Communication is a very subtle moment that helps to establish relationships between people. And not all of them are given easily and simply. Usually guys are embarrassed to talk to girls, and vice versa. So today we will try to understand what questions can be asked when meeting and communicating. This will help you not to get confused, but also to support the conversation. Only have to follow some rules, which also need to be studied.

Starting a conversation

The most difficult thing in a dialogue is to start it right. After all, often many messages on the Internet and social networks simply remain unanswered. And then people can not fully communicate. What questions can you ask a girl you like? Let's try to figure this out.

What questions can you ask the girl?

Specific phrases for the beginning of the dialogue there. The thing is that you will have to be original and interesting in order to attract attention to yourself. And it can be difficult to do. Sometimes even very much. Look carefully at the interlocutor's profile and find out what she does. Next, ask her about the services provided, if she has stipulated. For example: "Hello. I'm looking, are you a photographer? How much does a photo session cost? ", Or:" Hello. Turputevki you sell? How much will it cost to fly to Egypt, you will not tell? ". There can still be a lot of options. Nevertheless, if you try to start a dialogue in this way, it will "get stuck". And then you should already talk about what questions can be asked to establish friendly relations. Now we will do it.

We establish contact

Let's say you could attract attention to yourself and now you need to continue the dialogue with the interlocutor. But what questions can you ask the girl in this case? First, study carefully its virtual profile, and then talk about this topic. After all, most of the information lies on the surface.

In addition, a person's virtual questionnaire sometimes can tell a person more about himself than he does. So, for example, some habits and habits, as well as interests, are visible in the form of inscriptions in the profile or photos on the page on the Internet. And this will help you maintain a dialogue.

Take some information about the hobby of the interlocutor and her hobbies. And then ask the girl about them. If you do not have such information, you can ask about it: "What do you do?", "What is your hobby?", "What do you do in your spare time?" And so on. Be ready to answer this question about yourself.

Also, if you already have common interests, then you do not need to think what questions to ask the interlocutor. Just talk to him on these topics. For example: "Oh, I see you like militants. And what is your favorite? "," Do you like computer games? " What has passed completely in recent times? ", Etc. This is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing - do not be afraid.

Originality for success

In truth, arrogance is the second happiness. So if you do not know what questions you can ask your interlocutor (for example, a girl), then it is worthwhile to show your imagination, and sometimes seem a bit insolent. This will shock the person you are conversing with. The main thing - do not overdo it. And give impudence in the form of a joke. This will help to defuse the situation, if the sense of humor in the interlocutor is not all right.

For example, you can ask for something like: "What will you give me on February 23?", Or: "I have a birthday soon. What do you want to give me? "This will at least draw attention to you. Also, try to jokingly ask: "Think, can not we live without each other?" Or something like that.

Also ask joking questions in time or just joke. But do not overdo it - you do not need to expose yourself as a laughingstock. If you are thinking, what questions you can ask a person by correspondence, then just try to show imagination. This will certainly help you maintain a dialogue. Sometimes, of course, you have to slightly embellish the situation. But try not to lie to the interlocutor. Disclosed lies will put you in an awkward position, and the girl you forever risk losing confidence. And this is not very good. Now that we have already sorted out a little, what questions one can ask a girl, it is worthwhile to think a little about the male half of the population. So.

Help to the ladies

Approaches to the lovely ladies on the Internet, we have already sorted out a little. But what about girls who want to meet someone? What questions can I ask the guy by correspondence? Yes, so as to maintain the conversation and interest him.

In general, a girl can ask the young man for absolutely everything the soul desires. Especially if she's cute. After all, guys spend a lot of time just considering the appearance of the interlocutor. Like - answer, do not like - ignore. So, before you start asking questions, it's worth worrying about your avatar.

She is all right? Then let's think about what questions you can ask the guy by correspondence. For example, look at his hobbies and ask about them. You can also offer to play some game: "Hello. Are you playing Counter-Strike? Let's drive the party? "," I look, you're also playing "Terra". On which server? Let's play together? ". This will draw the person's attention to the message, and show that you have common interests.

In general, girls usually do not need to think about which questions can be asked by correspondence. Sometimes, in order to get to know, there is a trivial "Let's get acquainted?". But the guys over this topic will have to break his head. Let's try to help them and advise a few more original and non-standard options.

Originality and creativity

Sometimes you just have to shock your interlocutor with an unexpected question. It can be anything. Nevertheless, the girls will have to be very careful. What questions can we ask besides those we have already learned? For example, show your creativity and stun a lady with something non-standard.

Suitable here is something from the category: "Did you study at school?", "Do you like dancing? What dance is the most beloved? "," How do you assess your inadequacy on a scale of up to 10? "," Do you like to have a bite? What's your favorite dish? "And so on. The main thing is that these are not "cheap rolls", but funny and interesting questions. Show originality. That's what will help you.

Behavior rules

In principle, we already know what questions can be asked by the interlocutor by correspondence on the Internet. In fact, there are some rules, observing which, you will be able to maintain a dialogue for a long time.

The first is not to make a fool of yourself. To show a sense of humor is one thing, but to show oneself as a jester is quite another. Plus, all the jokes should be in place.

Next, do not touch the topic of the former relationship until the person starts talking about it. Sometimes this topic can bring a lot of negative emotions that will "pour out" on you. Also, do not talk about intimate topics.

Maintain literacy and watch your speech. Now spelling mistakes can lead a person out of himself. As a consequence, he just stops responding to you.

You do not need to apply pattern phrases. This includes "How are you?", "What are you doing?", "Hello, get acquainted?" (For guys) and so on. In general, everything, than "get" users. Observe these rules - and the dialogue is always "tied up".