Regular income in the form of wages allows to count on a certain standard of living with the full freedom of planning your budget. Maternity leave deprives women of financial independence. Daily chores and child care are not allowed to go on work schedule for a full day, so moms think about how to earn on maternity leave at home.

A couple of sentences about their everyday, or Why mommy work?

Family budget, which consisted formerly of two sources of income reduced. But having a baby requires a lot of expenses. All the financial problems fall on daddy's shoulders. Naturally, in such a situation, you start a tough economy, a victim of the restrictions often becomes a woman (she doesn't need to go to work, so I don't have to spend money to visit salons and care for themselves, can not buy clothes, cosmetics and shoes, etc.).

Women are concerned about how to earn sitting in the decree, not only in connection with the lack of Finance. A new way of generating income is an opportunity for self-development, enrichment of their knowledge, gaining additional qualifications, disclosure of creative potential. Samorealizatsii a mom with lots of work and no time to suffer from postpartum depression, lack of attention or communication.

Home business. How to make money in the decree?

The organization of home-based business may be the answer to the question about earnings. How to start your own business? First, you need to perform, what knowledge and skills do you have: Hobbies, sports, grooming, foreign languages, availability of land or real estate. Having defined the field, it is desirable to conduct a study of the profitability of the required investments, development opportunities, and to develop a business plan.

Many women, having more freedom to develop creative thinking in the period of leave to care for the baby, become organizers or the inspiration for the family business. The more that work from 9:00 to 18:00 and part time job in the evening does not suit many dad, they also want to spend more time at home, even if you have to not only relax together, but also work. Most importantly – in the family circle, in the same command. Men enthusiastically connected to the creation and maintenance of a common cause.

Ideas for earnings

In the mind of women often turns one and the same idea: "Sit in the decree. How to make money?" In fact, solutions to the problem set. The choice depends on the preferences of each woman. Fresh creative impulses can come true, if you put all your effort and to follow the plans.

Fitness or Yoga

If a woman is engaged in fitness or yoga before pregnancy and birth, these classes will be a great kind of earnings at home. You can gather a group of moms and training. Sometimes the living area allows you to organize a noisy class, then yoga fits. This option brings a triple benefit: a good body, calm the nervous system and a small part time job.

Making jewelery handmade

The needlework or fashion jewelry can also be used for good. Acceptable two directions: selling handmade goods and the organization of a kind mug. Workshops for the production of earrings made of polymer clay or bead embroidery will be a huge success among children and adults.

You have a country home with land? Note the floral business. Growing indoor plants or seedlings for sale is a good summer job for those women who are curious about how you can earn in the decree. A small investment in a greenhouse will give you the ability to profit throughout the year.

Every woman takes care of herself, but I do not think that these skills can be useful for earnings. Courses manicure, makeup or massage will make you a professional with the provision of the certificate of the international class for further work in the beauty industry.

Nail extensions, shellac, massage with honey are popular procedures that are quite expensive in salons. All of them can be performed at home, as they do not require special equipment or expensive hardware. And if you give people a discount, they will become the first customers of the novice entrepreneur.

Confectioner at home

Various celebrations are unthinkable without sweets. Usually, people buy cakes and pastries. Store-bought pastry look, of course, gorgeous, but the quality of the product often leaves much to be desired. Often consumers think that home-made cakes and tastier, and healthier, because it is not added all sorts of preservatives, dyes and stabilizers. Cake – a great alternative to regular dessert. And if you call for help imagination and bake a sweet miracle in the form of a favorite cartoon character, joy, little birthday boy is not the limit! Mom, who cooks delicious sweets can significantly improve their financial situation. All it takes is a little creative imagination to decorate the product. However, there is a caveat. Baking takes a lot of time. You may have to ask grandparents or other relatives to help you a bit and sit with the baby for a few hours.

How to earn Mom in a decree with the help of the Internet?

The Internet provides huge opportunities for earnings. Freelancers are no longer experiencing difficulties in finding clients, projects or orders. They sell their goods and services on stock exchanges or special sites for remote employees. In the Internet business are valued the same qualities as the actual jobs. You must be responsible, punctual and disciplined. Working professionals are paid higher beginners first work to gain experience and reputation.

Maternity leave is difficult to organize work schedule, a child dictates your daily routine. Therefore, the role of the Pope becomes particularly important. He can spend a few hours a day with the baby and allow the mother to develop in their chosen field of activity. Perhaps the first job will not bring the desired profit, so as to make the decree obtained not from the first days, but eventually your time and effort will be rewarded.

