Carving is a gentle waving for the hair. It is carried out with special preparations. Carving does not burn hair. This distinguishes him from the usual perm. The effect of carving lasts about two months.

Gentle chemical perm - what is it?

The patent for the invention belongs to Schwarzkopf. When curling, light chemicals and special twisted curlers are used. A rather complex hairdressing procedure is carving hair. Reviews about it are positive.

Women note the high cost of waving. The price is due to the fact that expensive chemical compounds are used in carving. In addition, each master must receive special training to work with them. The costs of hairdressing courses also affect the price of the waving.

Aesthetics and efficiency

A long procedure - carving hair. The reviews say that it lasts at least one and a half hours. The effect lasts about two months, then the procedure can be repeated. This distinguishes between carving and traditional perm. It is recommended to do it no more often than once a year.

Carving solves many problems. It gives the hair a splendor and volume that lasts a very long time and does not require constant hot styling. A good master curls are lush and smooth. He will be able to wind the strands so that they will lie in perfect locks even after a hard working day. Curls require special care if carving hair has been done. The testimonies indicate that immediately after the procedure, one should refrain from frequent washing of the head. It is necessary to use fortifying vitaminized shampoos, as well as apply special hair masks. The head can not be washed for three days after waving.

Should I carry out the procedure myself?

Carving hair can be done at home. Chemical compositions are available for the purse and there is a free sale. But still for the procedure is to turn to the services of a qualified master. So those who independently did carving of hair approve. Reviews note that the most difficult is not applying the composition, but winding curlers. Every woman who has had to do this, knows about the difficulties that arise.

Imagine that special curlers need to be wound on strands from the top of the head. What you get will last for two months. The results of such independent work can not be removed by anything. Think carefully before you do the perm in the home. The master will be able to perfectly twist the strands.

Hair carving: reviews and photos

Who can do carving?

Want to become the owner of beautifully curly curls? Do carving hair. Reviews and photos indicate that this procedure is harmless. It does not dry strands and does not make them brittle. Correctly taking care of hair, you can keep them strong and healthy. This will often repeat the procedure. The effect of carving can be reversed. Locks easily straighten with a hair dryer and ironing.

Gentle hair is most often applied to thin hair. They are more easily influenced by the composition, the effect lasts longer. Owners of long and thick hair should not do carving. They will be disappointed. Holders of dry strands should also not do carving hair. Reviews before and after the procedure indicate that the locks must first be treated and properly moistened with the help of special tools.

Care should be taken to carving for the owners of painted strands. It can damage discolored curls. In addition, the effect of carving action will be shorter. The technology is also able to change the hue. You can only dye your hair three days after curling. But there is good news. Curl reduces the fat content of the hair. You can wash your head less often.

Types of curling and curlers

Many women are interested in carving hair, photos before and after, reviews about the procedure. Types of curls vary depending on the length of the strands and wishes of the client.

  • With classical carving, the hair is evenly wound over the entire length.
  • Vertical curl involves spiral curls.
  • Local carving is associated with twisting only the roots or tips of hair.
  • When texturing, different types of curlers are used. This makes the hairstyle original and creative.

According to the types of curling, different curlers are used: bobbins, spirals, boomerangs. Specialists recommend carving for medium hair. Testimonials from the photo confirm the excellent and long effect. For medium length, you can use all types of curlers.

  • Bobbins will create small curls. Applying the gel, you get the effect of wet hair.
  • Spirals will create smooth, even curls.
  • Volumetric hair curlers will help to turn straight strands into large romantic "waves".
  • Boomerangs (rollers) are able to create curls of any size. It all depends on the diameter of the hair curlers.

Owners of the long penalty

Carving for medium hair, reviews about which are exceptionally positive, fit well with the elegant rim. Women who undergo the procedure note the importance of proper handling and care of curls. Nutrients and masks are expensive, but necessary. Carving is a safe procedure, but it can further damage unhealthy hair. On the day of curling until the evening, strands are undesirable to comb and even touch them. As hairdressers say, curls should "freeze".

