It's no secret that shorts are one of the most indispensable attributes of a summer wardrobe. To date, the market presents a variety of different models. Camouflage shorts are becoming more and more popular. These models are made, as a rule, from a sufficiently strong fabric. Most often - from a coton and nylon.

Combined camouflage shorts with different T-shirts or T-shirts, especially monophonic. And because of their coloring, they retain a very long aesthetic appearance. Therefore, after making such a purchase, you definitely will not be mistaken.

Camouflage shorts - a stylish element in the wardrobe of every man

Let's consider this topic in more detail. Military - a style that settled in the men's wardrobe for a long time. At the same time, camouflage shorts are becoming more and more popular every year. This thing is very convenient, because you can wear it in the country, and in nature, and for a simple walk through the streets of the city.

The most common shorts are dark green, brown, gray and black. However, designers in recent years have been trying hard. The fashion also includes enough original colors. For example, blue, red and even white. It looks very bright and stylish.Camouflage shorts - stylish clothes for real men

Length and cut

Camouflage shorts differ, of course, not only in color. The cut and length can also be very diverse. One of the most common models for today is cargo. These products are very voluminous. On each side there are symmetrically arranged pockets and ties. The length of the pants in these models is regulated, because they are considered universal shorts. They are used more often as casual clothes, creating a manly and brutal image. A large number of pockets and a durable fabric make it possible to wear such shorts also for "forays" outside the city.

Another model that deserves a male recognition is the chinos. These shorts are suitable for men who can wear military-style clothes everywhere - even at work.

Young people often prefer camouflage breeches. Their fashion today is quite extensive. Because these models can be a chic addition to any image.

The main thing when buying this wardrobe is not to forget to pay attention to quality. Good men's camouflage shorts should be made of very durable fabric. In addition, when they are manufactured, reliable hardware is used. In a word, even under the most extreme loads of shorts you will not tear. Especially considering that in sewing very strong threads are used and most often double or even triple seams. Materials that are chosen by most fashion designers, perfectly keep the form, because the shorts look very good. It can be not only a cotone with nylon, but also dense flax, trouser cloth or denim.

Popularity of models

By the way, a lot of famous men wear camouflage shorts today. Photos Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger - a direct proof of that. Actors wear them not only as clothes in some fighters, but also in real life. They are combined mainly with dark vests or shortened military-style jackets. The image turns out to be brutal and even more - militant.

Do not forget only that before buying, you must always determine the correct size. Study the dimensional grids. This will allow you to choose the right one that will best match all the nuances of your figure. Full men most often choose Cargo or Bermuda. But the small guys do not fit such models. The fact is that the gateway makes the figure a bit disproportionate.

In a word, when you decide to buy camouflage shorts - carefully look for every detail (accessories, cut, color, size, etc.). If you make the right choice - do not doubt, your image on the highest level will be appreciated by everyone around you!