A vacuum cleaner is a kind of equipment for a home, without which there is more than one room. Human life is associated with the emergence of various wastes. Also, the external environment produces dust that settles in the room. All these factors pollute the house in which the person is, and there is a need for cleaning. Cleaning the room by means of a vacuum cleaner greatly facilitates the process of getting rid of dust and other debris.

On what characteristics when choosing a vacuum cleaner is worth paying attention to

Which is better to buy a vacuum cleaner for home: reviews, models, rating

At present, there are a great many manufacturers who offer customers different types of vacuum cleaners. What to look for and what is the best way to buy a vacuum cleaner for a house? Reviews of people are completely different, someone likes one thing, and someone else. It is difficult to orient in such a variety of models having different characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the criteria, from which it will be clear which is better to buy a vacuum cleaner for the house. Feedback from other people in this case can also help.

  1. What kind of cleaning will be carried out by means of a vacuum cleaner.
  2. What power is needed.
  3. The price category of the vacuum cleaner.
  4. Dimensions.
  5. Cost of maintenance of the device. Spare parts for vacuum cleaners can sometimes require significant costs.

The above criteria for choosing a vacuum cleaner will facilitate the buying process.

How do vacuum cleaners differ in power

It should be said that the vacuum cleaner has 2 power characteristics. The first is the power consumption of electricity, and the second is the suction power. These characteristics are interrelated. When buying a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the suction power. Usually the maximum power is indicated. With regular use of the vacuum cleaner, as a rule, the average is used. It is better if the vacuum cleaner has a power regulator. Thus, it will be possible to adjust this parameter yourself. This factor allows you to save electricity.

When determining what capacity a vacuum cleaner should be, it is necessary to take into account what usually the degree of contamination is in the room. This indicator should be taken into account in order to make the right choice of vacuum cleaner for the house. If the apartment or house is inhabited by a large number of people, there are pets, small children, then you need to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner for your home. And if a person lives alone, then a low-power unit is suitable.

Popular models of vacuum cleaners

Despite the fact that there are many manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, and they offer a variety of models with different characteristics, there are a number of units that are in great demand among buyers than other models. Based on the data on sales volumes, there is a rating of vacuum cleaners for the house, which were bought most often.

Economical models of vacuum cleaners

For small rooms it will be a good choice to vacuum dry cleaning the house with a small capacity and small size. This type of vacuum cleaner belongs to the low price segment. Vacuum cleaners of this category are divided into 2 types. The first type includes all well-known models with a dust bag. And to the second type belong container vacuum cleaners. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Vacuum cleaners with dust bag

Vacuum cleaners with a dust bag are the classic design of the unit. They differ from the models of the past years in that one can use disposable dust bags. This is an important fact, since a household vacuum cleaner should be easy to use. Paper bags are inexpensive, as dust accumulates, all you need to do is open the vacuum cleaner, remove the filled bag and insert a new one. Typically, these models are equipped with a power regulator and have a standard set of brushes. The main advantages of such models is the low price (spare parts for vacuum cleaners of this type are also inexpensive), ease of maintenance and cheap related products. The minuses include a loud noise of work and average power.

It should be said that in addition to cheap models of vacuum cleaners with dust bag, manufacturers offer more expensive ones. Their difference is that they have a large bag, considerable power, large sizes and a more advanced filtration system. These models of vacuum cleaners can serve rooms with a large area, they take dust well, including small particles, so they are possible for cleaning premises where people with allergic reactions of the body live. Advantages of these models are high suction power, low noise level, improved filtration system and the possibility of using disposable dust bags. The disadvantages include high cost and the fact that removable dust bags for each model have their own, so it is difficult to find them on sale.


The main difference from vacuum cleaners with dust bag is the absence of this bag. Instead, the device is equipped with a special container, which collects dust. These models of vacuum cleaners also belong to a low price category. The advantage of them is that you do not need to buy removable garbage bags, since dust accumulates in the container, which you need to clean when filling. Cleaning is very simple, garbage is removed and the container is washed with water. Suction power of these models is average. Among the drawbacks are the high noise level, and also the fact that if the container is damaged, it is difficult to find an analog for replacement. Also, due to the peculiarities of the operation of these units, the filter quickly clogs, and this leads to a decrease in the suction power.

Vacuum cleaner with aquafilter for home or apartment. Features of work

The principle of operation of these vacuum cleaners is based on the fact that instead of a container there is an aquafilter. It is a container filled with water. Dirty air enters this container, but the air comes out clean. These models of vacuum cleaners are characterized by a high level of filtration. They are recommended to buy to people who need high cleaning of the premises. The disadvantages of these models include high price, heavy weight, large dimensions and difficulty in care. A vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter needs to be cleaned after each use.

