Nail extensions - the process is quite complex and requires the master certain skills. As you know, perform this procedure in two ways: acrylic material and a special gel. And each of them has its own peculiarities. Recently, helium material has been used much more often. As a result, the choice of products has become immense. And sometimes it is difficult to understand what a good gel for nail extensions to purchase. In this article, we will consider a wide range of proposals. And we will try to determine the best material for your favorite marigolds.

What good gel for nail extension is recommended by professionals? Overview, types, manufacturers and reviews

What can a cosmetic market from a professional series offer today?

Almost every company that creates special products for nails adheres to certain production rules. This gives her the opportunity to firmly hold onto this market. This approach allows you to make a high competition to other manufacturers.

When the question arises: which firm is better than a gel to build nails, there is no definite answer. After all, in this case there are several leaders on the market, namely:

At once it is worth adding that this is only a list of favorites in the production of products intended for nail extensions. And each of them has its own unique zest.

Features of each product for the formation of a beautiful manicure

Which gels should I use for nail extensions? Consider the description of the products of the above brands.

Gel Nubar - a professional product of the modern nail industry. It does not require long drying. The main advantage is the absence of a strong odor.

Gel IBD is a professional product suitable for people suffering from an allergic reaction, as it is made from natural ingredients. And this fact is the main plus in favor of this coverage. In addition, it perfectly lays on the nail plate, protecting and feeding it.

What is good about Ezflow gel? If you take into account the reviews, then you can say about it: a good texture and ease of use. Nails are bright, not requiring frequent correction.

The CNI product is a new generation of helium material, thanks to which it is possible to create an ideal manicure with a unique pattern. Has a solid and strong structure, with which it is easy and convenient to work. This is promised by the manufacturer, and so the professionals speak of it.

With the helium material from these companies it's easy to work. Moreover, artificial coatings are quite strong.

Methods of helium build-up

In order to properly select the material, it is necessary to study the methodology of helium build-up. After all, this technology is divided into several methods:

In order to understand what a good gel for nail extension suits us, it is necessary to find out what each technology represents.

  • Single-phase method. With this method use a single drug. It provides modeling and strength in adhesion to the nail. There is such a gel expensive, much higher in contrast to other materials. But the advantages are obvious. There is no need to use additional components. Yes, and the time spent on modeling, much less.
  • Two-phase method of building. In this way, two components are used. The first performs the function of adhesion, and the second makes the helium nail strong.
  • Three-phase method of building. It includes three stages. The first product is for modeling. The second material provides strength. The third tool is used to fix the nail.

Single-phase method of building

This method should be recalled separately, since the product intended for this technology is the most popular among women doing manicures at home, as well as beginners. What single-phase gel for nail extensions is better? We continue to understand the issue.

There are several most sought-after products that are trusted by a huge number of women. And all thanks to their good reputation.

The "Balance" Basic Clear Gel is a single-phase gel. It is presented in two shades: pink and transparent. Many masters claim that working with this material is simple and easy.

Material "Balance" Bright White Tip - gel, which is used to create a jacket. The remedy is easy to use. Professionals say that this is a very persistent gel. In this case, it is perfectly amenable to correction.

The "Formula Profi" brand is a product that, in fact, is universal. It is suitable for any building technology. And importantly, with the help of this helium material, it is possible to disguise almost all the defects of the native nail.

Gel Irisk Professional completes the survey of leaders among materials in the field of nail cosmetology. We can say that this is the most popular helium material, because it is relatively inexpensive with high quality. With such a product it is convenient and easy to work with. It does not shine through and does not separate.

So, what is the best gel for nail extensions? There is no unequivocal answer. But at the same time with a choice can always help the master and even a consultant in a specialized store.

How to choose the best helium material?

Practically all the masters of the nail service give preference to a certain brand, with which they work for a long time. And quite often such means are not issued under a loud and advertised brand. And in order to know which gel to build nails is better to choose, you need to decide in what conditions the procedure will take place.

As described above, there are more than enough favorites in this area. Therefore, to know what a good gel for nail extensions can be purchased, consider some features. The material should:

  • Have a soft consistency.
  • It is good to lay down on the nails.
  • Do not leave traces of the brush.
  • It is easy to give the desired shape.

In addition, another important detail when choosing what a good gel for nail extensions is important. First of all, the material must be safe for the master and his clients. Therefore, one should always pay attention to this aspect during the choice of materials.

What do professionals say?

What do they say about what kind of gel for nail extensions is better, reviews of masters? Let's turn to them for advice. Basically, those masters who prefer to work with a single-phase system, stop their choice on the products of Balance.

To simulate a jacket, choose Bright White Tip. The opinions of professionals say that it is very comfortable to work with him. They note that its consistency is dense and very convenient in application.

The products from the company "Formula pro" also deserved good reviews. It is often used when building on tipes.

But some newcomers in the nail service on the question of which gel for nail extensions is better, reviews leave and other brands. In the case when the modeling suffers a little because of inexperience, the masters try to use the Nubar or IBD brand. This helium material is quite docile, durable and economical in consumption. It practically does not require sawdust of simulated nails.

Negative reviews of some brands

Not all reviews about the quality of products sound unambiguous. This also applies to the helium material. Some masters claim that the products of IBD simply do not dry under the lamp. For this reason, it needs to be mixed with a different kind, in order to get the expected effect.

There are other opinions. Masters who were trained on IBD helium materials were forced to abandon them due to the high price. Naturally, when you switch to a cheaper material, the difference is palpable. But most often modeling from products that have a budget cost, requires certain skills and experience in the work.

Some features in the work with gels

Whichever material is used, a key role in the quality of work will play the professionalism of the master. It is very important to properly prepare the nail plate before escalating. Compliance with all technology – it is the key to success. But the violation of the correctness and sequence of manipulations leads to marriage. This manicure is prone to chipping, cracking and detachment of the coating. And even in the case when all technologies are observed, the gel can quickly flake off. Do not blame the manufacturer. With material can be all right. It turns out that there are people, the body may simply reject any of the components. And of about 10 %.


To name the only best brand of gels is almost impossible, as many of them managed to win the trust of masters. The main rule, which should guide every woman in choosing, is to focus their attention on the reputation of the manufacturer. The best way to choose a helium material is still a consultation with a manicurist. It remains only to wish good luck in this difficult matter.