Various diseases lie in wait for us on every path. Then a virus is picked up, then the inflammation develops. With some diseases we know how to cope, but here others require urgent medical intervention to alleviate the pain and not to start the inflammatory process. Sometimes you need to visit several specialists. But what about the pains in the joints?

Joint pain - what are the causes?

Which doctor heals joints? Pain in joints - to whom to go?

The causes of pain in the joints can be a virus, inflammatory processes, immunological problems, metabolic disorders, a lack of vitamins, trauma and some other reasons. Disease of joints is common among people of different ages and professions. To explain to the patient what kind of doctor heals the joints, it is difficult, because everything depends on the diagnosis and the stage of the disease.

Arthritis is a common name for inflammatory joint diseases. The most common is degenerative osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is also common, which arises from inflammatory processes caused by bacteria and viruses.

When the joints hurt, ask yourself questions about which doctor heals the joints, to whom to register for the appointment: the therapist or immediately look for a narrow specialist. Such diseases are treated by a doctor-arthrologist. However, there are few such specialists in our country. And if such a specialist works in a polyclinic, then write to him for a month or two ahead. Therefore, if you have a question about which doctor treats joints, the right decision will be to contact the therapist.

Therapist, listened carefully to the symptoms, or will appoint an additional examination or referred to a podiatrist, rheumatologist, surgeon. You may need to consult other doctors: neurologist, virologist, trauma surgeon, an osteopath, for example.

What can a surgeon do?

At the initial stage of the disease, it is advisable to consult a rheumatologist, check for rheumatism, and give rheumatrops. If the disease is tightly jointed and the disease is neglected, then it is necessary to go to the surgeon. Such a disease is characterized by protracted persistent pains, which disturb even at rest. It happens that the limb is difficult to bend. After examining and diagnosing a particular disease, surgery may be necessary. The sooner you seek medical help, of course, the better!

Joint doctor - rheumatologist

For the early stage of the disease are characterized by: fatigue of the joints, lungs and quick-passing pain. This is the first stage. If such symptoms are observed, then a joint doctor is needed - a rheumatologist. After examination, diagnosis, rheumaprob and X-ray, the doctor will prescribe the treatment, the necessary procedures. Why is it important to seek the advice of this specialist? Rheumatologist deals with diseases of joints of viral nature. To understand what exactly gives joint pain, you need to confirm or deny the presence of the virus in the body.

Which doctor heals joints? Orthopedist help?

If there are prolonged pain, fatigue, a feeling of pressure in the joint, difficulty in extending the joints, this is the second stage. Such an orthopedic orthopedic surgeon will be able to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment: physical therapy, massage, appropriate medications and ointments. Also, pain in the joints can occur not only because of arthrosis, arthritis and gout, it can be a bruise or a dislocation. In this case, the orthopedist traumatologist will be the specialized doctor.

The role of a neuropathologist in the treatment of joints

Not every person with pain in the joint will go to a consultation with a neurologist. But it is this specialist that will help determine the true cause of prolonged pain in the joints. If neurological problems are present, the neurologist can help, diagnose and cure the joint disease. The cause of pain in this case may be pinching in the spine or inflammation of the nerve. These problems can occur with overcooling, as well as incorrect sharp movement. After accidents, as a result of fractures, nerve endings can be jammed. Also, with weakness of the muscles holding the spine, a person with excess weight may have problems with the location and functioning of the vertebrae, which have their response in the joints.

Disease of joints due to improper metabolism: endocrinologist's help

If you have problems with metabolism can help to diagnose and cure arthritis endocrinologist. In this case, we need more tests for hormones. Many people know that most diseases stem from poor diet and stress. And joint disease – frequent consumption of dairy products with a lack of other minerals in the body leads to deposition of calcium in the joints in the form of salts. In the end, they lose their elasticity and appear a variety of diseases.

Incorrect metabolism threatens to disrupt the joints. Sour, refined products are an unacceptable food for the elasticity of tissues, cartilage. With the use of berries, fruits, raw vegetables, the joints work easily - they remain elastic and healthy. To prevent such diseases it is important to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and eat right. With pain in the joints, an endocrinologist is needed, since it is able to help prevent metabolic disorders in the body.