21 century, century of high technologies. Most of the technology has become wireless, including the phone. Today, people can communicate with each other on the phone while being in the most unpredictable places, now it does not have to be in the apartment and be "tied" to the same curly wire that everyone liked to wind on his finger during a conversation. And we are so accustomed to it so quickly that we can not imagine life without a mobile phone, but unfortunately, even in the age of high technologies mobile communication can be interrupted, for example, the account may simply run out of money. Of course, the problem is small, it's enough to just get to the nearest terminal and replenish your account, but what if there are not any nearby? It's enough just to find out how to borrow on Tele2 (if you use the services of this mobile operator).

It is only necessary to ask

Many cellular operators take great care of their customers, constantly improve the quality of communication, add new features and, if possible, try to make the service fee affordable for everyone. Thanks to this mobile phone users can become not only wealthy, wealthy people, but also those whose earnings are characterized as medium and below average. Relatively recently, the service became available to subscribers, such as "Borrow" on "Tele2" and in some other companies. It's a simple matter, it's enough just to send a request from your phone to provide the above service.

Most companies are not ready to give credit for calls and sms to the first person on the line. That is, if you became a subscriber just recently, then you still do not have a good reputation as a consumer of cellular communication services, which means that you do not yet have sufficient confidence. In order not to offend anyone, the operators prescribed a rule that states that before asking "how to borrow" (on "Tele2", MTS, "Beeline", etc.), from the moment of receiving and activating the SIM- the card must pass a certain time. Some companies have a so-called probationary period lasting a month, someone has two, and others will need to wait and do half a year. To be offended at such a system is not worth it, because the operators are not ready to give out money to all those who wish and work for themselves at a loss, for this purpose a probation period was invented.

To win the trust

As already mentioned, before you ask your cellular company to borrow money, you first need to win its trust and show the seriousness of your intentions, so that the operator understands that you will still return the money, and the balance of the account from the "minus" is guaranteed to turn into a "plus" . But different operators have different deadlines. If you are interested in how to borrow on "Tele2", then please note that you must be a subscriber of this operator for at least 120-180 days (about six months).

How to take a debt on "Tele2"

In order to qualify for a micro loan from "Tele2", the subscriber must actively use the services of the mobile operator from 120 to 180 days (the specific period depends on the region of residence). Another nuance - the account should be no more than 30 rubles. The loan is issued for three days, and after the loan expires (and it is better even before its expiration), the balance must be replenished for at least 53 rubles, where 50 rubles is the repayment of the debt, and three rubles - the commission for the service. It is very convenient that the "Promised Payment" service does not need to be connected in advance, so that it can be used. In the event of an unforeseen situation, simply dial USSD-command: * 122 * 1 #, "call", and in your account will receive funds of up to 30 rubles. To learn more about how to borrow money on "Tele2" and whether you can use the service at all (have you passed the trial period), dial the following combination on your phone: * 122 #, then the call button, and within a minute you will receive SMS- message with detailed instructions.

Minimum account balance

The balance on your account for obtaining "Promised payment" can be different, even a small "minus" is allowed. Whatever it was, there should be no more than 30 rubles on the balance sheet, but the debt should not exceed 10 rubles, otherwise "Promised payment" will not be given to you, and you will have to rely only on the nearest payment terminal.

When can you take a micro loan again?

Another pleasant surprise from "Tele2" is the opportunity to take credit for calls again after twenty-four hours after the old debt is repaid. The only thing you need to consider: between the repayment of the old debt and immersion in a new one - it is necessary to use the "Calls" service. That is, after you have repaid all your old debts, you must call someone, for which you will be charged money from your account, and only then you can ask for a new "Promised Payment". Such rules were introduced not so long ago, before the loan service could be used more often than once a week.

Yes, and the amount, it should be noted, increased slightly (almost twice), before all was granted 30 rubles each, and now the loan amount for some subscribers is raised to 50 rubles, but the terms are still the same: as was three days, so and remained.

Additional information on obtaining a loan

To get even more information about the "Promised Payment" service, you can not only send a request * 122 #, a "call" (sending a request is absolutely free), but also call 637 or 655, where you will be answered by an employee of Tele2, you can ask all the questions that interest you. And not only about the desired loan, but also on the provision of other services of this mobile operator. Although the "Promised Payment" from "Tele2" may not be as great as we would like, but thanks to him we can finish the call that was interrupted at the wrong time, send an important SMS message, even if there is no money at all, call a taxi, when they spoke with his girlfriend all his balance, and much more.

A bit about the "Promised payment" from "Tele2"