Kamil Hajiyev. Who is it? He is the producer and founder of the promotional company Fight Nights. As well as the founder of a large number of other projects. A person who succeeds in all matters: in sports, business and family. He is one of the most influential sports figures in our country.

Kamil Hajiyev: biography, personal life, activities and interesting facts

Kamil Hajiyev: biography

The showman is a native of Moscow, was born on June 25, 1978 in an intelligent and educated family, where studies have always been in the first place.

His father, Gadzhiev Abdurashid Gadzhievich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, always dreamed that his son would seriously engage in science. Nevertheless, he always supported the boy in sports endeavors.

Mother, Gadzhiyeva Eleonora Shapiyevna, by profession a general practitioner. She, unlike her husband, was indifferent to the sport.

Sister, Gadzhieva Siana Abdurashidovna, followed in the footsteps of her mother. She entered the medical university and became a gynecologist.

Despite the fact that Kamil was born and raised in Moscow, he spent a lot of time in his historic homeland. Well, if anyone honors traditions, it is Kamil Hajiyev. The nationality of his family is Laketz, this is one of the indigenous northern settlements of Dagestan. Almost every summer, the family spent in Makhachkala and in a small village near the mountains. According to the businessman, these places have played a decisive role in his life.

The young man graduated from secondary school number 126 in Moscow with a gold medal. He perfectly combined both study and sport. The father always found time for the boy and with his son attended all his trainings. This played a large role in the future future of Gadzhiyev Jr.

In 2004, he graduated from the Law Faculty of the Samara State University, and in 2012, he completed his studies at the Russian State University of Physical Education and Sports. To this day, Kamil Hajiyev does not give up science, he is in the position of head of the department of martial arts management at the Moscow Industrial and Financial University. But, in his opinion, he will never become a candidate of science.

Kamil Hajiyev: fights and sport

The young man became interested in martial arts since he was 12 years old. During his school years, he liked most of all to practice karate and sambo. From the very beginning, he showed himself to be a hardworking fighter with the will to win. The Japanese wrestling and defense science became the main aspiration and goal of the guy. Caucasian blood made itself felt.

At 21, Kamil enters the Sambo-70 sport center of Moskomsport. This is one of the most famous sports institutions not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia. His coach is Elesin Nikolay Anatolyevich - Honored Master of Sports in hand-to-hand combat and sambo, in 2014 he was recognized as the best coach in the opinion of MMA. The age difference was only five years old, and Elesin already had all the necessary knowledge and experience for the preparation of champions. The man was famous for the strict selection of students, and he never took those who did not decide on a career or were not serious about training. It was during this period that Kamil Hajiyev acquired his fighting qualities through daily training.

The result of hard and long work became numerous victories and prizes in competitions. In 2003, Kamil Hajiyev became the world champion in jiu-jitsu. Three years after this serious victory, in 2006, he received the title of new champion in combat sambo at the Moscow Championship.


This champion title will be the beginning of the development of another field of activity of an athlete. At the age of 28, a man took part in competitions for the last time and retrained from a fighter to a coach. In 2007, Kamil Hajiyev begins to engage in other guys, he is appointed to the position of senior coach of Moscow in combat sambo. The entire team and coaching staff treated Kamil with due respect. For 5 years, he made real fighters from ordinary guys. And they had something to learn from the world champion.

During coaching, Kamil Hajiyev, in addition to his pedagogical talent, discovers the gift of an organizer. He understands that the structure of martial arts in our country is far behind European standards, and this sport deserves more attention.

Fight nights

In 2010, he creates his own promotional company Fight Night. Many stellar people help him in this project: Batu Hasikov (world champion in kickboxing), producer Sangaji Tarbaev and Sergey Shanovich (designer and director). The company begins its work from the bottom, conducting regular tournaments among local athletes. After a few years of hard work, the project is gaining momentum and is becoming a worthy event.

Fight Nights focuses its activities on the creation and organization of large-scale battles between highly skilled martial arts athletes. In addition, the project allows young, but gifted fighters to show themselves. Competitions are held in almost all the big cities of Russia. Almost no show is held without the participation of foreign colleagues from the United States and European countries. The trick of the project lies in colorful performances and spectacular fights. Now Fight Nights is a brand that speaks for itself.

Thanks to this showman, we know such professional fighters as Rasul Mirzayev, known as the Black Tiger, and Ali Bagautinov, who entered the ring in the crown.

Hockey club “Admiral”

In addition to martial arts, since childhood, Hajiyev loves hockey. And he not only loves to watch, but plays with him since childhood. Hobbies also grew into something more. Kamil becomes one of the founders of the hockey club "Admiral", who was "born into the world" in 2013. He is now the first deputy general manager of the club.

Now the hockey club “Admiral” is playing in the Continental League. This league was formed in 2008, and 29 teams from different countries participate in it, including Belarus, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Finland, Slovakia and the PRC.

“Race of Heroes”

Kamil Hajiyev together with his partner Fight Nights and old friend Batu Hasikov in 2013 worked on the “Race of Heroes” project. The idea was to create a team game with elements of military action. The training program was approved by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The first cross with obstacles was held in 2013 at the Alabino army training range. The length of the track reached five kilometers. And in 2015, the project “Race of Heroes” gained great popularity among the audience, and about fifty races were held.

Currently, more than 50 thousand people took part in the project. And the competitions were held in 7 cities of Russia (Moscow, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk). A special surprise was prepared for each city.

All the best for children

In 2014, Kamil Hajiyev decided to open a martial arts school on the basis of Fight Nights. The room where the classes will be held, helped to buy Moskomsport. Professional fighters and the best coaches began to work together. The doors of the Academy are open to all comers. For adults, sports fans workout on a fee basis. But for children and teenagers, education is free. The purpose of the promotion company Fight Nights was the preparation of future athletes-champions. At the moment, this is one of the best projects in which Kamil Hajiyev participated.


Kamil Hajiyev, in addition to social activities, is actively involved in various TV shows. And even played a few episodic roles in the movie. These are the films "Shadowboxing 3D: The Final Round" and "Warrior" (where the actor plays himself). Kamil also appeared in the series "Kitchen" on STS.

Personal life

Very little is known about the athlete’s family. Kamil Hajiyev and his wife have two charming daughters and one son. He tries not to “shine” his relatives in front of the cameras.

Kamil Hajiyev, in a few interviews, says that in matters of education, he adheres to the theory of the golden mean and hopes that his children will find their way in life. Because of his employment, he spends little time on his family, but by all means helps his children to go in for sports. Kamil Hajiyeva’s wife also loves sports very much, she is engaged in one of the halls of her husband’s club and is trying to support him in everything.

In an interview, Hajiyev has repeatedly said that he likes to live in Moscow and that he loves his homeland.