One of the wonders of the Siberian land can rightly be called charoite stone. His story is very interesting and not very long. The stone itself has numerous properties that make it attractive to many people. But do not forget about caution while using charoite. All this can be found in the material below.

Charoite Stone: Magical Properties

Appearance of charoite

For the first time charoite - a stone, the photo of which is presented below - was found in the middle of the XX century. Only one of its deposits was discovered, which was located in Yakutia on the Chara River. To date, according to some sources, it is considered fully exhausted. As a result of all this, the price of charoite has greatly increased, and it began to be equated to some semi-precious stones. This is especially important given the fact that new deposits of stone are no longer discovered.

The name of the charoite also has its own history. He was offered Rogova Vera Parfentievna. Initially they wanted to give the mineral the name “charait”, however this name was not approved. This was due to the fact that in its English version it was very similar to cheralite - a completely different stone. Replaced one letter with another. So the final name of the mineral was obtained.

The structure of the stone and its appearance

The charoite stone is very beautiful in appearance. Its color range varies from pale lilac to dark purple, almost black. The stone has an iridescent pattern, which is absolutely impossible to confuse with any other. Some consider it an opaque double of amethyst. Experts have found that such an amazing color is due to the admixture of manganese in it.

Charoite (stone) also contains other elements: iron, titanium, tinaxite, aegine, quartz, etc. In addition, gold, copper, silver, platinum can be present in the mineral.

The structure of the stone is thin-fiber, less often - long-fiber and fan-shaped. It cannot be dissolved in acids. Charoite hardness - 6-7, the viscosity is quite high. Due to its structure, it is well polished. Today, there are about a hundred species of this mineral.

Healing properties of stone

The charoite mineral has numerous features. The properties of the stone are such that it is used in the treatment of various diseases. For example, if a person has problems with the heart, kidneys, liver or pancreas, then he is recommended to wear a stone. It helps with numerous inflammations, and also improves the human immune system. Even with the help of stone, you can improve metabolism.

Charoite is used to cleanse the endocrine glands. With it, you can remove stones from the kidneys, as well as sclerotic plaques. If there are chronic diseases, for example, low or high blood pressure, prostatitis or diseases of the genitourinary system, then faceted charoitis will help to normalize all this. Also, the stone can be used during cramps or severe pain.

You should pay attention to the mineral to those people who have diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This may be lumbago, backache, curvature of the spine, fractures.

The color of the stone helps to strengthen and calm the nervous system (it is recommended to be worn with vegetative dystonia). Charoite also relieves headaches and relieves mental stress. It is recommended to attach a stone to those places that hurt (for example, you can use beads or a pendant if you have a bad heart). All this allows you to enhance the protection of the body.

The magical properties of the stone

Charoite stone has magical properties, which are very influenced by its color. Regular wearing of the mineral in the form of bracelets and pendants allows you to create peace in the human soul. Also with its help you can improve your mood and bring harmony to human relationships.

Charoite is a stone of philosophers. With it, you can improve clarity of thinking, increase the level of prudence and prudence. After some period of wearing a person may have a philosophical view of life.

Also stone charoite can awaken intuition, desire to develop spiritually. He will allow to realize this life much deeper and wider, to feel unity with the world.

If you are a family man, then charoite can be a pretty powerful amulet. With it, you can protect the house from enemies, detractors and love lovers. To do this, put the product from charoite on the most prominent place in the house. It should also be noted that it will always be easier for such a family to withstand negative events, and relations will be stronger and based on mutual understanding.

Relationship with the zodiac sign

We considered what properties charoite stone has. Zodiac sign is another aspect that requires consideration. In general, this mineral can be absolutely everything, but its patron is the planet Venus. Based on this, what properties does charoite stone have?

The sign of the zodiac for which it is most suitable is Libra. It is on him that the best influence comes from this stone, and on those representatives who were born in late September - early October. Such people are best used in wearing rings with charoite.

It should also be noted Aries. Wearing charoite will bring them peace of mind and tranquility. Also, the stone can be used for Virgins and Gemini, especially as an interior item.

However, Sagittarius, Crayfish and Taurus should be careful with charoite amulets.

Element and energy stone

It should be said about the other properties that charoite stone has. The sign of the zodiac to which he is suitable was indicated above. What other information should be considered when choosing a mascot or healing mineral?

It is believed that the stone has Yin energy, that is, absorbs it. Charoite also affects the following chakras: Anahata, Vishudha, Sahasrara. However, some experts believe that the stone has mixed properties, so it is not recommended to use it for meditation.

Influence of amulets and talismans made of charoite

If you want to use a special amulet or talisman, then charoite (stone) will do. The properties (the photo is presented below) of this mineral contribute to the fact that it is used by subtle natures seeking to establish contact with higher powers. They can recommend carrying an amulet with which you can attract cosmic energy.

Creative people will be useful to keep on the desktop ball of charoite. This contributes to the fact that new ideas will appear in your head, and will also always be visited by a muse that brings inspiration.

It should also be noted that charoite, when worn on the body in the form of any talisman, affects a person’s spirituality, thinning his perception of the world. After some time, you can notice the awakening of intuition. There is a spiritual development, a person becomes different, he has a wider view of life and oneness with the outside world.

Another use of stone

In addition, charoit - a stone, a photo of which will be presented below - can be used in handicrafts and jewelry. However, it should be remembered that the mineral is quite fragile, so the product should be protected from falls and bumps. Now consider how the mined stone is divided into different subspecies.

Extra stone   These are beautiful minerals that are distinguished by bright brilliance, an interesting and distinct pattern. They are also translucent. Such pebbles have a rather voluminous internal structure, which is clearly visible. In such minerals, foreign inclusions are excluded. They are used in the form of inserts in the manufacture of beautiful jewelry.

Ornamental stone of the first grade. In such minerals possible foreign inclusions (up to five percent). The gloss of pebbles of this sort is much less - moderate. Coloring of a stone without the expressed borders. This mineral is used for bracelets and beads.

An ornamental stone of the second grade. This type of mineral is a little dirty looking and has no shine (or it is rather weak). Foreign inclusions in such a stone can be up to fifteen percent. This mineral is used to make inexpensive handicrafts.

An ornamental stone of the third grade.   This kind of mineral is the dirtiest. It may contain extraneous inclusions in the amount of up to twenty-five percent. It can be made fairly large products or plates. Because of this, it is also called a facing stone.

Caution in the use of charoite

In addition to all the material described above, there is another side that cannot be said about, considering such a stone as charoite. Stone properties can be quite dangerous due to the fact that it often exhibits radioactive components. For such minerals are characterized by black inclusions. Also most often dangerous charoites are large stones.

Such minerals are not recommended to be worn on the body, processed and stored at home. Before using charoite stone, it must be checked for radioactivity, so that later there will be no health problems.

Based on all of the above, the best size for wearing this mineral is medium and small stones. They have the smallest chance of being radioactive and dangerous. Of course, before acquiring you need to carefully examine the stone for the presence of inclusions.


In conclusion, it should be said that charoite (stone) is at the peak of its popularity. This is due to its unusual beauty, as well as its unique magical and healing properties. The mineral is quite easily processed, it is actively used to make not only jewelry, but also handicrafts. All products are unique and very beautiful. Probably, this is not accidental, because charoite was discovered by a woman, as a result of which the whole world learned about a new wonderful mineral. It is he who pleases the human eye for many decades in the form of various souvenirs and jewelry items.