Probably all over the world there is no such person who does not know about football. The key element of the most popular team game is the football goal. Without this iron structure, both teams could not please the spectators with beautiful goals, and the game itself would lose its meaning. What is the size of a football goal by the standard? Are the same gates in all types of football? Now we will find out.

What is the size of a football goal by standard?

Football goal: sizes, standards

The football goal consists of two vertical posts, also called barbells, which are connected to the top by a horizontal crossbar. Their diameter at all sites is the same and is equal to 12 centimeters or 5 inches. What is the size of the football goal? Bars are installed opposite each other at a length of 7.32 meters or 8 yards. The height of the crossbar from the ground is 2.44 meters or 8 feet. The shape of the gate resembles the letter “P”, where the crossbar is much longer than two bars. The whole construction of a football goal is usually made of metal and painted white. When the installation of a football goal occurs, they are securely installed on the ground. On the reverse side of the construction there is a grid that should not interfere with the goalkeeper.

What is the size of a football goal by standard?

A bit of history

For the first time the mention of the gate is found in the English chronicles during the 16th century. Then the ball game was radically different from modern football. However, a few centuries ago, the players designated a certain zone with the term “gate”, and also tried to build some kind of construction. Up to 1875, a rope was stretched over the side rods, after which it was decided to change it to the crossbar. At the beginning of 1891, a grid appeared in front of one of the fights in the English city of Nottingham.

Mini football

What is the size of a mini football goal? Futsal appeared in Brazil around the 1920s. The impetus for the development of this type of big football was in the middle of the 20th century. Football players in mini-football are playing with a smaller ball, whose rebound from the surface is much smaller. This variety differs from its large “relative” not only by the size of the playing field, the length of the time and rules, but also by the size of the goal. However, despite the fact that they are much smaller, as a rule, viewers during the match become witnesses of a larger account. This is largely due to the tactics of the game, which is significantly different from football on the grass. Often, mini-football teams play “one on one”, that is, each player follows the actions of a certain opponent in the opposing team.

Sizes of mini-football goal

Unlike big football, where the gate is securely installed in the ground, in mini-football, this structure is fixed to the floor. The size of a football goal in this kind of game is as follows: the distance between the bars is 3 meters, and the height from the crossbar to the surface of the ground is 2 meters. Gates in mini-football are equipped with a net so that it does not cause inconvenience to the goalkeeper. Its purpose is to keep the ball in the goal. The diameter of both bars and the crossbar in futsal is 8 cm.

Gate for children's football

Thanks to its accessibility, football wins the hearts of boys around the world. Unlike hockey, where equipment is available only for parents with a certain income, it requires only a ball. Often, children chase the ball in the yard, where the gate serves as some kind of fence or installed thin tree trunks. However, unlike the standard children's football goal, they deliver a lot of inconvenience.

It is recommended to purchase gates for children's football, which are made of aluminum. This material contributes significantly to the fact that the boys do not get hurt. When installing, consider the lightness of aluminum, so the gate must be securely fastened. To increase the durability of the construction, it is recommended to treat the surface with varnish or enamel, which will protect against corrosion.

Sizes of children's football goal

What is the size of a children's football goal? Compared to large professional football, where the size is 8 feet by 8 yards, the children's gates cannot be so big. This is connected not only with the size of the field on which the boys play, but also with their anthropometric data. In the children's game, unlike professional football, there are no strict standards and rules. What is the size of a football goal for kids? As a rule, manufacturers for boys make gates of two types, depending on their age: 3 by 2 meters or 5 by 2 meters. The diameter of the rods and the crossbar is also significantly smaller.

It is interesting

In professional football, the gates for training purposes are divided into 2 zones, each of which in turn is subdivided into 9 equal squares. A total of 18 numbered zones with numbers from 1 to 9 are obtained. Thanks to this division, it is easier for players to practice strikes on goal. As a rule, ordinary fans know only about one zone - the “nine”, thanks to sports commentators. This happens in cases where a football player hits the top right or left corner of the goal.

Due to the round shape of the rods, in some cases the ball may bounce in the opposite direction after a twisted kick. For example, the leather sphere, when crossing the goal line, returns to the field.

Gates in big football often lead to serious injury to players. Especially such cases occur in jumping, when the head at high speed is faced with a bar or crossbar. Some goalkeepers in order to avoid injuries wear a special helmet on his head.

Due to the fact that the football goal is not secured properly, every year around the world about 50 people die.