Parents are well aware of the dilemma when, on the one hand, I want to allow the child to play in the sandbox and its contents is a concern. Outdoor cats and dogs often use it as a toilet, in the evenings the fun of casting into the sand butts and smash glass bottles. As a result, this game is fraught with many troubles, including health problems. Today, however, there is an alternative. Buy home sandbox in which the child will love to spend hours messing around after active games in the yard!Which receives input of sand space for children?

And what about cleanliness in the house

Indeed, one has only to imagine the sand on the carpets, on the floor, across the room, as the desire to implement this plan immediately disappears. However, there is a solution. You only need to ask what the reviews say. Space sand, who recently appeared on the Russian market, made it possible to place a sandbox to play in any room. This may be a children's Playground or in the entertainment center, kindergarten.

Parents love this material because it allows them to develop motor skills and to spend many pleasant moments, moulding figures out of plastic material. Our goal today is to tell you about the characteristics of this material, as well as lead numerous parent testimonials. Space sand is easy, safe and very attractive for a child.

A lot of names, but the essence is

Sometimes it is difficult to understand what was going on when I read the reviews. Space sand, live biomass, kinetic sand – all names of one and the same material for children's creativity. It is a novelty, which instantly won the hearts of parents and children. Kinetic sand is 98% of the conventional quartz sand washed and calcined securely. Only 2% of the silicone polymer allows the mass to become plastic and to absolutely other qualities. This polymer is widely used in the food industry. The result is extremely pleasant to the touch substance, reminiscent of wet river sand, which is so good to taste for oysters on the beach. However, the mass remains quite dry.

Very pleased that kinetic sand does not stain hands and any surface after it is completely clean. This is underlined by the numerous reviews. Space sand, spilled on the floor, doesn't break into separate particles, but retains a compact mass, which can easily be collected and reused. Even if the sand will be spilled on a carpet with long pile, it will not be difficult to collect with a vacuum cleaner.

Full security

There is another important point which says to use kinetic sand (space sand). Feedback from parents numerous quote from the official report that the material is completely harmless, it does not cause allergies, and even if you have a sickly child, not able to affect the state of the baby. For the squeamish and tidy parents will be a significant advantage the fact that the rules of sanitation when this game is fully observed, in contrast to a visit to the street outside.

Please note for another time. If you want to find the perfect material for creativity, which does not breed bacteria, then choose the cosmic sand for children. The specialists underline that even if the baby eats a bit of live sand, nothing bad will happen. But of course, nothing useful for the organism it does not contain, so, better to spend time in the sandbox with the baby. The sand is colored, but odorless, and even for babies prone to allergic reactions, is safe. Thus, you can exploit it month after month, year after year, it will not change its properties.

A huge benefit

This is a simple way to captivate your baby for hours. While mom doesn't have to sit at this time in the yard. Move the sandbox to the kitchen, invite your neighbor and her child and take care of business, while the boys play quietly. Developmental and therapeutic benefits of live sand is huge. The kid in the course of the game fulfills the emotions accumulated over the day, with both positive and negative. Many people say that the baby becomes much quieter, and even easier to sleep when in the house there is space sand. Feedback from parents confirmed that the child, who had reached for the computer and cell phone, he forgets about these modern devices.

Surprisingly, parents too often cannot resist the magnetism of the plastic mass and are willing to spend next to your child a lot of time going through pleasant, airy and flowing between my toes the sand. Needless to say that the benefits of this pastime is enormous. Calm mother, calm child between them is maintained active contact, what else is needed for happiness.

Age limit

Buying a home can sandbox when the child turns one year old. Before the baby is trying to tooth and you will have to constantly monitor his game. At the age of three children are already quite independent can spend time in your home sandbox. Don't forget that in order to have the game more interesting, children need the appropriate equipment. It's blades and shovels, buckets and a variety of molds for molding. With such Arsenal it will never be boring. In addition, you can add a sandbox Arsenal themed characters who will live in sand castles. This will make the game even more entertaining.

Not only the game, but the development of

That can give the modern child's space plastic sand? The opinions of teachers and psychologists lead to the conclusion that it is the excellent material to develop fine motor skills. This is a very important point that you need to pay attention. The more a child twisting in the hands of toys, sculpts and paints, the more stimulated the brain centers responsible for speech and imagination. The development of tactile perception is an important component of personality. It is through feeling the child first acquainted with various objects and phenomena, and in the process formed the cognitive processes. How well worked out this time will depend on the child's speech, his ability to logical reasoning, as well as fantasy and imagination. What could be more fun than playing with a fluid body weight, which then becomes a certain figure, then suddenly changes and disappears.

The use of kinetic sand for correction purposes

Today, many centers where speech therapists and psychologists work with young children, equipped with plastic sandboxes with filler like space sand classic. The reviews emphasize that this is the key to a child's soul. Sometimes the child can not Express their anxieties and fears in words or a picture, but here it is not required to invent anything. After a few study sessions so the kid enjoys playing with a lively and flowing material that begins to build in the sand your world where life his feelings.

An experienced teacher can lead the game in such a way that expressed the emotions worked and lived their gaming life and left the mind of the child. So is psychotherapy increased aggressiveness, hyperactivity and anxiety.

Be careful

To date, kinetic sand is a very popular product, and hence there are more fakes. Not worth it to risk your health and gain mass, of dubious origin. The ideal solution would be space sand Magic world. Reviews indicate that this Russian manufacturer managed to win the trust and love of consumers. It is distinguished by certification according to ISO 2000 and also affordable price. For 1 kg you will have to pay 600 rubles. There are packs of 0.5, 1, 2, 3 and 6 kg. At first glance, expensive, but when you consider that the material can be used for years, it is quite tolerant. Parents say that the first time you can buy 1 kg. as the child grows and expansion of the flight of his imagination can be purchased.

How to play

Space sand does not lose its qualities for three years. If it is too fluid, then it should just slightly dry, so it often happens that when removed from the packaging. Start with simple games is making mud pies. She likes everyone – children and adults. From the living sand figures are flat and smooth, and perfectly keep the shape. Kids can offer to make the sand different prints. Give it a shot, the ball and the cube, and let him see the difference.

A very interesting exercise would be to leave prints. You can use your finger, palm or foot. Exciting and fun, and most importantly, useful. Molds can cut different figures, and also cutting them with a special knife. And older children, using natural materials and themed toys, can create in the sand the whole world.