Bordeaux color is involuntarily associated with expensive wine, chic roses and sweet cherries. This unique shade looks great in various applications: in the design of premises, in clothing and make-up. The peculiarity of this tone was recognized in the past centuries. The burgundy was carried exclusively by special persons and aristocrats. To date, this shade enjoys an extraordinary popularity among fashion designers and interior designers. Consider the interesting features of color and the color with which the burgundy is combined in different applications.

Bordeaux color in clothes

It is self-confident people, purposeful and successful. This color is universal, it can be used in office bow, in sports clothes and even in wedding attire. People who prefer cherry blossom, most often creative individuals: writers, artists, philosophers.

Some psychologists assure the contrary that prolonged exposure to burgundy can cause depression. We can conclude that this tone should not be abused. You need to choose one thing in a ripe performance: shoes, outerwear, accessories, dresses. If the rule is not observed, the image risks becoming crowded.

Who fits the color?

The shade of burgundy is suitable for confident women. It looks best on girls with a swarthy tinge of skin. Representatives of a lighter shade should not be discouraged, they too can apply a claret tone in their wardrobe, but very carefully and dosed. One more main rule: do not forget about what colors the burgundy color is combined with, if the combination is wrong, your style will become gloomy or completely ridiculous.

What color is combined with burgundy in clothes and interior: features and interesting options

Also it can be replaced by its shades:

What does a claret color match?

Before you put on a cherry shade as the main, you need to find out what colors the burgundy in clothes is combined with. To ensure that your image does not look ridiculous, follow simple rules. Combine it with classic shades, they will never go out of fashion and are always relevant.

  • The use of black in combination with the color of the wine looks very reserved and stylish. With the wrong combination, perhaps your image will become gloomy and unprepossessing. To prevent this, choose as a burgundy color more or less light color scale. Another option - to complement the style by adding another shade: cream or milk. This bow perfectly fits both for everyday wear and for a festive event.
  • The use of classical gray shades will give the image new colors. Do not choose dark gray colors, give preference to lighter tones. This combination will accurately emphasize the splendid tone of ripe cherries.
  • The use of white is also appropriate with burgundy. They perfectly complement each other. White color looks more light, and burgundy seems more expressive. Such a bow will give freshness and ease.

In addition to classic tones, the burgundy looks good with more vivid solutions:

  • Yellow. What color is the dark maroon? In fact, there are a lot of them, one of them is a bright yellow color. Combine the wine tint with a bright yellow can be in the early autumn. This solution is suitable for bright personalities who are not afraid to experiment on their own way.
  • Blue. For a harmonious combination, choose dark and rich colors of blue. With the help of it you can create a sporty image, for example, a burgundy windbreaker and blue pants can be an excellent solution for playing sports. Bijouterie blue shade perfectly in harmony with the burgundy dress.
  • Green. Apply green with the color of the cherry you can, but as carefully as possible. For example, chic beads of emerald color elegantly complement the cherry dress. Many girls are wondering about what color is combined with burgundy on nails. It is the green color in the manicure that will look great as a complement to your image.

In order to create a romantic image, use gentle and pastel shades. Consider with what colors the burgundy in clothes is combined:

  • Pink shade in combination with burgundy will give the image tenderness and serenity. To make the outfit look harmonious, the pink color should prevail over the burgundy. This combination is suitable for both the everyday image and the office bow.
  • The application of gold with a touch of cherry is suitable for various celebrations and important events. A luxurious image will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Beige tones give women of femininity and softness. What color is combined with a burgundy coat? Of course, the classic beige. Dress or beige pants are a stylish solution. This is a successful combination for office style or business image.

Claret shoes

Before choosing shoes, you need to decide on the style and subject of clothing. To date, a very stylish solution is suede burgundy shoes with high heels or platform. Bordeaux shades harmoniously play on the leg, shimmering from the color of the cherry to almost black. In addition to suede, it also looks nice lacquered shoes, leather shoes, as well as sports shoes.

Makeup in burgundy shades

The use of this shade is characteristic for lipstick, shadows and various nail varnishes. Consider how to properly combine cosmetics and what color is combined with burgundy.

  • Pomade. Lipstick shades of Bordeaux are mainly used for evening images, for celebrations or events. Bright scarlet lips will emphasize your image, give sexuality and grace. Representatives of the fair sex with dark hair should take a closer look at such a bright decision. On brunettes, burgundy lipstick looks more natural, and on blondes it's more vivid and effective.
  • Shadows. The image of mysterious and unpredictable will help the dark-burgundy shadows. In order to make the eyes more expressive, use as a supplement shadows with sparkles of gold and shimmering shades. This makeup perfectly matches with blue, green and brown eyes.
  • Nail polish. The color range of nail polish reaches more than one hundred different shades of burgundy. Unlike the rest of cosmetics, a varnish of this shade can be used in everyday wear. The disadvantage of dark lacquer is that it is necessary to wear such a manicure as neatly as possible, any chip or crack will be noticeable.

Using burgundy colors in the interior

As you know, burgundy color has become popular not only in the fashion field, but also in the interior it enjoys an extraordinary demand. It is used in various rooms: in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room. Let's consider more in detail, with what colors the burgundy in an interior is combined.

Design rules

It is better not to use cherry tones as the main one in small rooms with insufficient natural lighting. In such a room it will be uncomfortable to be: it will become gloomy and gloomy. The Bordeaux color can be used as a complement to the light colors.

Be sure to use contrasting colors. Shades of burgundy must be emphasized for full disclosure of color.

Do not use cold tones as a dilution, it is better to give preference to a warmer color scheme. For example, you can use peach or "coffee with milk."

Since burgundy is an independent color to prevent conflict between colors, do not use additional dark shades, such as dark purple or navy blue.

Bordeaux color in the bedroom

The bedroom is first and foremost a place to relax. This room should be as comfortable and cozy, and as light as possible. We will find out what color the burgundy is with:

  • Mustard. In this color can be executed various elements of decor and natural furniture. Since mustard is not light, you need to install in the room as much as possible artificial lighting.
  • Light gray. The bedroom in this color will become strict and at the same time refined. Live flowers perfectly complement this combination.
  • White. A snow-white color will refresh your bedroom. To fall asleep and wake up in such a room is a complete pleasure.

Color of ripe cherries in the interior of the living room

In the interior of the living room most often the color of ripe cherries is used in the role of an additional shade, with the help of it accent on walls or ceilings.

The colors in the living room can be completely different. Overflow the interior of a lot of decor elements is not worth it, enough to create comfort in the room to decorate a winter garden. This will help you live flowers, which will look amazing on a claret background. Such a living room will please you and your guests.

Marsala shade kitchen

The uniqueness of the tones of Marsala was not ignored in the modern interiors of the kitchen.

The combination of a shade of marsala and natural beige is often used in kitchens. As in the other rooms, the dark color should be in moderation. For example, a kitchen set in a dark color always looks good against the background of light walls. As a spicy note you can add an emerald or turquoise color. Classic white and black can be used in any place and in any quantity, it is justified by the fact that such colors will always remain in fashion, and also perfectly complement the chic shade of Marsala.

Rich in shades of burgundy is universal: perfectly harmonizes in the interior, pleases the fair sex with fashion trends. The main thing is to know what color is combined with burgundy and how to apply them properly.