Many citizens who want to get a little closer to nature give birth to pets. Some have cats, others have hamsters, and some have aquarium fishes. As a rule, these people do not have much difficulty with choosing a pet. Certain problems arise only when a resident of a high-rise building decides to bring a puppy to his house. After reading today's publication, you will learn what kind of dog is better to have in the apartment.

Breeding Tips

It should be noted that special requirements are imposed on apartment dogs. Practice has shown that not every little dog is suitable for housing in urban housing. Therefore, when choosing a breed, it is important to consider not only the dimensions, but also the temperament of the animal. Agree, it is unlikely the neighbors will rejoice around the clock listening to your pet's keen bark.

Those who do not know what breed of dogs is best to have in the apartment, we can recommend to pay special attention to a not too large animal that does not require special care and has a cheerful calm character. It is important that the dog is not hyperactive and does not show aggression towards strangers. As for external data, such as the length and thickness of wool, then it all depends on whether you are ready to regularly comb out your pet.

Representatives of this breed have a calm, balanced character. Therefore, despite the relatively large size, they are suitable for life in urban environments. These animals are considered ideal companions, so they can be recommended to those who have not yet decided which breed of dog is best to have for a child. They are excellent education and love to play with children.

What kind of dog is better to get in the apartment: tips, description of breeds, features of character and reviews

Labradors do not require special care. It is enough to periodically bathe and comb them, and also to check the ears for the presence of infections. Also note that these dogs are prone to gaining weight. Because they can not be left for a long time in inaction. These are working animals that need regular physical exertion and long walks. Individuals of this breed who lack movement may develop depression and deteriorate their character. Therefore, Labradors can be kept in an apartment only if you can give them enough time and attention.

German Shepherd

Those who have not yet decided which big dog is better to have in the apartment for protection can be advised to pay attention to this breed. However, it is worth noting that these dogs are suitable only for experienced owners who have raised at least one animal before.

German Shepherd dogs have a strong and determined character. With the right approach, these strong fearless dogs will become true friends and protectors. They are mistrustful of outsiders and will never miss what is happening around.

Although representatives of this large breed are associated with service dogs, they can be excellent companions. German Shepherds get along well with children and get along well with any other pets. They are characterized by a calm temperament and a strong nervous system. Therefore, they are amenable to training.

Those who are still wondering which dog is better to have in the apartment and plans to opt for the German Shepherd should take a responsible approach to this issue. Since the representatives of this breed are prone to the development of hip and elbow dysplasia, it is advisable to acquire a puppy in a reputable kennel with a good reputation, whose owners can provide all the information about the health of both parents of your future pet.

As for the care, it comes down to systematic combing and bathing the animal. It is also important to regularly treat the dog from external and internal parasites. It is desirable to bathe a German shepherd, as well as any other dog, no more than two or three times a year.

Representatives of this breed need serious physical exertion. So be prepared for the fact that you have to walk your pet every day for a long time in any weather. The German Shepherd has a fairly developed intelligence, so it also requires mental stress.

These beautiful small short-haired animals are ideally suited to urban conditions. Therefore, they can be recommended to those who have not yet decided which dog is best to have in a one-room apartment. These intelligent, active and inquisitive animals are perfectly trainable. They are quite easy to contact and instantly find a common language with all households. Therefore, even an inexperienced owner can easily handle a beagle. These animals do not tolerate long-term loneliness. They can not be long ignored.

Representatives of this breed are able to bark very loudly and bristlingly, which cannot but irritate their neighbors. Therefore, it is very important to start raising a puppy from the very first days. These intelligent, easily trained dogs quickly adapt to environmental conditions and are able to change their behavior. These dogs need early socialization.

These miniature animals will surely arouse the interest of those who are concerned about the question of which small dog is better to have in the apartment. The peculiarity of this breed is that it was formed in natural conditions, and not as a result of the work of breeders. Therefore, chihuahuas are distinguished by excellent health, stable psyche and a good nervous system.

