Dating is always interesting. Someone makes new contacts with ease and ease, while others thoroughly approach this process. But if this acquaintance with a representative of the opposite sex, who also represents a certain attractiveness, then everything changes. There is a special interest in both boys and girls. But now I would like to talk about what concerns the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Namely: what is the best question for a guy to get to know him better?

What kind of questions a guy needs to get to know him?


You should always start with something generalized. If the girl with whom the guy met 5 minutes ago starts to shower him with questions like: “What dress would you like to see your future wife at the wedding?”, Then, most likely, she will never see him again. This is simply incorrect and, frankly, strange.

When meeting you can ask about his preferences. About your favorite music and cinema genre, for example. Suddenly tastes converge?

You can also ask if the young man wants to visit a particular place (country, city, nature corner) and why? On hobbies and hobbies, too, should inquire. Many neglect such questions, considering that they are banal and boring. In fact, they are underestimated. These are the very questions for the guy to get to know him better. And find out how much a potential couple might be interested in each other in the future. If she loves camping, traveling by car and diving, and he prefers computer games and books, it is unlikely that the possible relationship has prospects.

What kind of person are you?

Actually they say, this is what interests every girl. But you don’t ask directly so immediately. Therefore, you can ask some questions for a guy to get to know him better.

Is he kind? This can be found by asking whether the guy loves animals, which ones and why. Good people are usually partial to our smaller brethren.

Does she like to have fun? It is worth asking about his attitude to parties and holidays.

What is his character - calm or not? You can ask how it relates to noise. If the guy does not tolerate him, then, most likely, his temper is peaceful. Although not a fact.

Then, in the process of further acquaintance, you can ask about what annoys the guy, violates his peace or, on the contrary, pleases. But it should not look like an interrogation. The girl must also be involved. Usually it looks like this: “Is there something that you do not tolerate at home? For example, I start to get nervous if they start making noise in an apartment. Because I have improved sound insulation in my room. ” If the interlocutor in the process is telling something about himself, then it is easier for the guy to share, since no connection is established.

Showing interest

After finding out hobbies and hobbies, you can refer directly to the personality of the young man. That is, to show interest in his opinion about something. But in no case should we touch on politics or religion. These topics rarely come up even in the circle of loved ones, which is to say about unfamiliar people.

Questions can be built according to the following principle: “Toll routes are opening soon - what do you think about it, will it somehow“ defuse ”the movement?” Or like this: “What is your opinion about the overhaul tax?” However, you can think of something then your It is better that the questions deal with topical topical issues. About them you can talk for a long time, talk and share opinions. While the guy will answer, the girl will be able to understand how well-developed his speech is, whether he is erudite, knows how to argue, etc. And he, in turn, has a pleasant impression about her companion - she shows interest, inquires about opinion of the opponent, offers topics for conversation. This is also a kind of plus sign.

For reflection

Many girls are interested in what questions to ask a guy to better know his personal characteristics that he possesses.

You can ask what he values ​​most in his life and why. Find out what he is dreaming about, what he is striving for and why. Would he live forever and why? What other people love him for and what kind deeds he has ever done. And yet, the guy could give his life for the sake of the other person and that he could move him to it. And of course, what will he spend a million dollars on in case of such a win? Maybe it is trite, but by the answer you can draw some conclusions about the preferences and priorities of the person.

These are nice questions for a guy to get to know him better. The list can be continued, but it is worth remembering - it is better not to inquire about all of the above from the first minutes of the meeting.

"No" interrogations about finances

Well, the above was told about what questions a guy can ask in order to get to know him better. And now - about those who are generally better not to voice. And they concern money.

Surprisingly, there are a large number of girls and women who ask men and men such questions: “Should the wife in the family work? How much would you give her from your salary? Did you have financial difficulties and how did you deal with them? Who should manage the family budget, how much of the salaries of the two spouses goes into it? Who is obliged to pay the bills? ”And this is only a small list of the most inappropriate questions. Although it is more correct to call it an interrogation.

