It’s great to be healthy, but it’s not a secret that in the pace of modern life a person sometimes forgets to take care of his health, suffering a lot of things that are simple and sometimes difficult to get sick on his feet, because there is no time to rest and recover. And in vain.

Indeed, in the conditions of modern ecology and stressful situations, which are increasingly common among residents of megalopolises, our health is subjected to even greater stress and sooner or later it may not withstand.

It's great to be healthy: food, exercise and recommendations

How cool to be healthy! This will tell you anyone who was able to recover after a long treatment. But how to initially prevent the worsening of their condition? Let's answer the question "How to be a healthy person and what you need to do to do this?".

The very first point that absolutely everyone should pay attention to is rest.

Already starting from the senior classes, the future student gets acquainted with large loads, sleepless nights, and sometimes chronic fatigue. How to be a healthy child? Regular training, mental workload at school and at home, stress associated with studies and future enrollment is familiar to almost every high school student. What to say about students and people, sometimes working at the same job.

Yes, in modern conditions it is difficult to achieve anything without regular and hard work. But stop. In pursuit of the designated tops, you can lose your most important treasure - health.

The least that can happen to a permanently working person is lack of sleep. The worst option is severe mental problems, including serious depressions, from which it will be extremely difficult to get out on your own.

A few tips on vacation

To prevent the occurrence of such terrible situations, pay attention to the following tips on how to be healthy:

  1. Take time for walks. Let it be at least 15 minutes a day, but they will definitely be included in your daily routine. Ideally, you should spend on the street from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. But since it may simply not be enough time for such a long stay on the street, try to give it at least the minimum threshold - 15 minutes.
  2. Take a break in work. If you are an office employee and your work is mostly sedentary, try to take a short break of 5-10 minutes every hour. At this time, it is enough to walk around the office or do simple exercises that will help stretch the body and normalize blood flow, which is extremely important for health and heart. Moreover, such a break will help the eyes and the brain to relax - try to get distracted by something pleasant or just look out the window for a short time.
  3. Be sure to arrange a weekend. Under labor law, every worker has the right to a well-deserved weekly rest. But for those who have more than one job or have a family and a house, for which constant care is needed, there is almost no weekend. Undoubtedly, all these things are important in human life. But don't forget how healthy it is to be healthy. After all, if you get sick, your family or second job will suffer from this even more than if you had devoted one day a week to a peaceful rest. For example, it may be your hobby, reading books, watching movies, and maybe family trips somewhere. Give your body a rest - this is very important.

These are simple and understandable rules can be identified for those who want to be healthy. But that's not all.

Proper nutrition

Without proper nutrition is inconceivable healthy body. Even if you give enough time to rest, you may feel that you cannot rest. There is constant fatigue, drowsiness, irritability. All these problems are directly related to your diet.

Pay attention to your diet. It is likely that during the working day the only food is fast food, or rather ordinary sandwiches, tea, coffee, cookies and other products that help to quickly satisfy hunger.

However, such a food can not be called useful. Every day, for weeks and months, you load your stomach (sometimes dry) with food that is not so easy to digest while being in a stuffy office and sitting position. And when it is possible to eat only once a day, it is even worse.

How to fix your diet?

And what do we do at the end of the day? That's right, come home and eat everything that just gets in your eyes, giving the stomach such a load that oh-she-she. Especially this problem touches the female body. After all, girls always strive for beauty and the absence of excess weight, and with such nutrition to achieve the perfect figure is almost impossible. So how to eat and be healthy?

Change the diet

Forget about fast food. Yes, it is fast and convenient, but there are plenty of other options for a quick snack. For example, a couple of hours after breakfast, you can satisfy your hunger with an apple, and for lunch you can make a salad of vegetables and chicken, which easily fits into a small container and is eaten as quickly as a usual sandwich.

Avoid junk food, especially in the evenings. To junk food can be attributed fried in butter. Excessive consumption of flour and sweet, as well as an excess of coffee and tea have a negative effect on health. Try slowly but surely to switch to more useful products.

Do not forget about taking complex vitamins. Of course, it is much better if you fill in the lack of vitamins from natural products and fruits, but sometimes this may not be enough. Therefore, it is necessary to contact a specialist who will prescribe a complex of vitamins suitable for you.


To learn all the secrets of how to be healthy and beautiful, teach yourself to eat at the same time. At first it may seem impossible, but in fact everything is much simpler. What is it for? We need to “correct” a metabolism that was previously disturbed by malnutrition. Taking food at the same time every day, the body will get used to excrete gastric juice at the right moment, and the digestion process is normalized;

Try not to eat before bedtime for 2-3 hours. If you are not accustomed to such nutrition, then before going to bed you can drink a glass of kefir, thanks to which the bowels work better.

How to be healthy always? Do not forget about regular physical exercise. It is not necessary to go to the gym, it is enough to do regular exercises in the morning or to stretch the muscles in the evening when they need it.

These simple tips will remind you how great it is to be healthy! At first, it may be unusual and inconvenient to comply with them. But do not forget that the only way you can help your health.

Lifestyle and thinking

But, unfortunately, no advice will be effective until the end, if a person does not know how to think positively. Unfortunately, this problem is capturing more and more people.

How to solve the problems yourself?

The first step towards health should be a reassessment of values. There are too many things in our life for which a person spends a lot of time and nerves. Sometimes these things are not worth it at all.

Try to look at your problems in a new way, because there are no unsolvable problems other than death. And we must always remember this. Problems at work will end sooner or later, personal life will improve, things will gradually go uphill and the black stripe will change to white.

Look at your life from a different angle, because there are so many good moments. Maybe there is a person in your life who will always support you, but you have ceased to appreciate it. Or do you have a good pet who is faithfully and faithfully waiting for you after work. Think about what makes your life better, and pay attention to these moments. It is known that the bad is remembered better. So try to overcome this system.

But, alas, it is not always possible to cope with the problem yourself. What to do in this case?

Appeal to a specialist

Once in our country it is not customary to go often to psychologists and doctors in this field. But this is a gross misstep. After all, these people know the abilities of human consciousness as well as possible. And in moments when you can not cope with yourself, it is time to see a specialist.

Do not be afraid to trust your fears and problems to doctors - these are people whose first rule is: “Do no harm”.

To summarize, it can be said that being healthy is not easy. To do this, you need to make a lot of effort, but believe me, only by fulfilling these rules you will fully learn how great it is to be healthy!