Fast food is now more common than ever. This is due to the total employment of the population, which wants to get everything as soon as possible, literally “on the run”. The owners of fast food outlets are happy to help them with this - they are trying to offer something new, to interest potential customers. These are hot dogs, corn dogs, cone pizza, falafel, and shawarma. However, in most cases the emphasis is on savory, rather heavy and high-calorie foods. How to be with children? It is they who in most cases serve as the “engine” of commerce - parents are ready to indulge in the name of their contentment and their peace of mind.Caramel apples as a business: reviewsFor such cases, trays with ice cream by weight are provided, but is this spoiled public enough? In addition, the composition of the ice cream is not always happy - the parents tend to refuse the child if they consider food as harmful to his health.

In the Russian market, a new direction is just beginning to gain popularity - caramel apples. Surely everyone has seen this dessert more than once in American films. The appearance and composition of this dessert can attract both children and adults, plus this type of product looks very fresh against the background of bored fast food.

A bit of history

Caramel apples appeared in the Far East due to their practicality - fruits needed an increase in shelf life. Otherwise, there would be nothing to trade with - the product would not have survived a long delivery period. As everyone knows, sugar is a preservative, it allows you to save food longer. From the East, apples migrated to Europe, and from there to America, becoming a cult dish.Over time, the recipe has undergone changes - the caramel became softer and less crunchy, which simplified the eating process. Today, these apples are no less spectacular than donuts, thanks to the decor and presentation.

Perspectives and features

By and large, caramel apples (photo) consist of whole fruit of the correct form on a wooden stick, sugar, sugar syrup and water. Well, toppings. And there is very little sugar there, since the syrup envelops the apple with a thin layer, just giving it a taste.The apple itself is practically not subjected to heat treatment. By purchasing food, people end up eating just fresh fruit. Hence, no heaviness in the stomach, minimal contraindications, and even benefits.

The advantage is that these apples are nowhere to be found - entrepreneurs underestimate their potential, because the production is too simple, as well as the finished product. Also the benefit is that caramel apples will be most popular in the conditions of street trade. That is, you will not have to pay a lot of money for the rent

However, this is a double-edged sword - sales on the street are seasonal, that is, apples can be sold only in the warm season.

The cost of one such apple is a maximum of 10-12 rubles, while the retail price is at least 50 rubles. If you get a hand in cooking and provide customers with a high-quality, tasty and beautiful product, the primary costs will pay off very quickly.


In order to cook apples, it is enough to purchase the following list of equipment:

  • Caramelizer As the name implies, this is an apparatus that will cook caramel for the subsequent processing of fruit. Depending on the manufacturer and performance prices may vary significantly. For example, the Russian apparatus, capable of delivering 2.5 kg of caramel per hour at a time, will cost a maximum of 20 thousand rubles. The American, giving 4 kg of glaze at a time (output: caramel apples in the amount of 100 pieces / hour), will cost 65 thousand rubles already. Of course, the materials and equipment durability are directly proportional to the price.
  • Mobile cart for caramelizer and blanks. A two-wheeled rack with a connector for a caramel machine will cost an average of 20 thousand rubles.
  • How to make caramel apples without sticks something. Optionally, you can purchase a device that puts fruit on wooden sticks. Of course, this can be done manually, but the work will be easier and faster if the process is automated. If necessary, you can buy later, after assessing the demand for products. The average price in the Russian Federation is 17 thousand rubles.
  • Raw materials - sugar, fruit, caramel concentrate, sticks, decorative sprinkles. The cost is determined by the average prices in the region.

China or not China?

In the process of choosing equipment, all are guided by the same principle - cheaper, but more qualitative. The most "close to the people" on the price list are the positions of Chinese production. Further, on the rise - Russia and the United States. How to be? Consider the pros and cons.

  • China. Inexpensive, but the cat in the bag. This equipment can work for years or begin to issue problems in a couple of months. Repair and service is subject to. According to general statistics, the season withstands without any problems.
  • Russia. More expensive by 15-20% on average. Warranty and spare parts. On average, enough for 1-2 years.
  • USA. Expensive Chinese equipment at least 50%. The average lifetime is 5 years.

Principle of operation

How to cook caramel apples? A business based on them does not require any special knowledge and chefs, since the process of cooking to the disgrace is simple. We will describe as fully as possible.

  • Pretreatment of raw materials. It consists in thorough washing of apples, removing the wax layer and drying. On food consumables do not recommend saving, since they form the taste of the final product.
  • Stringing fruit on wooden sticks. Earlier, we designated the apparatus intended for this, but if you want to save money at the initial stages of business formation, you can string it manually.
  • Cooking caramel in caramelizer. For this purpose, the concentrate for caramel, sugar and water are mixed in the proportion indicated on the pack. All this is cooked for 24-25 minutes until reaching a temperature of 159 degrees. We should also note the concentrate for caramel - this is a special blend, thanks to which caramel apples acquire the “right” coating - durable, but flexible, comfortable when eaten and non-staining. It has a number of flavors to choose from. Practice shows that the most popular berry variations.
  • Putting caramel on apples.
  • Putting powders (candy, nuts, chocolate) on the still sticky caramel.

Reviews and market place

Of course, it is scary to start something new, not very well known to the masses, but the “Caramel apples” business has very encouraging reviews. This is due both to the unusual food on the Russian market, and to the common love of people for food and entertainment.

According to businessmen, fruits are in demand in places where idle people gather. These are various squares, fairs, festivals and parks. They are especially good because there are always many children there. And what parent can resist asking not to buy chips, not a hot dog, but such a healthy and tasty apple, albeit with a little sugar on top?

Also, the product is in demand in catering. This word refers to the catering service of events, or rather the provision of food. Mobile caramel apples are a business for not very rich, but promising and sociable people.

Caramel apples at home

What if you want to please the family with apples? Do not buy the same for this set of equipment, right? You can do on their own. In order to make this treat at home, you will need the following products:

  • apples (preferably sweet and sour for contrast) - 3 pieces;
  • white sugar - 200 grams;
  • water - 25 grams;
  • corn syrup (or glucose syrup) - 70 grams;
  • wooden sticks for shashlik - 3 pcs .;
  • optional - powders, food dyes (for more shocking).

Process description

Cooking caramel apples begins with the apples themselves. Rinse and dry them, chop on sticks. Set aside.

Mix sugar, syrup, water and a dye in a thick-bottomed saucepan (if you add it, a couple drops will suffice). Simmer until sugar dissolves.

Increase the fire to strong and, without interfering, bring the caramel to 130 degrees. Remove from heat, as it starts to burn. Immediately lower the apples into the caramel one by one, turning on a stick along its axis until a uniform, smooth caramel coating is achieved. Make sure that the caramel is not too thick. Otherwise, it will be difficult. While the caramel is soft, you can roll it over the dressing. For this it is better to take something appetizing crunchy, such as toasted nuts. Let it cool completely and here they are - caramel apples! Reviews and enthusiasm from loved ones will let you know that you have not lost.