After washing your head, you need to apply balm, this will strengthen the carving of the hair. Photos on short hair, reviews about the procedure show the importance of proper combing. Do not use a massage brush. Buy a comb with sparse denticles. Hair should be divided into thin strands and each of them to process slowly and accurately. Do not pull the curls of the comb. After waving, the hair may fall out or break. Comments also speak about the high cost of the procedure.

Playful rings and curvy waves

Carving for short hair, reviews of which note the effect of merry curls, do very often. Many girls do not dare to perm. They are afraid to look like a poodle. But such fears are unjustified. An experienced craftsman will advise you to choose curlers that will create an excellent volume. Short hair is suitable for bobbins of different diameters. Curly will give you a cheerful and romantic image.

Owners of luxury braid can be advised carving for long hair. The reviews mark different results of the procedure. Thin hair can easily curl. The result exceeds expectations. Girls note that after carving felt like Julia Roberts and were ready to go straight to Hollywood. Thick hair that does not succumb to laying will not get along with carving. Under the weight of the curls, the curl will unwind quickly. Therefore, masters strongly do not recommend carving for thick long hair.

Easy "chemistry" and bio-zavivka - which is better?

Modern technology gives girls the opportunity to look different. They come to the aid of coloring, curling and straightening hair. Today in fashion, funny curls, romantic curls and soft "waves". To achieve such a hairdo, you can use carving - a sparing chemical wave. It acts only on the surface layer of the hair, without damaging its rod. It is this property that allows you to straighten the curls with iron.

A variety of carving is a biowave. Outwardly, these procedures do not differ from each other. A special compound is applied to the wound hair. Then it is washed off, and elastic curls and curls remain for a long time. The compositions for the biocoal include active protein, due to which the effect lasts longer. Means for carving contain only chemicals. There are no biological compounds in them. The effect of carving lasts about two months. A biosignal - up to six months. Carving is cheap enough. Biochemical is much more expensive.

Differences in composition

When carving, curls have a relief texture and a clear shape. Downy "dandelion" on the head, characteristic of a rigid "chemistry", is absent. Biowave is considered safer than carving. The composition does not contain hard chemicals, such as ammonia, peroxide, glycol. Amino acids have a positive effect on hair. They not only fill flakes, twisting curls, but also give them splendor and brilliance. When bovozavikke hair straightened gradually. It looks natural.

Yourself a hairdresser

If you decide to do carving at home, stick to a few simple but important rules.

  1. Buy a line-up. It should correspond to the type and structure of the hair, as well as their length. Carving is most suitable for owners of thin, soft and rare strands.
  2. Follow the instructions exactly. If it is not in the package, then you have purchased a substandard product. It is not recommended to use it. A friend gave an open package with a remedy? If you completely trust her, download the instructions on the Internet.
  3. Choose curlers based on the desired curl diameter. You can use bobbins or boomerangs of different sizes.
  4. Wash your head thoroughly with shampoo. Remember that after carving you will have to endure at least three days without water procedures.
  5. Comb your hair. Do not forget that the wave must "freeze". Avoid combing until the next morning.
  6. Divide the hair into thin strands and wind them on curlers. Apply chemical composition. Hide your hair under the hat, warm your head.
  7. After the time indicated in the instructions, wash the contents without using shampoo. Apply a special fixer. Wash it off at the specified time. The fixer can be used several times. Apply balm on hair.

Tips and Tricks

It is best to use the composition for carving company Schwarzkopf. The fixer should be produced by the same company as the product itself. Close the windows before applying the compound. There must be no drafts in the room. If necessary, turn on the electric heaters. The composition is better "working" in a warm room.

Carefully tighten the curlers. It is better to take the help of a friend. If you treat the composition with an "incorrect" curl or protruding hair, you will have to walk with it for two months. Apply with a special applicator. Heat your head. You can warm it up a little with a hair dryer.

Before removing the curlers, check the condition of the hairdo. Unscrew one curl. If it easily takes a spiral shape - it's time to remove the compound. Wash the product very carefully - at least five minutes. Do not disturb the curls unnecessarily. After washing, lightly pat them with a towel. After removing the fixer, dry the hair naturally.

If you do everything right, the hair will get a density and volume. A merry curls or gentle curls will delight every day.