The season of holidays is approaching, and many of our compatriots will return to the so beloved Turkish beach. Among them, of course, will be those who come to Turkey not for the first time, but for sure there will be those for whom this trip will be the debut.

Turkish coast

The charm of the all-inclusive system, the warm sea and friendly staff are all absolute advantages, but there is a question that will inevitably affect everyone. What currency to take to Turkey, so you can easily and without problems get souvenirs and additional tours? Let's figure it out.What currency to take to Turkey? Everything is simple

Change to lyre

Exchange of the currency you brought with you to the Turkish lira can be done almost everywhere. For this purpose, hotels, markets and, of course, exchange points are suitable. By the way, it is worth saying that the import of foreign currency to Turkey is not limited, that is, you can import almost any amount. What currency to take to Turkey - is also your right, at least Mongolian tugriks, so whether you can exchange them - another question. Starting from the moment you entered the Turkish land, already at the airport you are greeted by a huge number of currency exchange points. True, the course in them, let's say so, is not entirely profitable. Keep in mind that, due to sufficiently high inflation, the local exchange rate is actually changing constantly. However, these fluctuations are insignificant, and you will be able to exchange the imported, say, dollars in a ratio of approximately 1 dollar to 2.2-2.3 lira. To exchange is better at a private exchange point, because there will almost certainly be offered a much more profitable rate. And, running a little ahead, we will notice: the optimum currency in Turkey for tourists is lira. The ability to bargain and pay with the lira saves you time, you do not have to constantly recalculate the purchase taking into account the course. If you want to change your funds in a bank, then it is worth remembering that on Saturday and Sunday most banks do not work. However, recently the situation began to change, especially in the resort areas. What currency is better in Turkey for the time of rest at popular resorts? Definitely not a lyre. Too much trouble when there is a more habitual alternative.

Dollars and euros

Most tourists who have not the first time on the Turkish coast, on the question of which currency to take to Turkey, without hesitation, will answer: the dollar. At the same time, the dollar is accepted everywhere, and at a small point in the market, and at your hotel, as a fee for any additional service. At the same time, the rate is much simplified at almost all sales points: one lira is given for two dollars. It's simple. All in the same resort areas, the dollar has even greater circulation than the national lira. Also, if possible, store small bills, this will allow you to observe one of the most important local rituals - the opportunity to bargain. The more time you spend on it, the more attention you give to the seller, the better it will be for you to buy. Trade and do not hesitate, in Turkey they are traded even in stores. Above all, do not forget to do this with a smile. But what currency to pay in Turkey is not worth it - so this is the euro, that is, the Turks will try to convince you that for them the dollar and the euro are one and the same. So buying souvenirs for the euro will be for you not the best deal. The best currency in Turkey for tourists is the American dollar. To assess your own currency needs, especially if you are going to travel around the country, here are the approximate prices for some goods and services. Average trip in a taxi will cost you about three dollars, cheap lunch - about $ 4, but lunch in a restaurant can cost from 6 to 20 dollars.

Cards and all-all-everything

Of course, in large resort towns, most of the restaurants, cafes and shops accept Visa and Master Cards for payment. You can, of course, withdraw cash, they will be given to you in local lira, but keep in mind that there are daily limits - 350 euros or 400 dollars. In many stores, for the use of credit cards, a tax of 5-7% is often withdrawn, and there are no warnings. So be careful. But traveler's checks are not accepted everywhere in Turkey. Therefore, if you want to go on a trip, be careful with this payment method and use only proven world brands. Even in the summer it was possible to pay off and ruble, the Ukrainian hryvnia also gradually entered into confidence in local markets. What will happen now is difficult to predict. So, to the original question of which currency to take to Turkey, the ruble and the hryvnia, unfortunately, will have to say "no".

About pleasant

Having found out the question of currency, you can move on to a more pleasant lesson - spending money. In addition to banal magnets, you can buy friends and relatives of goods made of gold, onyx, cotton and leather. A huge number of different attributes with Turkish ornaments. And also the admirers of oriental cuisine will be grateful to you for delicious pomegranate sauce and gorgeous tea. Spending money in Turkey is not a problem. The problem is to spend it competently, without being lost in a huge number of offers paid for in different currencies.