Beautiful and neat nails are no longer just a fad or tribute to fashion, but a necessity. After all, they serve as a kind of calling card of a woman. However, a good and high-quality manicure takes a lot of time and effort; nevertheless, its useful life is not always pleasing. The way out of this situation is the use of gel polish. It guarantees not only an excellent look, but also the long-term preservation of your manicure. It remains only to decide which of the gel varnishes to give their preference and use when creating manicure masterpieces.

Criterias of choice

Each master at the first time of application asks the question about which gel varnish is better, the reviews about them are studied with special care. The same thing is done by girls who decide to make a manicure themselves with the help of this varnish. At the same time, professionals recommend to pay attention to two main criteria. First, it is the service life of the finished coating. That is, this is the time during which the selected product does not begin to peel off, does not lose its original luster, does not begin to peel at the edges.

The second equally important criterion when choosing a gel polish is the convenience of working with this material. Many initially do not pay attention to this factor, but over time it becomes almost the first place when choosing a quality product. But what about the first parameter, here it is imperative to read the instructions for use. The guaranteed service life indicated there must be at least three weeks. To choose the right gel polish, reviews, which one is better and which one is preferred by the fair sex are studied first of all by potential customers. Most women on their basis make the final choice.

Convenience of working with gel polish

The moment of convenience of working with the chosen material is more worrying than the person who will work directly with him. However, one should not neglect the quality of the product, since it depends on it how long the coating will last. Also, the final result depends on how easily the master will work and, if necessary, apply patterns. What gel varnishes are better, reviews of masters will help to determine unmistakably. After all, they have repeatedly encountered with one or another species.

Which gel polish is better: expert reviews

How convenient it will be to work with the selected product, you can find out by some priority signs. First, the lacquer must be the correct consistency: not spread and not be too thick. The brush should be as comfortable and dense as possible. Standard means the varnish should be removed no more than in 15 minutes.

Color and safety

A very important criterion when choosing a gel polish is a rich color gamut. The composition should be highly pigmented and with good color density. And you should first pay attention to the safety of the use of varnish. If you still doubt which gel varnishes are best, the feedback from the masters will certainly help you make the final choice. And experts say that if the product meets all the requirements listed above, plus it has an acceptable price and substantial volume, then this will be the most ideal option.

Select by manufacturer

When choosing gel polish, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer. After all, this has an important role in determining the quality and safety of the product. Of the many companies that produce gel polish, reviews (which one is better) help to make a choice in favor of only five of them: Gelish, Kodi, Jessica Geleration, Pnb, CND. At the same time, the latter company has for several years remained the undisputed market leader. This happened thanks to the release of a branded product - Shellac. He quickly gained immense popularity and continues to hold the position of leader.

Leadership of American companies

In the production of cosmetics leading position is currently occupied by American companies. In the matter of which gel polish is better, reviews of consumers and professionals also suggest the choice of American brands. They introduce innovative formulas that allow to obtain products that are completely safe for nails and for the human body as a whole. At the same time, the base of fashionable shades is constantly updated with new colors. However, the cost of such a varnish is rather high.

European brands in terms of popularity cannot catch up with American ones, although at times they are not inferior to them in quality and safety. This can be easily judged by examining the statistics of what gel varnish is better, consumer and professional reviews.

Chinese products on the market

Now Chinese products are becoming more and more popular. They can already compete with the US. This is primarily due to the low cost. At the same time, high wear resistance and the ability to preserve the original appearance of the coating for a long time. Buyers are not at all confused even by the sharp smell of such a product.

Studying about which gel polish is better, user reviews, you can see - ladies are increasingly praising Chinese products. After all, not every home master or worker of an inexpensive salon can afford to buy expensive American lacquer, but the Chinese are a real find in this case. True, security issues in this case, few people pay attention, and almost no one studies the composition of such varnish.

Chinese products also compete with Chinese products, which at a reasonable price also offer fairly high quality, excellent wear, a huge palette of colors and safe components.

Price Characteristic Gel Polish

What gel polish better reviews and price help to determine the best way. However, the price - this is exactly what scares potential buyers. After all, not everyone can afford to buy it for several thousand rubles. That is how much the price of the kit, which includes two or three shades. Grabs it for applying 20-30 times.

There are cheaper options, the cost of which varies from 400 to 1000 rubles. However, this is usually the cost of one bottle. If you want to create some complex pattern or exquisite manicure, the price will be correspondingly higher.