Why is it better to remain silent?

And many sincerely wonder - why can't a guy ask these questions in order to get to know him better? Because it is indecent. One gets the impression that the girl is not interested in a young man, but in his money. Show it in a bad light - as a dependent, for example. Or a person who has no value so much that he cannot even find a job for himself. And besides, everyone knows that “only mercenary people“ climb into someone else’s wallet ”.

By the way, we still don’t need to touch on the topic of relatives, not knowing the details about it (maybe a guy from an orphanage, from a dysfunctional family or an orphan?) And ask about ex-girls. For the above reasons.

Close communication

After some time after dating, you can start communicating on other topics. On all sorts of "How are you?", "Was it a good day?", "What did you do today?" Relationship will be at a friendly stage for a long time. So, what questions to ask, to get to know the guy?

It is worth asking about what he is proud of. Maybe this is his personal trait, ability, skill. Having learned what he likes to boast with, it will be possible to recognize a self-contained benevolent person or an egoist in front of him.

It is worth asking him to tell about interesting, funny, insane or scary events that happened to him. Finding out what the most unbelievable act he committed, it will be possible to recognize the boundaries of the guy and how far he is ready to go. Continue the topic by talking about extreme activities and risks. Also a very interesting topic. Maybe two madmen are sitting opposite each other?

Perhaps, there can be no more “eternal” topic. If a girl thinks about what interesting questions to ask a guy, in order to know him better, you need to ask about life. About how he wants to spend it, whom to work, what to do. What he appreciates most of all, what he is willing to spend a lot of time on. What is his worldview. What he considers most important, what values ​​he determined for himself, what he decided to strive for.

Usually people willingly answer such questions. But only some time after they met, since this is a kind of “soul unfolding”. And that is why it is important to respond correctly to the revelations heard. Tactful girls have no problems with it. But some, having heard what they think is wrong, begin to object. Suppose a guy said that he does not see himself as a family man - he would like to devote his whole life to building his business and subsequent rest with his beloved woman. And the girl begins to resent: “But how is that? What about children? A house with a garden and a dog? It's wrong to live like that! ”It is important to understand that it is not for her to judge someone else’s life. It is better to just continue to be interested in his preferences and plans. And about yourself, by the way, do not forget to talk in the process of conversation. After all, this is not an interview, but a pleasant conversation, which implies a response.

Many girls think - and what kind of tricky questions a guy needs to get to know him better? All that relate to relationships and love. Of course, they do not contain a dirty trick, but by the way the guy will answer them, you can learn a lot of interesting things. Just look at his behavior at this moment, gestures, listen to the wording.

You can ask if the guy remembers his first love? Have he had cases of unrequited feelings that were difficult to cope with? Or maybe he is amorous and quite often "laid" on someone's eyes? Also, some ask about what the guy could go for the sake of his "second half".

And finally, what does “love” mean to him? Can you feel this feeling in relation to several people at once? And how does he relate to the concept of "free" love?

However, this topic, like everything that concerns it, belongs to the category of personal. Therefore, it is necessary to affect it when young people are in a more or less close relationship.

Evening awkward order

It is also sometime possible to arrange, but being in a relationship. However, the girl needs to be prepared for the fact that she would have to answer awkward questions. That's the whole point of these evenings – that's just many people like only to ask questions and listen to answers.

Here are the most “decent” awkward questions (in any case, those that are censored): “Are you watching an erotic video? Ever drunk ever unconscious? Fulfilled shameful lost desire and how was it? Had problems of a criminal nature? Do you have intimate haircuts? Had relationships with easy going girls? ”

Such questions can be considered from the category of "to warm up." Because human imagination is limitless - you can think of something worse. By the way, such evenings have a definite plus - they bring people together, help them to open up, and certainly help them to know each other much better. The main thing is to conduct such conversations face-to-face. Many girls, of course, ask such questions to the guy by correspondence in order to get to know him better. But through the text you cannot see all the emotions, therefore it is better to save the idea before the meeting.