Daiwa reel is a rather expensive fishing equipment. However, the high cost should not frighten the real lovers of the industry, since such mechanisms are fully justified by the successful combination of the characteristics of inertia and instantaneous systems.

Particularly noteworthy is the Daiwa 2500 reel. The products of the popular series are represented by systems that make it possible to feel extremely high quality control over the gear. The use of such coils contributes to the implementation of extremely light casts at various distances.

Currently, the work of the company Daiwa is based on several components. This is, above all, the use of innovative engineering solutions, high build quality, as well as the manufacture of products that can delight consumers for decades.

The brand name of the manufacturer contains the motto, which translates as "the pursuit of total perfection." This approach to the manufacture of products best describes the products of this brand and allows Daiwa to remain one of the leaders in the global market for fishing gear.

Main product series

Daiwa spinless reels are represented by several product series, each of which differs according to the index:

Some fishermen mistakenly believe that fishing systems with indices X and S are made using frankly weak components. However, any Daiwa coil belongs to the class of expensive products, and here the use of unreliable materials is excluded.


What is the reason for the popularity of the coil Daiwa? Reviews of experienced anglers on the products of this brand allow us to highlight the following advantages:

  • low weight;
  • small size
  • convenient placement of the spool, which provides easy convergence of the fishing line from the drum;
  • winding the fishing line parallel to the form without the effect of resistance of the rings;
  • assembly reliability;
  • long service life.

Additionally, it is worth noting such features of Daiwa brand coils: the presence of mechanical and magnetic brakes, the use of gears with a large "cutting". Due to the use of the kinetic scheme of the drive structure, such products last much longer than any other systems in their class.

All the above features contribute to the comfortable operation of devices in this category and enable the angler to count on a large catch.

A few words must be said about the care of Daiwa brand products. As such gear is used, it is first of all necessary to take care of timely lubrication of the bearings. For these purposes, it is recommended to use liquid oils in the form of a spray.

Renewal of lubricant is necessary in case of purchase of the last dark brown shade. In this case, the old oil should be immediately removed, and in its place a new one will be applied, which will protect the mechanisms from premature abrasion. It is desirable that the coil Daiwa lubricated approximately every 3-4 fishing.

Naturally, no one has canceled respect for the inertia-free coil. After all, for long service, good, high-quality gear should be properly maintained.

It is desirable that the Daiwa coil is stored in a factory-made case for this purpose. Alternatively, you can use any well-protected from the penetration of moisture tube. The main thing is that the container protects the product from damage during shocks and falls.

In conclusion

Not for nothing today is a well-known brand for the quality of the goods produced is higher than direct competitors. In addition to excellent technical characteristics, Daiwa coils have an excellent design, and this applies not only to premium models, but also to products of the lower price category.