Features of the gel polish

Gel varnishes appeared not so long ago, however, they already managed to conquer their niche in the market. They have not only different characteristics from ordinary varnish, but also have individual properties, thanks to which they were put on a separate level. Gel Polish nails, reviews (which is better) about which you can easily explore on the Internet, first of all different in that it does not dry in normal conditions. For its drying, a special UV lamp is used. But such coverage will serve you for a long time and reliably, without losing its attractiveness for a long time.

Now it says a lot about which gel polish is better kept, reviews of which can be found in almost every women's forum. However, you need to pay attention also to the fact that a quality product will not only maintain the aesthetic appearance of your hands for a long time, but also strengthen the nail plates, protecting them from fragility.

Gel varnish has not only specific properties, but also requires a special application procedure. It should certainly be studied before making a final decision on which gel varnish is better. At the same time, professional reviews are not the last thing.

Choosing a lamp for gel polish

Not the last value when applying the gel polish plays his drying, which is produced in a special lamp. It depends on the drying time and the quality of the coating. Which lamp is better for gel polish, reviews of professionals and ordinary users will help to determine accurately. In the first place among the criteria that pay attention to when choosing a lamp, is its power.

The greater the capacity of the model you choose, the better the polymerization will occur, the faster each layer of coating will dry. The most acceptable and optimal is the power of 36 W, which allows to dry a layer of gel polish in just a couple of minutes. You should also pay attention to the presence of a timer, which greatly simplifies the work. This detail is especially important for beginners.

The best of the best

Every day, new brands and new manufacturers appear on the gel varnish market, which offer the consumer products of their line that differ in certain properties or prices. Also, each of them has its own characteristics of application, structure, color palette. Therefore, the rating of gel polishes is changed almost every day. One way or another, which gel polishes are the best, consumer reviews allow us to determine almost unmistakably.

At this time, the ranking lists are headed by products from CND (Shellac). They are not only very easy to use, easy to remove, but also give an excellent rich tone from the very first application. At the same time, they strengthen the nail plate and prevent its separation.

In second place is the British brand Solomeya. It is also easy to use, does not break and retains its unsurpassed appearance for a long time. In this case, varnishes have a fairly reasonable price.

The third place belongs to the Russian brand Masura, which has a huge color palette and the highest quality product. In this case, the bottle is equipped with a very comfortable brush, and the procedure for applying this tool is very simple. The price is very acceptable.

Gel Polish that dries without a lamp

Not so long ago, there was a real sensation in the gel polish market. Several manufacturers have presented to the attention of consumers a new tool - gel polish, which can dry without using a special lamp. This tool is applied to the nails as easy as regular nail polish, and removed with a simple nail polish remover. His shades are quite saturated, the color lays perfectly even, and serves for a long time. Such a coating dries out without the use of a special lamp designed for drying standard gel polish.

It is natural that consumers began to worry about the question of what is gel polish without a lamp. Reviews (which one is better) began to appear one after another in women's forums. Leading positions were taken by PUPA, Avon, Limoni and Dior. The service life of such a coating is 7-10 days, and the drying time is about ten minutes.

Use of gel polish primer

The primer is firmly incorporated into the basic set of manicure. This tool is used to process each plate directly after machining. It helps to ensure that the gel Polish was securely fixed on the surface of the nail. Also, this liquid is intended for disinfection, drying and degreasing the nail. If you do not apply a primer, then the resulting coating will not be as durable and beautiful as you expected.

With what primer is better for gel polish, consumer reviews will help you figure out the best possible way. In this case, their opinions converge - preference is clearly given to hypoallergenic acid-free formulations. They have no restrictions in application, allowing to use even for people with allergic reactions. But the quality of a manicure such a composition is able to provide excellent, performing all the functions assigned to it. Also, this composition is compatible with the usual varnish, increasing its service life and helping to strengthen the nail plate.

Waiting and reality

Without a primer, gel polish may not give you the desired result and somewhat disappoint not so much with external indicators, as with the service life. Also, the lack of use of this composition can very adversely affect the state of the nail plate. Therefore, one should not neglect the generally accepted rules and use the primer to get a perfect result and enjoy it for a long time.

If you do not want to be disappointed and get a truly excellent result, familiarize yourself with the technique of working with gel polish and the tools and devices used for this, consult with more experienced specialists, and then proceed to independent experiments.