Washing Vacuum Cleaners

Before buying a cleaning vacuum cleaner, you need to know what types of surfaces it will be used for. Vacuum cleaners of this type are not suitable for all floor coverings. For example, it is not recommended to clean the package with a cleaning vacuum cleaner. Also, do not clean the carpet cleaner with a natural base with a vacuum cleaner, as a specific smell can form. Vacuum cleaners that are equipped with a wet cleaning function must be washed after each use. The process of cleaning the vacuum cleaner itself takes a long time and is quite labor-intensive. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy this type of vacuum cleaner for apartments with a small area. Also it should be taken into account that the washing vacuum cleaners have rather large dimensions and belong to the high price segment.

The advantages of washing units include the fact that they make a wet cleaning of any surfaces, with the exception of the above coatings. Detergent vacuum cleaners can be used to clean spilled liquids. A lot of attachments make it possible to remove hard-to-reach surfaces. And also through this vacuum cleaner you can wash windows and mirrors.

The washing vacuum cleaner has a dust collection container and a special water tank. A special cleaner is added to the container with water. You should know that you will need to buy special shampoos for wet cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaners-Robots

Several years ago, these models of vacuum cleaners were a kind of toy. They were not taken seriously. But at present, these models of vacuum cleaners have become more sophisticated, with a greater capacity of dust absorption. Also appeared many manufacturers who offer customers the data of the model vacuum cleaners. It should be said that the robots have different cost. In order to buy a good vacuum cleaner for the house, you need to know what characteristics of the data you should pay attention to.

  1. Brushes should be provided with a protective casing, this will provide protection against winding various garbage on the axis of the turbo brush.
  2. The quality of materials from expensive models is much better. This feature extends the life of the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Before buying, you need to find out what the mechanism of removing brushes for cleaning looks like. It is better if all parts are easily removed without using any tools.
  4. The presence of additional brushes on the sides makes cleaning better.
  5. An important point in choosing a vacuum cleaner is that it has a navigation system installed. If the navigation is of poor quality, then the vacuum cleaner will chaotically move around the room and leave dirty patches. Vacuum cleaners with a quality navigation system remember where the floor cleaning has already been carried out, and they can also find the base.
  6. The presence of a timer in a robot vacuum cleaner makes it possible to set the cleaning time. This is a very convenient feature.
  7. Some models have the ability to wipe the floor with a damp cloth.
  8. When buying a robot cleaner, you need to pay attention to how the battery works. Namely, how much charge it is calculated and whether it has a work schedule.
  9. Also, when choosing a robot cleaner, you need to consider how much space the room will clean the unit.
  10. Are there any obstacles in the room, and can the vacuum cleaner pass them.
  11. Is there a function for setting the cleaning schedule.
  12. An important characteristic of vacuum robots is the softness of touching surfaces.
  13. What is the cleaning system.
  14. It is necessary to consider how much of the dust bag there is in the vacuum cleaner. Here we should start from the area of ​​the room.
  15. Equipment. These vacuum cleaners are supplied with replaceable brushes, remote control and filters.

It should be said that with the right choice, taking into account the above recommendations, the robot vacuum cleaner will be an excellent assistant in housekeeping.

Which is better to buy a vacuum cleaner for the house. Customer Reviews

Based on a large number of reviews of people, it can be concluded that vacuum cleaners with a dust bag remain today the most popular models. This is due to the fact that they are easy to care for and have high power. Also, these models are presented in different price categories, so that people have the choice.

According to buyers, modern household vacuum cleaners with a container are also quite a good option for purchase. This is due to the fact that they are inexpensive, have a normal capacity for cleaning the apartment, and their main advantage is that you do not need to buy consumable components.

According to customers' feedback, it can be judged that detergent vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning large rooms, for example, houses or apartments with a large enough area. Also, many people say that in the presence of a large washing vacuum cleaner it is necessary to have one more small unit in case of necessity to carry out quick cleaning from any dirt or debris.

To choose a good vacuum cleaner for a house is not an easy task, as many appliances with different characteristics in different price segments are represented on the home appliances market. But guided by the selection criteria, you can understand a large range of products offered and choose a good device for cleaning the house. It is better to spend a certain amount of time deciding which is better to buy a vacuum cleaner for the house, feedback from people can help to choose the right model.