Among the many banks the most popular and enjoys a high degree of trust is Sberbank of Russia. Like any financial institution, offers many services. Visa card of Sberbank – a popular consumer product. Why do customers choose this payment system? What types of cards Visa offers savings?

Settlement system

All over the world there are 2 main types of bank settlements: MasterCard and Visa. What is their difference?

Visa (Sberbank) and their service

First, they originally had a different distribution: Visa is the most used in the Americas, Australia, and MasterCard in Europe and Africa.

Second, the data system different produce currency conversion (as a consequence of the first differences). Visa operates in American dollars when you use this card in Europe, the conversion of money takes place first in local currency, then US units. When you use the MasterCard conversion occurs immediately in European money. Accordingly, these systems are good to use in different territories. But the Commission for recalculation of the Visa is not high in comparison with MasterCard, because even a double conversion will be around the same amount.

What to choose

Visa payment system even with a double conversion in the European territory does not charge a large fee (it depends on the Bank), because it is the most versatile. This system chooses most of the inhabitants of modern countries, as well as residents of the Russian Federation. It allows you to use a wide range of services of international class.

Sberbank works with this monetary system. Visa card is a popular product, presented in different statuses and types, has a different set of functions and privileges.

Credit or debit

When providing a variety of services in most cases financial institutions issue cards. This is useful because you can operate the money in this case, not having direct access to them in paper form, which is not always convenient. Visa card of Sberbank there are both credit and debit. They serve different purposes and have specific terms of service. More likely to use debit to manage their own accounts, employers transfer the salary to its employees, sellers and buyers operate on them when making indifferent settlement and receipt of payment for goods in online stores and in retail locations. In other words, this card replaces the customer's purse with their own money. The Commission for withdrawals or transfers are usually not charged, and for some banking programs, there are many bonus and accruals on the balance of the interest after a certain period.

Credit card has a limit of funds belonging to the Bank, the client can use them for their purposes on condition of their return. This is useful in cases when their own money to fulfill the needs is not enough. A credit card can perform the functions listed above debit card, but in most cases, for transactions incur a fee, although its existence and amount are determined by the Bank.

The choice of this or that type of service depends solely on your needs. Sberbank Visa cards are both credit and debit. Next, we consider their types, conditions of receipt and maintenance.

From simple to complex

Range of banking services so broad that every consumer will be able to find the most suitable product on the most favorable terms. Just look at the range of programs offered by Sberbank. Card Visa represented in different types, they all have a distinct set of features and located in ascending order "status". Accordingly, the higher it is, the greater the opportunity for maps, more expensive maintenance, but at the same time an enhanced degree of security, organized by the Bank and the quality of services.

Level 1: easy accessibility

The simplest conditions for the issuance, content and service embodies the Visa electron card. Sberbank provides the possibility to obtain it immediately (Momentum) when applying in branch or to order registered. Debit card has no overdraft. The possibility and terms explains the table below.

Card type, payment system

Both cards provide access to a minimum set of services. If you need a tool to be used only on the territory of the Russian Federation, to receive pensions, benefits, the choice is “Visa Sberbank” instant issuance is the optimal solution. If necessary, a simple system with additional cards (e.g. for family members), it is more rational to use a Visa electron registered, it is protected with a chip, which increases its security level.

The middle class

Visa Classic Sberbank has an international level and extended range of capabilities, which is why it is most common among consumers of banking services. It can be both debit and credit, which allows you to choose the most suitable option.

Characteristics debit card Visa Classic is presented in the following table.

* – depends on the availability of proposals and decisions of the Bank after consideration of applications.

The card also allows you to remotely control account, enable automatic payments to pay for purchases worldwide. Credit terms compared to other credit organizations are among the most profitable, because its use will not hit the pocket.

High level - special conditions

Visa Gold card of Sberbank has the most privileged set of services. She has high status, increased level of security when paying for purchases all over the world you will receive benefits and discounts.

Just like the classic gold card can be credit and debit. On both options subject to the additional possible discounts, payment of utilities and other accounts connectivity auto payments and so on. Standard package added the ability to receive medical care around the world.

Debit and credit card of Sberbank Visa Gold can participate in charity with each purchase of transferred 0.3% of the amount in the Fund "give life", providing support to seriously ill children. In addition, the Bank shall transfer the income from the service card for the first year equal to 50%.

Differences debit card Visa Gold from the classic

  • Increased range of services.
  • Bonuses "World Privilege Visa".
  • The service charge for a regular card is 3,000 rubles per year, for a charitable one, 4,000 rubles per year.

The card is suitable for those who travels the world, handles large amounts, makes a lot of purchases, concerned about the security of banking services.

The distinctive features of a gold credit card

  • Programs of international payment systems provide bonuses and discounts.
  • Medical care in many countries of the world.
  • Card service for the year - up to 3,500 rubles. depending on personal offers and decisions of the bank after consideration of the application.
  • The percentage also depends on the decision of the bank and is within 25.9-33.9% per annum on the loan.

Premium cards have an additional bonus - free provision of a Mobile Bank and Sberbank online.

Choose by opportunity

If you need a plastic Bank card, choose the products of Sberbank. He's one of the few has government support, the least affected by economic fluctuations in the world, has a reliable system of security and safety of client accounts. Service Visa card of Sberbank is at a high level at a relatively affordable for each category of pricing and services.

In article the main types of cards, there are also many sentences with a set of special conditions: youth, Aeroflot Bonus, virtual, including bonus programs, reduced fares, earning miles, etc. Thus, everyone can choose the package in the pocket and needs.