Many people are interested in how to disguise the bruise under the eye, if even professional cosmetics do not help. In fact, you just need to get the knowledge that will help to cope with the problem. As is known, the resulting bruises and natural bruises can not be removed by the same methods. Such a problem, like disguising the bruise under the eye from a stroke, is the most common and difficult to solve. Having become acquainted with the basic principles of disguise provided in the article, the task will be greatly facilitated and the suffering from bruises will cease in a moment.How to mask a bruise under the eye from a blow: cosmetics, recommendations and features

Eye area care

Before you learn about how to mask a bruise under the eye, you need to consider the basic rules of caring for the eye area. Everyone needs this procedure in everyday life. When this problem appears, it will be much easier to solve it if the skin is well-groomed and healthy. Only 3 rules will provide a healthy appearance without the "panda effect":

  1. For 3-4 minutes a day should be applied to the centuries in advance prepared ice cubes, made on the basis of decoction of medicinal herbs.
  2. Regularly it is necessary to make moisturizing masks, which you can prepare yourself using fresh cucumbers, raw potatoes, grapefruit and strawberries.
  3. It is systematically recommended to do a massage, which improves blood circulation and lymph flow. To do this, you do not need special skills: with your fingertips you need to do accurate pattings, going from the outer to the inner corner in the outer eyelid, and then back to the top. In this case, when a bruise appears from the impact, it will not have to be masked for too long, since it will quickly pass by itself.

Actions with contusion

About how to mask the bruise under the eye from the impact, only a few know, since not everyone knows even the basic principles of makeup. In this regard, you will need to do everything necessary to reduce the likelihood of a bruise as much as possible. Of course, the stronger the impact, the brighter the trace will be after it, but immediately reacting, there is an opportunity to make it less pronounced.

In the first few seconds after the impact, it is necessary to apply something cold, so that the hemorrhage will stop a little, and the hematoma will become less noticeable. Keep the cold should be 15-25 minutes, depending on the strength of the injury.

After the bruise is fully formed, you can apply a warm compress, ensuring rapid resorption of the dried blood.

Choice of masking means

Before you disguise the bruise under the eye, you should choose the most suitable means to not become a holder of a severe allergy or other problems. In most cases, people use a normal foundation or powder. They, of course, perform their functions, but still are not suitable for making bruises under the eyes less visible. How to mask a problem with cosmetics is not an easy matter. In addition, if you can not smear a dark spot the first time, then the only thought comes to your mind - to impose an even larger layer, which is an erroneous decision. As a result of such actions, the person will look unnatural, turn into a mask, and a huge layer of foundation will accumulate in noticeable wrinkles.

The best tool is concealer, and how to properly mask the bruises under the eyes with it, is written below. It is designed specifically for use in the field of the eyelids, so it has the most dense structure and copes with the task of masking quickly and efficiently.


To guess what color to mask the bruises under the eyes is not so difficult, because it needs to be chosen clearly under the skin color.

Even if you do not do it yourself, the store's consultant will come to the rescue, where this product is sold, and will recommend the most appropriate tone, as well as the best producer. In the event that there is not a consultant nearby, you can choose the product yourself, following the following recommendations:

  • to test the concealer should be in daylight, to better see if it suits the tone of the skin;
  • check the masking properties can be by applying a small amount of funds on the vein (the back of the wrist);
  • concealers in the form of pencils should be avoided if there are wrinkles around the eyes;
  • bruises of purple and blue are masked better in yellow, brown - green, slightly greenish - in red.

The stages of disguise

Just one wrong move can spoil all the efforts of camouflage, so it's necessary to act step by step:

  1. Moisten the skin in the eyelid with a special cream.
  2. Apply the concealer smoothly with a thin layer, leaving the dark spot a little.
  3. If desired, you can fix the effect through a transparent powder in a small amount.

Makeup Masking

To mask the bruises under the eyes with the help of cosmetics, of course, you can. This will require a little more time, as it will use not only one concealer, but many other tools. In addition, it is also worth noting that all of the above methods are suitable for both women and men, but masking through make-up is unlikely to like this macho.

So, to make the dark spot around the eye less noticeable, you need to make the right make-up. Fundamental rules:

  1. Thick and long eyelashes of dark color can create an ideal contrast with the tone of the skin in the eye area, so bruises will find a lighter color.
  2. Eyebrows should be raised as high as possible (plucking) and if necessary, colored.
  3. The piping line should be as clear as possible in order to create a contrast and visually make the eyes bigger and brighter, with bruises fading.
  4. People who prefer bright colors in makeup can distract the attention of others from bruises with the help of colored eyeliner or shadows.

What to do for men

In terms of masking the dark spots around the eye, men are much easier. Strong floor can hide this problem in many ways, but the most popular of them are glasses and plaster.

Sunglasses - this is the most simple option, which will have to spend a little money, if the necessary points are not in your own collection of accessories. You should find the usual summer glasses as dark as possible and large enough to cover the bruise completely.

Another good way is plaster. On the face of a man, any bruise can be pasted with adhesive tape, which will look more brutal and dignified.