Among the advantages of the model, users note the ease, but the rigidity of the case, excellent performance at an affordable cost. Titanium spraying of the scraper roller eliminates the folding of the line.

Among the popular models of this brand - Salmo Diamond Baitfeeder, which can be put on spinning and catching on the bottom rigging. A special Freerunner system is a guarantee that you can adjust the amount of bleeding the line when the bite goes. The most reliable, according to customers, are the Diamond Feeder series. It is also noteworthy that repair of spinning reels of this brand is very rarely required, and with the replacement of rings or gears it is quite possible to manage independently. We talked about the four most popular companies, which today offer the most cost-effective and quality coils. Now we will make a small rating taking into account the user's opinion.

First place: DAIWA-TD-Advantage

A lot of good reviews received this model. DAIWA-TD-Advantage is rated very well due to its strength, durability and stable operation without backlashes and defects. A well-thought-out design and competently chosen parts make these spinning reels convenient for use in the sea and in fresh water bodies. Our rating we begin with it.

Second Place: Daiwa TD-Sol

Judging by the feedback from users, this model deserves the first place, but because of a slightly higher price we gave it the second. What good is this coil? Firstly, smoothly. Secondly, good traction. Among the innovations of the model can be noted immediately two systems - one provides a high-quality balancing, the second - instantly responds to the position of the rotor. Another system is responsible for silent rotation while maintaining thrust and power. In general, this spinning coil works very, very reliably.

Third Place: Shimano Ultegra

In terms of reliability and quality, this coil is in no way inferior to the previous two. In the reviews it is mentioned that for many models this brand is the standard of quality. What is good about it: long-distance casting, power and speed of line laying, ergonomic design and the ability to fish large fish. But there is also a disadvantage to this coil: there are too many backlashes, and the spring of the scrap iron is still out of order.

Fourth place: RYOBI EXCIA

Spinning reel of this brand has always been in demand, since it belongs to the high class series. The internal mechanism of the model is highly reliable, on top it is covered with titanium nitride. High-quality bearings guarantee the stable operation of the entire coil in all conditions.

Fifth place: Ryobi Zauber

And last place we give the metal coil Ryobi Zauber. It is additionally equipped with a rotor balancing system and an endless screw. There is a folding handle that ensures the ease of operation of the model.

These are the most popular spinning reels for users - the rating will help you navigate in the best models and choose the one that meets your requirements.