Bruises under the eyes are of different origins. For example, some were formed on the face because of the physiological characteristics of a person. They can also appear from fatigue or from illness. There are those that are formed due to mechanical impact. Bruises of different origins are masked in completely different ways. Since the nature of their manifestation is different. Some bruises are more pronounced, others - less. Those that appear with the help of mechanical action, it is necessary, before toning, cover with various ointments. These funds will remove swelling.

If you have such a problem, you need to know how to cover the bruises under your eyes.

The tone of the face. Choosing cosmetics

Always take into account the tone of your face. Accordingly, proceeding from this, choose the palette of necessary cosmetics. And what colors should I cover with bruises under my eyes?

Determine the correct tone of the face is very important. Otherwise, you can only emphasize the shortcomings.

How to cover the bruises under the eyes at home: recommendations and methods

If you suffer from frequent bruises under your eyes, then your cosmetic bag should always have an arsenal of toning funds. In addition, there must be a tonal base, powder, blush and much more.

If the skin of your face is pale, then it is better to use a pinkish shade. This will give the person a fresh and healthy appearance. For swarthy peach will perfectly suit.

Corrector colors

Also, every girl should know that the yellow shade is very suitable for adjusting the color of the skin. It should be applied only over the tonal basis.

Violet shade will help to hide obvious flaws on the skin. If on the face there are inflamed red areas, then you will be able to cope with this with a corrector with a green tint.

It is also important to use high-quality tonal remedies that will not only disguise flaws, but will also be beneficial to your skin. Do not forget that every woman has her own characteristics and, choosing any foundation or powder, you need to take them into account.

First, let's figure out what types of skin are:

- Oily skin. On the face there are surpluses of excretions. They constantly shine. On such skin more often than in other types, acne, acne or other inflammation. Also characteristic feature of this species are the extended black dots in the T-zone, they are also called comedones.

- Dry skin is characterized by roughness and stiffness. This type is typical for older women.

- The most common is the mixed type. That is, the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose, nasal sinuses and chin) is more oily, the remaining areas (cheeks, cheekbones) are dry.

Oily skin. What cosmetics will suit?

For oily skin, it is best to use liquid tonal remedies. Since their composition includes fewer ingredients that lead to fat. In such tonal funds, more particles from the powder. Well, if the composition will include extract from the root of licorice or quince seeds. Liquid tonal agents are applied to the skin in a thin layer. Thanks to them, the tone is slightly leveled and becomes more opaque, without giving out a greasy shine.

If the skin has any inflammation or just irritations, it is best to use just powder. It differs from previous means in that it is applied to the skin in a thicker layer. And it helps to hide unevenness on the skin. Due to its structure, the powder does not accumulate near the pores.

She, on the contrary, covers them, making them lighter. And if you choose powder, then keep in mind that it is desirable that its composition included various kinds of antibacterial agents. They will also remove inflammation on the skin. When applying powder, remember that you need to do this with a special pillow or sponge. Before it, it would be nice to get a little wet. Then the powder will lie more evenly.

Dry, mature and normal skin. What tools to use for camouflage?

But for dry skin, on the contrary, more fat means will do. The best tonal creams that can moisturize. Often the composition of such products include vitamins A and E. They moisturize and make the skin more elastic. Due to its dense structure, foundation creams cover the surface well and completely hide all its shortcomings. The agent is applied by a special, preferably disposable, sponge. You can also rub with your fingers.

For mature skin, a liquid foundation is perfect. It will fill fine wrinkles well and level the surface.

For normal it will be enough to use a light foundation. And if the skin color suits you, you can simply apply blush.

How to choose a tonal basis, we have already figured out, now we will figure out what colors to cover up the bruises under the eyes.

Before you decide on the color, we will describe what these means are. It can be a foundation, a corrector or concealer. When choosing the color of the product under the eyes, remember that it should be lighter than your tonal base, which you put on your face.

And how to cover the bruises under the eyes concealer? This remedy, as well as the tonal basis, must be chosen based on the skin under the eyes. If it is very thin, then it is best to purchase a liquid concealer. He will not have to shade.

The concealer, unlike the tonal base, can be of different shades. Therefore, before you choose it, just determine the color of the bruises under the eyes. Since the tone to be masked must be exactly the opposite. That is, if the shade of bruises is violet, then the perfect concealer will work fine. If the circles under the eyes have a greenish color, then it is best to use pink. For bluish circles, a light yellow color is suitable.

In order not to make a mistake and decide what color to cover the bruises under the eyes concealer, consult a consultant in the store. It will show the palette of shades and help determine the choice.

How to cover the bruises under the eyes? Hide them correctly!

With the color determined. Now we need to understand how to properly cover the bruises under the eyes.

It is very important to be able to apply the tonal basis correctly. This rule refers to the means that you will use under the eyes. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired result. As a result, the product will lie unevenly, or it will roll down in the corners, or even spread out.

So how to cover the bruises under the eyes? Before applying any cosmetic product, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin. This can be a facial foam, a gel or any flushing agent.

Now you can apply a light foundation on the skin. Thanks to her tonal drugs will lie evenly. Once the substrate has been absorbed, you can proceed to apply tonal remedies. Under the eyes with light circular movements apply the corrector, cream or concealer. Then, with fingers or a brush, gently shade all over the surface of the bruise. Apply a tonal basis under the eyes you need to gently. Then shade it all over your face. Do it also better with a brush or sponge.

Before applying the next layer of makeup, make sure that the previous one lies down evenly and is well absorbed.

After you use all the tonal tools, fix the effect with powder. It will give a matte shade and hide all the irregularities. That's how to cover the bruises under your eyes. After that, you can complete the image by applying shadows, carcasses, lipsticks.


Now you know how and what can be covered with bruises under the eyes. We hope that this information was useful to you.