Chalcedonys – translucent varieties of quartz – often called the "mother crystal". The first Deposit of the mineral found in Asia Minor on the shores of the Marmara sea in the city of Chalcedon. Thanks to the name of the place it got its name. The ancient Greeks, took on the development of deposits, immediately appreciated the richness of colors and iridescence, possessed chalcedony stone. Jewelry, which it began to do craftsmen, surprised and fascinated. It had different gems, cameos and carved three-dimensional image on the dome.

Keeper of the past

This nickname was nugget in the ancient world. The legends say that the mineral is able to absorb any information, keeping it for a long time. So often in magic rituals magicians liked to use these stones. Chalcedony has helped them not only to lift the veil on the past and see your past reincarnation. Thanks to him, people learned about their sins, could analyze the errors, return to the starting point and to answer the question: "what did I do wrong?"

Stones chalcedony: value, property, jewelryChalcedony element is Earth, but it is independent from the mundane problems of the everyday rhythm and human vanity. Anyone who wants to work with him, should have the intuition and sensitivity. Otherwise, the mineral will not open its secrets. For maximum settings you need to take a deep breath and on the exhale, mentally let go of the hardships and sorrows. Dialogue within itself and needs to be curbed, is to restore mental balance. Only then nugget will show you the past. The strongest magical properties have bright minerals.

The main colors of chalcedony

One of the most magnetic colors nugget blue. The Mongols believe that such stones can be found in the Gobi desert. They are, in their words, bring a good mood and banish sorrow. In China, chalcedony is called the receptacle of the female energy – Yin, and in India it was added to the decorations to eliminate anger, sadness, fear and renewed strength. Thanks to its basic elements – ether and air – he has a positive impact on the human psyche, brings order to his thoughts, sobering mind. Emotional people should wear this stone. Pink chalcedony acts quite differently. It enhances sincerity, kindness, and develops creative potential. Gives a deep sense of trust and ability to empathize.

As for the nugget of red color, it gives strength and helps to reach the goal. Tells its owner when to use physical force and where to solve a mind. Dream under its influence, appear, any ideas how to turn them into reality. And if pink chalcedony strengthens the immune system and heart, a red nugget helps with blood.

Agate and Bloodstone

In addition to blue, red and pink, there are other shades of chalcedony, which have different varieties of stone. For example, agate, palette ranging from gray to green. In addition, this type of chalcedony has a beautiful curved strip. Jewelers love to make him rings, necklaces and bracelets. The one who wears the nugget, will be able to develop their thinking and enhance mental capacity. Gives a person the courage, calmness and longevity. Also relieves tooth pain and relieves the symptoms of cough.

Like other gemstones, chalcedony can be a bit spotty coloring. Typically, such an interesting picture pleases heliotrope. Color it dark green, and small inclusions of red or yellow. Suitable for people obsessed with the idea, as it helps to find the ways and means for its realization. Therefore, it favored by philosophers and scientists. Stone develops imagination, fosters determination, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

Sarder and onyx

The value of the stone chalcedony cannot be overemphasized. It can deal with almost all diseases, at least, the best contribution to the healing process. For example, another variation of the nugget – brown sarder – perfectly heals wounds and ulcers. Therefore, people called him "stone of regeneration". It makes the skin smooth, silky and most importantly healthy. In addition, it helps with conception. Women are recommended to wear sarder, bright colors, and men dark.

As for onyx, his coloring starts from light and ends shrill swamp green. It is easily recognizable by fanciful lines of black, white or brown. Onyx cares about the liver and kidneys. His owner will forget about the bad dreams, insomnia. And with the skills of a leader can make a nugget as their mascot, as it disciplinarum, it brings stability, makes man determined and fearless. The magical properties of the stone work only if the holder has pure thoughts and a good heart.

Carnelian and chrysoprase

Beautiful and bright stones: chalcedony these two types looks very nice in rich necklaces and fancy earrings. Carnelian – orange color. His feature – instant reaction to the internal mental state of a person, the mood. Than it is fun and joyful, the lighter becomes a nugget, while his "cloud" clearly and beautifully drawn. Carnelian protects against negative impact of envy. And yet – gives courage, fosters commitment. Very positive effect on the stomach, relieves anxiety, relieves toothache and stops bleeding.

But bright emerald chrysoprase will help young people find their purpose in life. It is a good talisman for business. In addition, it can protect the wearer from envy, slander and even the evil eye. By the way, chrysoprase is the most elite form of chalcedony. Usually decorated with gold and silver jewelry. Under the influence of sunlight, the mineral loses its rich color. To recover the bright colors, the stone is recommended to periodically put in a dark and humid place.

Who is suitable for?

Stone chalcedony, properties and significance of which is described above, is suitable for people born under the constellation of Cancer and Sagittarius. He will show his strength if the owner will be cheerful and honest man. It will pave the way for new acquaintances, dispel grief and sadness. The stone should be wear for those who often suffers from damage as it protects from negative influences and evil eye. It has a beneficial effect on "lunatics" because it reduces the influence of the moon on the human psyche. Also, the nugget will be the salvation for those who suffer from nightmares.

Will definitely buy jewelry from chalcedony, if you work in the arts or law. First it will help to reveal talents, will revive the Muse. And the second will give the gift of oratorical eloquence that is so necessary in court. That's only for this little stone it takes some time to hold under the tongue. Chalcedony brings success and wealth. For wealth, the mineral is recommended to wear a silver ring.

Myths and legends

In ancient times, the patrons of sailors were these gems: chalcedony protect them from the elements that bring luck. In the Greek work "Lapidarium", written in the third century, speaks of seven amulets mandatory, necessary for successful release into the open sea. Each of them symbolizes a day of the week. So, the chalcedony was the first in this list, its main function is to keep the ship from the crash. Amazing stories go around about the properties of emerald chrysoprase. Our ancestors said: “If sentenced to beheading'll put a pebble in your mouth, it will become invisible executioner will be able to avoid a terrible death on the scaffold”.

Chalcedony is especially venerated in Myanmar. The local tribes believe spirits live in it. Good or bad, shows the situation in the family. If family members get sick and die, that nugget out. The natives claim that the demon disappears, and the magic mineral after a while, as if nothing had happened, again appears in its place. Yes, and not one, but in the company of several of these stones. Modern people believe it's hard, but who knows what's going on in the mysterious Burma.

Other interesting facts

The mineral has always been popular, especially pink chalcedony. Stone whose properties were passed from mouth to mouth, became the perfect mascot for all of you who risked your life. Because his main task – to protect the "host" from adversity: whether it's health problems, physical danger, or plain envy. Having found such features of the nugget, even the ancient Egyptians began to actively produce from it a decoration: carved cylindrical seals, did you insert for rings and even small vessels.

These days products made of chalcedony can be seen in many museums not only in Russia but also in other countries of the world. A very rich exhibition is in the Mineralogical Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, the Armoury chamber of the Kremlin, Historical Museum. In St. Petersburg be sure to visit the famous Hermitage Museum and Mining Museum – there is also something to see. By the way, the huge product of varieties of chalcedony – agate – stored in Austria. In the Museum of art history Vienna, you can admire the dish is carved from a solid mineral. Its diameter is 75 cm.