What kinds of moods are there? There are a great variety. We often hear voiced the idea that a person's mood changes several times a day. Sometimes people are so fragile mentally that they become difficult to control.

What is the mood of the person? The types of mood

A person's mood is closely connected with emotions. The more stable, more confident and feels more comfortable personality. What is the mood of the person? This difficult question we discuss in this article.

This kind of mood characterized by elation of feeling, a sense of positivity. Man is inwardly feeling positive, ready to tackle the required tasks. The future does not cause the state of fear, suspicion, or anxiety. Being in joy, living her own feelings, personality freely disclose their emotions. This mood can be described as a complete satisfaction. People openly communicate with others and share with them their positive, which is literally reflected in the eyes. You can always tell from the outside, that you are near someone in a good mood. He becomes the sun that shines and warms everything around it.

Joy helps to cure many different ailments. After all, when a person is in good spirits, every sickness depart, go away under the influence of positive emotions. From the personality depends on what is the mood in her.

This kind of sentiment is characterized by increased emotional sensitivity. In a state of sadness a person feels depressed, unwanted, sometimes even rejected. If the person is "stuck" in this mood, it is sometimes necessary to try to cheer up, to comfort. In some cases the sadness may be in the nature of deep reflection, and then personality really need to be alone. The sensitivity and the delicacy of others will help to understand what is the mood of their friends and relatives.

You cannot try to force a man out of this condition. The sadness doesn't last too long. It is necessary to rethink the significant contradictions, internal conflicts. In that case, when sadness is prolonged, it is possible to speak about the coming depression. What is the mood of a gloomy person? Of course, depressed, it is most often surly and silent.


This condition is characterized by a sense of integrity with oneself and the surrounding world. This mood can be called rainbow, which easily come to mind different ideas and there is a strong desire to bring them to life. If inspiration raises man above the world, he feels bold, adventurous and strong. In this state, the person is capable of feats, to be as useful as possible to themselves and others.

How to understand that man is in the mood of a conqueror of the peaks? He was infinitely smiling, feeling confident, and easily, lead positive conversation, from which involuntarily charged optimism! What is the mood most often a person? Light, bright, sublime! Him and sky for the get and star in hand it is easy to invest!


This condition is characterized by a strong internal mistrust, discomfort, and constant fear to experience something negative. People who have dominated this type of mood, often suspicious, hostile, closed and uncommunicative. They are difficult to persuade to some meeting that they are clearly uninteresting, they don't want to take any extra effort. Needless to say that they rarely set myself realistic goals, and if they have them in the shower, it did not seek to implement. All because they don't believe in themselves and in itself the prospect of becoming a successful person. What is their mood? It is not there. Well, if this is a temporary phenomenon, which in a few hours gives way to self-acceptance. But so happens not always.

Thus, we considered the question of what the mood is. The list can be continued indefinitely. Most importantly, perhaps, is to not get stuck in negative emotions, not to succumb to the destructive thoughts. Do not communicate with people who always complain about something. On the contrary, you must daily fill ourselves with joy and positivity.