Own home - the dream of many. It is possible to live in a large family. Of course, like any building, it needs overhaul from time to time. Finishing is necessary not only for internal premises, but also for external walls. For the last item you have to pick up quality materials. It will be a question of a choice of such construction solution as front plaster.

The main purpose

Any facade putty is a solution that in its consistency resembles a thick paste. Its main purpose is to level the surfaces, which can be made from:

  • foam block;
  • concrete;
  • bricks;
  • decorative stone;
  • gypsum boards and various other materials.

With this putty can be removed on the walls of the crack. According to their consistency, the solutions are divided into two main groups:

Consider each view separately and analyze their features and disadvantages.

What should be the facade plaster? Tips for choosing and feedback on manufacturers

Finishing solution

This building material is distinguished by its consistency. The solution has a fine structure. Used before decorating walls. The processed surface turns out equal and smooth. The required thickness of the application of the solution is about 4 mm. In comparison with another type, the front putty putty is not particularly strong.

Starting solution

Next in line we will have the next type of putty. Starting mix differs from the finishing grade by the following characteristics:

  • it is allowed to finish only the lower part of the wall;
  • good adhesion to any surface;
  • have a coarse-grained structure;
  • the solution is easy to fix all the irregularities on the wall.

The recommended thickness of putty application is from 2 to 20 mm.

In modern hardware stores, facade plaster can be found universal. It contains all the qualities of finishing and starting mixtures. The only thing you need to know when buying such a mixture is not recommended for finishing the external walls of the house.

Remember!  Finishing and starting putties have the same qualities:

Now you can go to the next question. Putty for facade work is divided into several main groups, which we consider in more detail and examine all the disadvantages and merits.

Polymer solution

Used only for exterior work. They contain the following substances:

  • quartz sand;
  • marble dust;
  • cement;
  • synthetic polymers.

It has the following positive qualities:

  • tolerates moisture and any temperature difference;
  • democratic value;
  • easy to use.

But along with all the advantages there are some drawbacks:

  • gives strong shrinkage;
  • cracks appear after application.

Acrylic solution

We turn to the study of the following type, to which the facade putty belongs. Its price is much higher than the previous one and is about 3000 rubles per 25 kg. Used for coating the walls of concrete and simply plastered surfaces. The following positive qualities are available:

  • elasticity;
  • increased strength;
  • moisture resistance;
  • easy to prepare the mixture.

Identified and its main disadvantages:

  • the need to apply in several stages, the amount of which depends on the quality of the walls;
  • it is necessary to process a ready surface surely in a respirator.

Latex putty

Here we have reached the main representative, to which the facade putty belongs. The price of latex building material is about 4200 rubles. Available in the form of ready-made pasta, which is odorless and does not emit harmful substances. It features the following features:

  • durability;
  • plastic;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • after drying, cracks do not appear.

But even such an expensive building material has its drawback. And the name to him is the high cost.

Popular manufacturers

Available facade plaster many famous brands. Consider the main manufacturers:

  1. Plaster Ceresit. Produced on the basis of gypsum. It is better to use mix in warm weather. It is recommended to plant in small portions, as it dries quickly. Has a high frost resistance and durability.
  2. Facade plaster “Knauf”. Is a universal representative. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. After applying shrinking. Well adgesiruta with different surfaces.
  3. Scanmix Plaster. Considered to be the starting species. Developed on the basis of cement. Has a high frost resistance and water resistance.

At this manufacturers facade putty does not end there. We reviewed famous representatives. Now you can learn a master class on the correct application of the solution.


There are only two methods of applying the facade putty:

  1. A manual method. Before that you need to check the wall for the presence of gross cracks. It is recommended that the surface is thoroughly washed and dried. To quality the adhesion between the solution and surface, be sure to carry out grounding. A solution according to the instructions specified on the package with putty.
  2. The mechanical method. This method is used much less frequently, because there are drawbacks: you need to carefully select the consistency of the finished mortar, and plaster is applied unevenly. After the apparatus is in some places still need to manually edit the surface. This method is carried out under pressure. Preparing a solution in the same machine, which causes it to the wall. The cost of such work is several times lower than that of manual method of application.

We have disassembled what constitutes a facade plaster. This type is used for exterior work and various surfaces. Now you know everything and even more about the varieties of the solution, their manufacturers and all the features and disadvantages. And the correct technology of application will help evenly apply the mixture on the wall.