What sweets can I eat while losing weight? This question is often asked by those who are trying to lose a few extra pounds.

Diet. How sometimes hard to stick to it! Women sit on exhausting hunger strikes, trying to lose as many kilos as possible. Sometimes they do not even think about how to undermine their health. During different diets, the body lacks a large number of beneficial trace elements and vitamins. And on the fourth, fifth day, there is also an acute shortage of sweet.

What sweets can be eaten while losing weight: a list

Many girls break down and begin to sweep away all the sweets and other delicacies that they see in front of them. And, of course, the whole diet is broken, you have to start all over again. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to choose a diet at which you will receive all the useful elements. This also applies to sweets that can and should be consumed in small quantities. But before you go on a diet, it is better to understand in advance what sweets can be eaten while losing weight.

The category of people who have a strong craving for sweets has long been highlighted. For them, develop special programs for weight loss. But this does not mean that you can eat sweets in any quantities. Everything has its own rules.

What sweets can you eat while losing weight? The nutritionist first of all advises to exclude sweet in the second half of the day. If used, it is only before lunch. If your life without sweet is impossible, then try not to eat high-calorie sweets - cakes, cake, buns with a sweet filling. Also, another rule in the diet: if you can not get from your favorite, but harmful product, then hide it in the far corner of the refrigerator. So he will be less likely to be seen.

Try to use small dishes when eating sweets. If you go to the store for sweet, then buy a quantity that you can eat at one time. Never drink cookies, sweets tea. Scientists have long proved that tea enhances the desire to eat sweets, since saturation comes much later. And without tea, the body immediately reacts to the intake of sweetness and is saturated.

Dark chocolate

So what sweets can you eat while losing weight? Many sweet teeth love chocolate very much. And for some, even the thought of having to abandon their favorite delicacy is unbearable. But this is not necessary. Just instead of different types of candy you need to eat black chocolate. There is practically no sugar in it. It can be eaten in small doses in the morning, afternoon, and even in the evening.

Useful alternative

It is strictly forbidden to consume sugary soft drinks. Instead, try to drink fresh juices, compotes. Instead of sugar, try adding honey if you are not allergic.

Also, many slimming people are allowed to eat marshmallows in small quantities, as its caloric content is very low compared to other sweets.

Marmalade and dried fruits

Also in the diet of losing weight, you can safely include marmalade. It contains in its composition useful trace elements that have a good effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

Thanks to marmalade, a large amount of antioxidants is excreted from the body, and the amount of cholesterol is reduced. But if you really want pie or cake, you can pamper yourself with a small amount. But remember that the product should not be the first freshness. This does not mean that you should eat an expired product. But at least not on the first day after baking. A fresh pie contains much more calories than it has already lain for a couple of days. Also do not forget that with any diet you need to eat a large amount of fruits and vegetables.

This also applies to various dried fruits and nuts. They contain a greater amount of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium. But they, like other products, can not be abused, because of their high caloric content.

What to eat in the evening?

What sweets can you eat while losing weight in the evening? As we have found out, at this time of day in no case can not eat sweets. But if you really want, then nutritionists advise to eat a couple of slices of black chocolate.

Dried fruits in a small amount in the evening can be consumed, but only a couple of hours before bedtime. Well quench your thirst for bedtime a small bunch of grapes. If you eat an apple or an orange, they will perfectly cope with the feeling of hunger. You can eat a small amount of ground nuts with honey. Also a plate of oatmeal with a spoon of honey will replace the same candy. But such a dish will be much healthier and less calorie. You can bake apples with the same honey in the oven. This is a tasty and healthy delicacy. It can be used at any time not only adults but also children.

Allowed desserts during the Dukan diet

Many diets are designed not to deprive lovers of their sweet delicacies or at least introduce substitutes into the diet. And what sweets can you eat while losing weight on the Dukan diet? As with many other food systems, it is allowed to consume a large amount of fruit. It can be apples, different citrus. Eat grapes, plums and other high-calorie fruits should be as little as possible or excluded at all. Oatmeal with honey, nuts or raisins is also allowed.

For the Dukan diet, a special recipe for sweets has been developed that can be consumed at most once a day. To make a delicacy you will need 4 tablespoons of oat bran, three tablespoons of powdered skimmed milk, one tablespoon of liquid skimmed milk, two teaspoons of cocoa powder, two raw yolks and eight tablets of sugar substitute.

First you need to mix the yolks, milk powder and cocoa powder. After that, you need to add one tablespoon of liquid milk. Now add half of the oat bran and mix everything well. Now you need to add a sweetener. After you mix everything well, put the resulting mass overnight. In the morning, remove and form balls of the same size from the frozen and cooled mass. After that, roll them in the remaining oat bran. Before eating sweets, you need to send them in the freezer for ten minutes. Everything useful and tasty delicacy is ready!

Honey and jam

What sweets can you eat while losing weight on a PP diet? During the practice of proper nutrition, you can include almost all healthy sweets in the diet. Let's sort them all one after another.

The first and beneficial ingredient that can be consumed is honey. Although this is a fairly high-calorie product, it is completely absorbed by the body and does not affect your figure. Plus, it has healing properties. But you can use it no more than two tablespoons per day. Honey is contraindicated every day for children. Since it can cause allergies.

Also one of the available delicacies, which do not harm the figure, is a favorite jam. Despite the long-term heat treatment during its preparation, it retains a sufficient amount of nutrients and fiber. The latter is so useful for the digestive system. Especially jam is much more useful than different purchased sweets. Try to use the jam, which they themselves have prepared, as the ones that you buy in the store may contain many different stabilizers and dyes. And so that the jam has not lost its beneficial substances, simply grind the berries with sugars and put them in the fridge.

Other sweets with PP

Of course, marmalade is also suitable, which, as we have already found out, contains many useful substances. It is made on the basis of molasses, which has a good effect on the stomach. It is advisable to eat marmalade, which is made from apples, currants, plums, apricots. On the day you can eat no more than 30 g of marmalade.

Also, dark chocolate, which stabilizes blood pressure, can be consumed daily, but not more than 40 grams.

Let's return to dried fruits, which are the most useful sweets. They contain a large amount of fiber. It improves the digestive processes. Dried fruits are suitable for a snack between the main meals. They satisfy hunger no worse than a hamburger. But the calories while your body gets a minimum. But it is worth remembering that consuming them in large quantities is also undesirable, as this can harm your stomach. Enough to eat only five berries of prunes, dried apricots or figs per day.

You can make a very healthy delicacy of the above products. It is enough to take a couple of tablespoons of walnuts, add one teaspoon of raisins, dried apricots to them and mix it all with two tablespoons of honey. The resulting mixture should be stored in the refrigerator.

What sweets can you eat while losing weight? Reviews will give

When dieting, remember what you started to starve yourself with hunger strikes. If you adhere to proper nutrition and not to use harmful products, then you will succeed.

Many women who tried the system of proper nutrition with the use of permitted sweets, were very pleased with the result. They were able to quench their thirst and received a large amount of nutrients. Many began to notice that their well-being has improved significantly.


Now you know what sweets can be for weight loss, you can make a list of them yourself by reading the article in detail. We hope that our recommendations will help you, and you will be able to pamper yourself with your favorite delicacy. Good luck in losing weight!