Earnings on stock exchanges of articles

Quality and unique articles on sites attract more visitors, and effective promotional copy to increase the sale of products in online stores. Copywriters to draw people in with intriguing headlines force you to read the article to the end, encourage them to make purchases right here, right now.

Copywriting is a suitable option for an educated, erudite and curious moms on maternity leave. Writing can turn from temporary occupation to a permanent job if to pay due attention to training and improvement of knowledge and skills. Work from home copywriter can save you time and energy that would be spent on fees and way to the office. Therefore, many women stop your choice on this profession.

Earnings with knowledge of the language

Owning a foreign at a good level is a promising way to earn money. Employees with knowledge of English, German, Chinese and other popular languages ​​can work in many areas.

If there is special education, you can try yourself as a tutor. Private lessons in a foreign language are always in demand. It is possible to organize courses, to engage with those wishing to home, on-site student or even “Skype”. The latter option is becoming increasingly popular among students and office workers. Online classes save time of teacher and learner and the results of these lessons do not differ from real encounters. All that is required is a computer with installed Skype, good Internet connection, headphones and materials for lessons.

Translators with experience and knowledge of highly specialized vocabulary are not always graduates of philological faculties. On the contrary – to work with medical and technical terminology it's preferable to have skills in these areas plus a good knowledge of the language, not linguistic education without special database on the subject. On foreign exchanges translators higher paying job than in the domestic agencies, although the requirements are substantially higher.

On exchanges articles freelancers fill profiles, offering their services in writing texts and translation. Philological education is an added plus. You can get regular orders for rewriting articles with English-language resources or to transfer.

You can also get a translator in a marriage Agency. This kind of service does not require knowledge of the language at the highest level. For correspondence requires creative thinking and middle English. What do the translators in marriage agencies? They are online correspondence between foreigners and Russian girls. Schedule a free, for the proposed daytime and night-time, so moms don't have to wrestle with how to make money in the decree with the small child.

Own website

Your website you can create your own from scratch, but you can order from experienced developers. For such projects there are paid and free hosting. If you do create the portal themselves, investment will be small. To start, you first need to define the main idea, content, topics. It is better to choose the subjects from the sphere that is close to you.

To understand how to make money in the decree on its website, you will need to understand many terms and concepts. Promotion and monetization of the resource will take time, you may have to work without financial return. The main profit to the owners of the sites get from advertising, and this should attract more visitors. Many use your Internet project for the promotion of their own product: paid training videos, books, workshops, services and products.

Online Trading

No one site on the Internet is not complete without advertising brokers, dealing centers, trading on the Forex and binary options. The ads offer to open the account and earn 100% per month. Why not take mom on maternity leave trading? Moreover, the ads promise a profit in a few minutes. But, like any business, Internet trading is a serious activity. According to statistics, more than 95% of beginners lose their deposits. Ads distort the concept of trading, making it a game of chance, and not an option how to make money.

The woman in the decree it is possible to trade on the exchange, but it is better to start with a real account opening and reading of literature. The courses or the mentor will not be superfluous, but the most important thing in this profession is discipline. Many traders leave their money for psychological reasons, not because of lack of knowledge. Greed, excitement, fear, uncertainty, encourage speculators to the implementation of ill-considered transactions resulting in large losses.

We forget that in order to get an education and become a specialist in some area, we learn about five years at the University, and even then not become a professional – I need more practice and experience. Why do many believe that after reading one book on stock trading and learning on a two-week course you can start to earn thousands of dollars a day?

Earning and scam

In the decree it is possible not only to get rich, but to fall into the trap of fraudsters. Earn money online or at home becomes profitable for some of the classes in a headache. On sites with job Postings one does not require work book, there is no HR Department, so you must be vigilant when choosing the right job. Mom needs to think not only about how to make money in the decree, but also about possible scams.

To ensure that the proposed project will be paid, it is advisable to read the reviews about employers. In any case you cannot send from wallets and card accounts your money for the estimated future costs to forward something or learning something. One should not leave personal information, codes, passwords and Bank cards. Alarming claims about the SMS confirmations. A more reliable option – job search on the major portals with good reputation where you don't need the initial contributions.

Before you begin to perform tasks, make sure that the effort will be rewarded properly. For example, earnings per click is time-consuming, and the profit is minimal. In some cases early in his career, the pay is not very high, but there are prospects for the future – the more experience, the higher the salary. Not to feel deceived, you need to learn as much information as possible about your future occupation.

Harmonious mother on maternity leave

Head of a young mother must not be occupied only with thoughts about what she urgently needs a part time job in the evenings and searching for suitable ideas. Main duties are child care, attention, guardianship. Shouldn't load itself because small children most in need of maternal warmth and affection. Classes in the decree should be directed to inspire women and promote self-development.