In men, there is an erroneous opinion that it is necessary to resort to the use of lubricants or intimate lubricants only when the girl does not have enough natural secretions that ensure smooth gliding during sexual intercourse. In fact, it is not.


In order to understand which intimate lubricant is better and when it should be used, the following cases should be considered:

  • Often, girls use a lubricant together with various sex toys. This is done so that they smoothly enter, do not rub and do not cause discomfort. When using a vibrator, intimate lubrication provides a smoother glide, which means that with a lack of natural lubricant, the woman will not feel pain or irritation.
  • Many use a lubricant, as it reduces friction, and thus contributes to the strength of the condom. When using a spermicide lubricant, if the condom breaks or flies, the risk of getting pregnant will decrease by 60%.Which intimate lubricant is better: silicone or water?
  • Those who like to have sex under water, in a bath or shower, and at the same time experience discomfort due to the fact that women's natural lubricant is easily washed off with water. Interested in which intimate lubricant is better for intercourse under water? Experts say that silicone, due to its composition and high viscosity, it is not washed off and provides a smooth glide.
  • If sexual intercourse lasts more than an hour, natural lubrication may not be enough, so experts recommend using a water-based lubricant.
  • Those who decide to experience the beauty of anal sex for the first time need lubrication, without it there is a high risk of microcracks and hematomas.
  • Which intimate lubricant is better suited for oral sex? Definitely water, as its base is safer than silicone. Today, the sex industry can impress not only with the smell, but also with the taste of a lubricant, for example, you can buy a lubricant with strawberry, raspberry, banana, orange, rose, blackberry, watermelon and even menthol.

Which intimate lubricant is better: silicone or water

When choosing an intimate gel lubricant, first of all, you should pay attention to what it is made of and what it is intended for, as the composition of the lubricant affects the scope.

Water-based lubricants are considered the most inexpensive, popular and safe in the sex-goods market.

Many manufacturers of condoms and dildos recommend it as a by-product is a water-based lubricant. The only disadvantage of this product is that it is not suitable for sex in water, as it is quickly washed off.

Those who dream of the most smooth glide at the time of merging with a partner, suitable lubricant based on silicone. Due to its durability, it is great for anal sex and combined with durable glass sex toys.

Experts say that silicone-based lubricants are not desirable for use with silicone and latex toys, because, reacting, these materials are destroyed, become sticky and viscous.

Oil and water-silicone lubricants

Which intimate lubricant is better: on an oil or water-silicone basis, depends on what it will be used for.

The first option is perfect for classic sexual intercourse.

The second - for anal sex or masturbation. Oil lubricants are not used with a condom, as oils destroy latex. Also, allergists claim that oil-based lubricants are not suitable for the female vagina, as they can cause burns or allergies.

What kind of intimate lubricant is better after delivery?

Many women are faced with the fact that after the birth of the child changes the usual sexual life. There are pain, dryness, burning, small wounds. All this is due to lack of natural lubrication. If the medical condition is normal and the woman’s health is in perfect order, the doctors recommend using an intimate water-based gel lubricant.

The most effective in this case is considered to be Contex Wave. This is due to the fact that it contains panthenol - provitamin B5, which moisturizes and softens the mucous membrane, and also promotes the healing of small cracks and wounds.

Unusual intimate lubricants

The main purpose of the lubricant is to make sex comfortable and painless. Therefore, the addition of all sorts of dyes, flavors, drugs for protection against STDs and pregnancy is often just a marketing ploy.

  • Lubricants with a stimulating effect. Substances in the composition of the lubricant at the time of application to the skin increase blood circulation. Unlike such lubricants, there are special creams, which, according to experts, are more effective and guarantee the achievement of orgasm by both partners.
  • Gel-lubricant with a healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Before buying such lubricants, you must make sure that they are safe and do not cause allergies. To do this, a small amount of gel can be applied to the wrist and do not wash off for forty minutes.

Which intimate lubricant is better: “Durex” or “Contex”? Choosing a hypoallergenic lubricant, you should pay attention to these manufacturers, since, according to the survey and clinical trials, the risk of allergies among them is 58 and 62 percent less than that of other manufacturers, especially Indian and Chinese lubricants.

Intimate lubricants with cooling and warming effect

Warming gel lubricants are suitable for those who dream of burning passion.

These lubricants are intended for the most comfortable sex in natural conditions. Due to the warming effect, the lubricant makes the genitals more sensitive, thereby increasing pleasure and bringing maximum enjoyment from the process.

There is a lubricant with a cooling or prolonging intercourse effect. This type of lubricant is a real salvation for those who want to extend the minutes of pleasure from intimacy with a partner. Cooling gel lubricants are absolutely safe and non-toxic. A great option for men who want to give true enjoyment to their second half.

Which gel lubricant is better - cooling or warming, depends on what effect the partners want to achieve: prolong sexual intercourse or diversify it with truly hot and passionate moments.