Despite the fact that these animals choose one owner for themselves, they get along well with all the household members. Such dogs do not take up much space, so they can be contained even in a one-room apartment. In addition, they do not need regular walks. Chihuahuas can be taught to relieve need in a special place. They tolerate loneliness well and will always find something to do in the absence of owners.

These elegant and very dedicated animals are capable of becoming wonderful companions. Therefore, they can be recommended as a pet to those who have not yet decided which dog to get in the apartment. A dog for a child should have a calm, peace-loving disposition, so a properly raised Scottish shepherd will become a true friend for your growing heir.

These responsive and intelligent dogs are easy to learn. They have a friendly character and do not tolerate a long separation from the owner. A collie who lacks communication with the owner may develop destructive behavior. Therefore, this dog must be given enough time. Scottish Sheepdogs require stable living conditions and do not tolerate loud noises. In a state of intense excitement, they can bark a lot. It is important for a dog to provide an opportunity to throw out the accumulated energy. To do this, it should be regularly displayed on long walks.

This breed is good because it rarely meets serious health problems. The most common diseases characteristic of the Scottish shepherd include congenital deafness, yeast dermatitis and volvulus eyelid.

Collies have beautiful, thick and long hair. Therefore, they need regular combing. It is advisable to bathe the animal not too often, so as not to wash off the natural protective layer.

Despite the rather harsh appearance, these animals have a friendly and playful character. Boxers retain puppiness for a very long time, but at the same time they reliably protect their own territory. Therefore, this breed can be recommended to those who have not yet decided which dog is best to get in the apartment.

These clever dogs get along well with children and are undemanding to care. In addition, they have virtually no odor and do not need systematic combing. They simply wipe with a hard cloth. Boxers are great athletes. Therefore, they need to be given certain physical activities. In addition, they can be unnecessarily noisy, which is easily corrected through training.

English bulldog

These serious and devoted animals do not take up too much space and do not need long walks, so they are optimally suited for residents of megalopolises. Those who want to buy a puppy, but do not know which dog is better to have in the apartment, can be advised to pay attention to the representatives of this breed.

English Bulldogs are appreciated for their calm balanced temperament. However, they are considered the dominant breed, representatives of which periodically need to be reminded who is the boss. These dogs are very attached to their owner and quickly understand what is expected of them. It is also important that they get along well with other pets.


Representatives of this small breed have a rather energetic and playful disposition. They can be recommended to active people who are wondering what kind of dog to have in a city apartment.

Smart little schnauzers are easy to learn and do not give their master special troubles. But, despite all their natural intelligence and desire to please the owner, they can show independence and stubbornness. These animals need regular training and sufficient physical activity.

Schnauzers are suspicious of strangers and sometimes show aggression towards other dogs. Therefore, it is desirable to do their socialization as early as possible. Thanks to the correct and consistent rearing, not only excellent companions, but also reliable defenders can be raised from these beautiful compact dogs.

Chinese Shar Pei

These sociable animals quickly adapt to their living conditions. They can advise those who choose which dog is better to have in the apartment. In general, the Chinese Shar-Pei can be described as very intelligent animals with a very independent character.

These dogs are very loyal to their owner and distrustful of outsiders. It should be noted that they need early socialization and serious training. Otherwise, the Chinese Shar-Pei may show aggression towards their fellows.

This small beautiful animal is optimally suited for keeping in the conditions of a modern megacity. Look closely at puppies of this breed can be recommended to those who have not yet decided what kind of dog to get in the apartment. Tips from a professional trainer will help you grow a very intelligent dog out of a cute crumb.

Despite the fact that pugs do not need active long walks, they need to be able to exercise. In general, these dogs do not have any special health problems. But most of the representatives of this breed are prone to obesity. Therefore, it is important not to overfeed them.

Owner reviews

According to the majority of people living in apartment buildings and who decided to start a dog, the key role is played not by the dimensions, but by the behavioral characteristics of the animal. Many owners are convinced that a large but properly educated Rottweiler will cause far fewer problems than the barking and yank at all times.