In the summer it is very important to wear the shoes in which the foot is not hot and comfortable. In his spare time, when it is hot outside, people prefer sandals with different degrees of openness. What to wear to work? Women a little easier – open shoes with a small closed toe and covered promenade is considered appropriate for the office, although these shoes look almost as informal sandals. But men have much worse – sandals cannot be worn due to the fact that such shoes are not combined with business style, or it does not pass safety (on many industrial and construction objects and enterprises not to walk in open shoes). So I have to buy men's summer shoes.

What should be the mens summer shoes

The classic model men's summer shoes

  1. Oxfords – a classic model, sides sewn under the toe, lacing closed.
  2. Monkey – shoes with buckles, with lace or without.
  3. Derby – the side pieces sewn over the toe, and lace-up open.
  4. Loafers (pumps) loafers or shoes with no buckles, Velcro or laces, sometimes with a decorative lacing or tassels.
  5. Brogues decorated with perforated or fully perforated shoes

Summer mens shoes with perforations and a braided

On a hot day the legs are not too comfortable in closed shoes, but sandals can not be worn. But it is possible shoes with a pattern of small holes or invisible mesh. So, what can and should be worn in the summer:

1. Suede brogues and derbies with perforated trim is stylish and comfortable. Shoes have a low rise and wide sole, so they will feel comfortable, even when the evening swollen feet.

2. Fully perforated leather loafers (boat) is not too formal, but in the style business. Pumps can be put on quickly, and his feet are in they feel like Slippers.

3. Suede or fabric shoes – shoes without buckles (the same loafers) that are perfect for the hot summer. Often they are decorated with patterned perforations and a decorative lacing on the sides and on the toe. A bit informal, but quite acceptable.

4. Braided loafer – a little challenging, but if successful, the combination of clothing the whole image will look very stylish.

Buying men's summer shoes, leather, suede or fabric, do not forget about color. Black shoes summer does not look too good, especially in the daytime, so you should pay attention to the other colors – cream, gray, dark and light brown, Navy blue, red, white, dim green, etc. And we should remember that the more shoes perforated patterns, the more informal it is considered to be.

Good men's summer shoes made of quality leather. It can be:

bullish – a strong, but coarse, so the shoes will be folds

– pork is very soft, elastic, thin and short-lived: shoes it is rarely

cow – good skin, softer bullish, will last a long time

– veal is a soft, durable and expensive: the best classic shoes are made from it

– Cordovan leather from the back of the horses, goats or deer: her special dressing and specific luster, this material is more expensive calfskin

the leather of exotic animals, Python or crocodile: looks flashy, expensive.

In addition, men's summer shoes is often made from suede or high-quality woven material.

How to combine clothes and shoes

In fact, you can combine anything with anything – this rule held by many public men and stylish, a beautiful youth, surrounded by an aura of unwavering confidence in their own irresistibility. Mere mortals who are not so confident in your individual taste and sense of style, you have to follow a few simple rules:

  1. With jeans you can wear any shoes, the only controversial issue is the patent leather shiny shoes.
  2. If you do not know how to combine clothes and shoes, wear sports with sports, informal, casual, and classic with a classic.
  3. Dark shoes fit classic suits, light-colored summer shoes for men in bright colors. Bright shoes are quite acceptable, if you wear them outerwear in tone, for example, a T-shirt or a club jacket.