Most girls choose guys for their pre-built type. Perhaps the definition of ideal was influenced by the mother or a huge variety of information on similar subjects. In any case, the desire to find the one she'd built a family and had children, sometimes comes to the absurd. Therefore, many despair and giving up, and not having met your ideal, when it is too late.

What guys like girls? Learn how girls choose guys

Is there same one who would be able to conquer the hearts of all women? As it turned out, many women, so many opinions. So to give a definite answer to the question about what guys like girls, is impossible. Because some people prefer beautiful, love muscular, and the third like a small and puny guys. Everyone has their own taste, and it is difficult to argue. The only thing agree all girls are the qualities that should be possessed by the perfect man. We will talk about them later, but for now get acquainted with the most popular types among women.

The bad guys

These guys will always stand up for himself and his beloved. They never will understand who is guilty and who is right and will always take the side of the beloved. Such guys prefer to solve all problems with his fists. No wonder if one day he comes home with a black eye and would smile, starting his story with "I go ...". This guy is a bully. Therefore, the question about what kind of guys more like girls, can confidently answer, brawlers, and pranksters and hooligans.

What are they so enchant beautiful ladies? These guys are schemers. They are one of its appearance show that the danger and risk of their horse. These qualities and become enamoured with beautiful women.

With such a man, according to many, is not boring. The constant risk, new sensations, adrenaline, extreme sex, open relationships – all this girl will get, being with him.

Have you dreamed ever about this guy? Surely the answer is Yes, because you always want to escape from constancy, routine and boring life.

Despite the fact that such men hold first place in the hearts of many women for a serious relationship, they almost don't fit, especially marriage. The thing is that the bullies do not recognize constancy, they always tend to risk and danger.

The wealth and luxury

Answering the question about what guys like girls, it is safe to say – rich. It is the prosperity and good financial position attract many of the fair sex. With such a man not afraid to go hand in hand and build a family. He is a leader in life. All family care always takes over and never get drawn into their own problems, their favorite.

Unfortunately, there are men who have learned to make a lot of money on their own, there are very few. As a rule, many of the rich used to live at the expense of their parents. These are the majors for a long time can not find a girlfriend because of his insensitivity, selfishness and the endless disrespect for the people.

It should be noted that with these guys serious family relationships can not be built. Their entire lives are to touch girls like gloves, not paying attention to their feelings.

Asking what guys like pretty girls? Answer: such.


This is another type that is often preferred by girls. These guys are affectionate, helpful and not stingy with compliments. They're like snakes, twining around the girl, tempting her to do the wrong thing. Seducers – the real professionals. They have well developed tactile feel. It is this quality that allows us to call these guys real lovers.

Seducers can conquer the girls already on the first date, one his voice, and in bed, and they all have no equal. He will feel every little thing and will do everything to bring your partner heavenly pleasure. Therefore, the question about what guys like girls (photo typecasting we will present in our article), you can accurately answer the tempters.

Womanizer – that's what guys love. Faithful girl – the one who will never pay attention to the type. As a rule, such young people are afraid of a serious relationship. If they set a goal to conquer another person, then certainly it will achieve. These guys are seldom intelligence. Their characteristics – a sense of humor, nice body and pretty face. They are infinitely nice and courteous, but it is as long as the girl they get bored.

These guys, unfortunately, have very little. Their shyness, timidity and shyness, as a rule, attract the attention of girls, moms who like to dominate and pretend to leadership over men. In a tandem both parties feel like fish in water.

What should be the appearance of men, according to many girls?

What guys like girls? Looks are not so important? Let's be honest. Can shamelessly say that beauty men – the last thing. But the girls from time immemorial been evaluated by guys on external data. Sometimes they are judged more severely than men. Statistics show that most women, aged “over 30” not married yet because I attach great importance to the appearance of your future partner.

The first thing that attracts a guy, the girl physical beauty: pumped arms, legs, a six-pack, broad back – a perfect set for any of the fair sex.

What qualities, according to the girls, should have an ideal man?

We have the details figured out what guys like girls. Looks like it turned out to be of great importance. And what qualities must be in the man's opinion of women?


This trait must first be present in the ideal man. For every girl it is important that her boyfriend was able without any hesitation to make their own important decision and defend it to the end. Such men are attracted by its certainty and firmness. That is why women love them more than "sissy" or "whiners".

