The holiday season is approaching, and many of our compatriots will set off again on the Turkish coast so beloved by many. Among them, of course, there will be those who come to Turkey not for the first time, however, there will certainly be those for whom this trip will be a debut one.

Turkish coast

The charm of the “all inclusive” system, the warm sea and the friendly staff - all these are undoubted advantages, but there is a question that will inevitably affect everyone. What currency to take to Turkey, so that you can conveniently and easily buy souvenirs and additional vouchers? Let's see.What currency to take to Turkey? Everything is simple

Change to the lyre

You can exchange currency brought with you to the Turkish lira almost everywhere. For this fit hotels, markets and, of course, exchange points. By the way, it should be said that the import of foreign currency in Turkey is not limited, that is, you can import almost any amount. What currency to take to Turkey is also your right, even if the Mongolian Tugriks, if you can exchange them, is another question. Starting from the moment you set foot on Turkish soil, already at the airport you are met by a huge number of currency exchange points. True, the course in them, let's say, is not entirely profitable. Keep in mind that due to a fairly high inflation rate, the local rate changes virtually constantly. However, these fluctuations are insignificant, and you can exchange brought, say, dollars in the ratio of approximately 1 dollar for 2.2-2.3 lira. It is better to exchange at a private exchange point, because there they will almost certainly offer a much more profitable course. And, running a little ahead, we note: the optimal currency for tourists in Turkey is the lira. The ability to bargain and pay in lira saves your time, you do not have to constantly recalculate the purchase based on the course. If you want to change your money in a bank, then it is worth remembering that on Saturday and Sunday most banks do not work. However, recently the situation began to change, especially in resort areas. What is the best currency in Turkey for a holiday at popular resorts? Definitely not the lira. Too much trouble when there is a more familiar alternative.

Dollars and Euros

Most of the tourists who are not the first time resting on the Turkish coast, the question of what currency to take to Turkey, without hesitation, will answer: the dollar. In this case, the dollar is accepted everywhere, and at a small point on the market, and in your hotel, as a fee for any additional service. At the same time, the course at almost all points of sales is considerably simplified: for one dollar, two lira is given. It's simple. All in the same resort areas, the dollar has even more circulation than the national lira. Also, if possible, stock up small bills, this will allow you to observe one of the most important local rituals - the opportunity to bargain. The more time you spend on it, the more attention you pay to the seller, the more profitable the purchase will be for you. Bargain and feel free to bargain in Turkey, even in stores. The main thing, do not forget to do it with a smile. But what currency to pay in Turkey is not worth it - it is the euro, that is, the Turks will try to convince you that for them the dollar and the euro are one and the same. So buying souvenirs for euros will not be the best deal for you. The best currency for tourists in Turkey is the American dollar. In order to assess your own needs in foreign currency, especially if you are going to travel around the country, here are the approximate prices for some goods and services. The average taxi ride will cost you about three dollars, a cheap lunch will cost you about $ 4, but lunch at a restaurant can cost from $ 6 to $ 20.

Cards and all-all

Of course, in large resort cities, most restaurants, cafes and shops accept Visa and Master Card. You can, of course, withdraw cash, they will be given to you in local liras, but keep in mind that there are daily limits - 350 euros or 400 dollars. In many stores, the use of credit cards often removes the tax of 5-7%, and there are no warnings. So be careful. But traveler's checks are not accepted everywhere in Turkey. Therefore, if you want to go on a trip, be careful with this means of payment and use only proven global brands. In the summer, it was possible to pay in rubles, the Ukrainian hryvnia was also gradually building up confidence in local markets. What will happen now is difficult to predict. So the initial question of what currency to take to Turkey, the ruble and the hryvnia, unfortunately, will have to say "no."

About pleasant

Having clarified the issue of currency, you can go to a more enjoyable lesson - spending money. In addition to banal magnets, you can purchase products from gold, onyx, cotton and leather for your family and friends. A huge number of various attributes with Turkish ornaments. And also admirers of oriental cuisine will thank you for the delicious pomegranate sauce and great tea. Spending money in Turkey is not a problem. The problem is to spend them wisely, without losing a huge number of offers paid in a variety of currencies.