Chickenpox is an acute viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. As a rule, this ailment is characterized by a feverish condition, as well as a rash all over the body of the patient. In this case, such rashes do not affect the growing layer of the epidermis, so after recovery, scars from pimples remain extremely rare. However, be sure to note that by combing the affected area of ​​the skin, you are guaranteed to get a scar.

Calamine (lotion) with chickenpox: instructions for use and analogues

"Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox is a popular drug that copes well with this ailment. It effectively fights against the sensation of itching all over the body and speeds up the healing of small wounds. "Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox how to smear? You can read about this in this article.

Composition of the medicinal product

According to the reviews of doctors and patients, this tool perfectly copes with its task and facilitates the patient's condition during illness. The main component of the drug is the mineral calamine. Its main components are zinc oxide and some iron oxide impurities.

In medicine, zinc oxide is used as a well-proven antiseptic. That is why very often you can meet this component in the composition of many antibacterial lotions and ointments.

"Calamine" (lotion) with chicken pox is so popular, because it has a powdery component of natural natural origin, absolutely safe for children's health. That is why the drug very rarely causes allergies and other side effects. Also in the composition there are other additional components, such as clay, purified water, phenol and glycerin.

According to the doctors' reviews, this drug is the most safe, since it has no hormonal constituents and alcohol.

How does the medicine work?

"Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox is an excellent multifunctional medical device. It is recommended by doctors for the treatment of skin diseases of various etiologies.

This drug performs a number of functions, facilitating the symptoms of a disease such as chicken pox. Most importantly, its function is to reduce itching, which contributes to the disappearance of the disease without the formation of scars. "Calamine" calms, dries and cools the formations on the skin, and also removes inflammation.

"Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox is very effective, as it contains components responsible for skin regeneration and regeneration. In addition, it helps build a protective barrier for the skin, which is relevant in the presence of such a viral disease as chicken pox.

This tool is also actively used to reduce the symptoms of the disease in children who suffer from itching, as medical practice shows, is much harder. The components of the drug will quickly relieve inflammation and reduce discomfort. "Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox, reviews about which are positive, is allowed even for the youngest children.

Therefore, we can conclude that this medication is an excellent tool for all age categories.

Indications for use

Of course, most often the lotion is used for chickenpox due to its soothing and wound healing properties. However, this remedy is an excellent panacea, not only in this case. For example, lotion can be used with bites of bloodsucking insects, measles, psoriasis, as well as eczema in children.

Very often, this medication is prescribed by doctors for different types of lichen, hives, various dermatitis, burns and other diseases and skin lesions.

Are there any contraindications for use?

According to the instructions for use and recommendations of doctors, "Kalamin" has no contraindications to the use. The product can be used even for toddlers.

However, in no case do not apply the drug if you have been marked intolerance of at least one component that is included in the composition.

If you use this medication as recommended by your doctor, then in a week you will notice significant improvements. If the positive effect does not occur, immediately go to the hospital. The same applies to cases of intolerance.

Observing all the recommendations, you will be able to alleviate the symptoms of the disease as much as possible and accelerate the process of full recovery.

"Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox: instructions for use

To notice the maximum effect of the drug, you need to use it correctly. Carefully shake the bottle with the contents before using the medication. Shake it well, as it is very important. Now, using cotton swabs or discs, apply a small amount of the substance to the affected skin. Before you transgress your business, wait until the product is completely dry. Usually it takes no more than a few minutes.

Apply the product on the skin several times a day. Do this until the itching and other symptoms of the disease disappear.

General recommendations

Do not apply the product to healthy areas of the skin. With extreme caution, avoid contact with the mucous membranes. After using the medicine, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Please note that this product is for external use only, so keep it away from small children.

How to treat chickenpox in children?

In the people it is believed that chickenpox is just a child's disease. However, adults are prone to this ailment.

Use children "Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox, doctors' reviews about which you can find in this article, you can even at the youngest age. However, self-medication is not exactly worth it. Be sure to call a doctor who will tell you all the features of the use of this medication.

As is known, chicken pox is characterized by the appearance of rashes on all parts of the body. Since it is children who are most affected by the disease, the "Kalamin" lotion is designed for them. However, this medication is very often used by adults to treat skin diseases of various etiologies.

The most severe symptom of chickenpox for children is a very strong incessant pruritus simultaneously on all parts of the body. And, as is known, it is very difficult for babies to tolerate it and not to comb the formed bubbles. Lotion "Calamine" will reduce the sensation of itching as much as possible due to its cooling and soothing properties. The agent is applied to the cotton swab, and then to the affected areas. For maximum effect the drug should be used until the symptoms of the disease completely disappear.

Despite the fact that "Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox (reviews, analogues can be found in this article) has many advantages, it also has drawbacks. The main one is a rather high cost of the drug. Of course, the drug is very effective and safe, but there are no less effective counterparts.

Comparatively inexpensive and popular means is "Tsindol". It has the same properties, but is much cheaper. Another analogue of "Kalamina" (lotion) with chickenpox is salicylic-zinc paste. It can be bought in any pharmacy, while spending about fifty rubles.

Reviews about the drug

"Calamine" (lotion) with chickenpox (reviews, instructions are described in detail in this article) is a very effective drug. Its most important property is the elimination of itching of the skin. And this, in turn, reduces the symptoms of the disease and reduces the risk of scarring. According to consumers' reviews, lotion is great for both children and adults. There were no special side effects, which makes the drug even more in demand. Lotion also proved itself well in the treatment of other diseases and damages to the skin. The drug well relieves pain when getting burns.

Why it is necessary to treat chickenpox in time?

Begin to treat the disease is very important already at its first stages. If rashes appear, start immediately with an antiseptic that reduces itching. In fact if to comb a small pryshchik, there is an opportunity to receive a purulent infection. And this will entail the formation of scars.