A sense of humor

This inherent quality that attracts women when selecting men. Especially your sense of humor pay attention to more young ladies. In the company of boys, they will always emphasize humorist. This is because the man wants as often as possible to experience positive emotions. That is why boring and depressing guys remain outside the attention of the fairer sex.

Diligence and accuracy

This masculine quality is always important, and among women of different ages and status. Styled hair, clean shoes, ironed shirt will always produce a positive impression on the girl. In 80% of cases, the woman will first pay attention to cleanliness of shoes, and then take up the scrutiny of appearance and hairstyles.

A healthy lifestyle

Many women prefer guys who play sports. The desire to win and keep myself in good shape – the main reasons why girls choose such men. If you remember high school years, the captain of the volleyball team always had a few groupies who dream to go on a date with him.

The ability to communicate

Another criterion, according to which girls choose guys, is the ability to communicate. Not everyone is interested on a first date to listen to talk about what reactions occur in the intestine or how fast to disassemble and assemble a Kalashnikov rifle. Simplicity and easy humor coming from a guy – that's the key to his success.

A lot of guys on the first date trying to prove their courage and lead a huge number of related arguments. Unfortunately, such men are not much interested in the fair sex. Yes, girls love heroes, but those that are brave, not in words but in deeds.

The desire to strive for goals and to develop

Every woman considers her boyfriend as a future husband and father of children. And there's nothing you can do about it. A man who sets goals and clearly they should, gives his beloved confidence in the future.

The woman always pays attention to how her partner treats animals, children and the elderly. The one who will never give way in transport or in any circumstances, hit a street cat is unlikely to attract the attention of the fair sex.

A lot of girls prefer men with whom you have something to talk about. The main thing – do not overdo it and not to prove his beloved that she is uneducated and undeveloped in a particular issue.

Despite all these qualities, every woman must rely on their own beliefs and opinions. After all, opinions are relative, some guys like girls (high or low, thick or thin), they can differ from conventional. So remember always listen to your heart.

Some guys like girls depending on the sign of the zodiac?

Often people who are unable to find the answer to a particular question, turn to astrology. This applies to love, work, and health. Oddly enough, our question this science is also strong. So let's find out what kind of men choose girls depending on the sign of the zodiac.

Aries. Such person is strong and solid, fearless and determined. In men they appreciate the toughness, desire, and perseverance. Therefore, answering the question about what guys like girls-Aries, the accuracy of the claim of the conquerors.

Taurus. These women love romance and compliments. They are modest and shy, so most girls choose a Taurus male romantics.

Gemini. These girls are smart and attractive, generous and smiling. They appreciate the attention from a male, and therefore tend to these lovely persons are stubborn and rigid men.

Cancer. Such women always need support, but don't like to talk about it out loud. That's why they prefer men that always could listen to them and support in any matter.

Leo. These ladies love men to worship them. Therefore, answering the question about what guys like girls-the Lions, you could say – the seducing and romantic.

Virgin. These girls are very gentle and affectionate. They do not tolerate rudeness and irritability. Appreciate in men a sense of humor and simplicity.

Libra. These women do not suffer from male aggressiveness. They love to take it slow, so for a relationship often choose the romantic and the demure.

Scorpions. Such a person quite short-tempered and stubborn, love power. Respect to the hardness and firmness, determination and strong will. Therefore, answering the question about what guys like girls, Scorpions, the accuracy of the claim – resistant leaders.

Archers. These ladies just love romance. They are able to dive in head first. Therefore, in this case, no doubt, favoured only for romantics.

Capricorns. These girls prefer neat, stylish and stately men.

Aquarians. These women do not know how to Express their feelings and prefer to keep everything inside. Appreciate equality and respect. Men prefer an active, caring and considerate.

Fish. These women are very trusting and open. They are attentive and caring. Appreciate in men of strength and character. Appearance, as a rule, they are not important. Love romance and beautiful courtship.

What qualities girls do not like in men?

  1. Arrogance.
  2. Predictability.
  3. Greed.
  4. Bad manners.
  5. Strife.
  6. Emotion.
  7. Insincerity.
  8. Instability.
  9. Grouchy.
  10. Curiosity.


Understand what guys like girls, it should be noted that it is important that the position of the men in our lives. They have to be breadwinners, leaders and protectors. And as if many women tried to show their supremacy in the family, man must still remain a man. And beautiful women, in turn, will not prevent at least sometimes to show her femininity and vulnerability.