In the other worlds many believe. First, they are faced with in everyday life. Secondly, it's just interesting. And how to get the attention of local residents, get their support? Let's analyze how to evoke ghosts, and is it even possible?

How to call ghosts at home and on the street?

Who are ghosts?

It is impossible to study the methodology without having decided upon the concepts. Do you agree? Before we understand how to evoke ghosts, let's see who will wait. After all, opinions about essences exist different, formed not only by the relevant sources of information, but also by the own worldview of the experimenters. To make it clearer, we give an example. Those who love horror, believe that spirits are the souls of dead people. Religious people are sure that these are messengers of God or Hell. There are those who see in them angels or demons, ghosts or aliens. None of the versions should not be denied. Why argue, if you can not prove the truth? Especially the essence comes from the energy world, it is pointless to argue with this. And it has its own laws. What is happening there is not known for certain. It is possible that the energy of departed people and angels, ghosts and creatures from other worlds is mixed and generates something new. In principle, everything depends on the imagination and perception of the world, as was mentioned above. But if you want to understand exactly how to evoke ghosts, then concretize your intention. That is, decide who to contact.

How to evoke ghosts at home

Surely everyone knows that in past centuries, spiritualistic sessions have been popular. The event, I must say, is massive. Alone it is difficult to carry it out. However, people did not know how to evoke ghosts at home. So they sat at the table in silence, holding their fingers on a saucer and watching the arrow. Now everything is completely different. Each person has such questions, the answers to which he does not want to share even with relatives. People are interested in individual methods of working with otherworldly forces. Those, do not worry, there are. For example, you can use a pendulum. This is extremely simple, but effective. And it's not scary at all. You need to prepare a circle with letters and numbers. Take a sheet of paper. Draw an oval on it. And by its contour, randomly arrange letters and numbers. To the thread, not less than fifteen centimeters long, tie a ring without a stone or a regular nut. The pendulum is ready. Now we proceed directly to creating conditions conducive to creating a connection with that world. This is the second stage of the work.

Important preparatory activities

For those who really want to understand how to evoke ghosts, the more it is recommended to carefully read the following lines. After all, they are part of the success. Not for nothing that we started with an attempt to determine what is a ghost. After all, the essence should create comfortable conditions. And they are for each their own. For example, you want to contact the soul of a deceased relative. Then you need to find at home things he loved, or buy similar ones. Often in the course are photos of who they call. This is relevant if you want to communicate with the ghost of a famous person. It is also necessary to have his portrait and things corresponding to the era. And it is desirable to arrange a room in such a way that it does not frighten the essence. Indeed, you see, it is difficult to immediately accept a modern interior. He saw something different, other things, accompanied by other smells and sounds. Everything must be tried to reproduce as accurately as possible. And this means:

  • turn off TVs, computers, radio and so on;
  • to ventilate the room, getting rid of the fragrances of artificial origin;
  • light candles, so as not to frighten the essence with electric lighting;
  • place around the things customary for the deceased.

Describes the rules to be adhered to very strictly. Depends on the efficiency of the experiment. By the way, those, who can summon demons, create conditions close to what is in our mind is hell And the angels of nicer icons, bright colors, Church candles.

Main words

While we have not yet come up to how to evoke ghosts and ghosts. Real inhabitants of the other world can not be obtained without a special spell. Here it is: "With all the forces, terrestrial and heavenly, the stars now known, names that can not be called in vain, the love that only the mother gives to the child, I call a ghost into the world! Immediately appear! Dress in the shadow! Answer me. What I want, say! ". It is necessary to pronounce the spell seriously, with emphasis on each word, clearly not stumbling. It is desirable to learn it. Speak to the light. If the rite is performed indoors, then these are candles, while in the street they concentrate on the sun or the moon. It is important. It is the energy of light that is in this case the gateway of the transition portal.

Ritual with scissors

The ceremony is held in the company. You need at least two people. We need to prepare a scarlet ribbon and a spiritual book. It is clear that it must correspond to the ideology of the ghost. That is, the angelic essence does not come when a volume is used for black magic and vice versa. Scissors are placed between the pages. The volume itself is tightly bandaged with tape. Then the two participants should take the little fingers of their left hands behind the scissors' rings. Now you can cast a spell. After a while, ask: "Ghost, are you here?". If the book swings, you can ask questions. Moving the volume to the left is a positive answer. In the opposite direction - negative.

How to call ghosts on the street

Some magicians-experimenters believe that it is better not to call the essence into the house. They are right. At the call can not be attracted to the one whom they wanted to see. In the rooms then the leapfrog will go, the poltergeist will start or the housewoman will be offended. In nature, you can also talk with representatives of the other world. But this is more complicated.

Such a ritual began to develop. Light the bonfire. It should throw the seven logs from different trees. When blazed brightly, read the spell. Follow the smoke. He leaves from there. As will appear, start to ask. To answer the Ghost, of course, will be not in voice, and pictures in the flames. Here everything depends on imagination. Will be able to decrypt, obtain the valuable information. By the way, if you want to know how to summon ghosts in daylight, it is not the volume scroll on magic. This fire ritual is suitable for any time of day. Even after midnight to spend it, even in broad daylight. The result is not particularly dependent.

Special tips and subtleties

When people are interested in how to evoke ghosts at home, they do not always take the process seriously. And from this and failures happen. Then criticism begins, doubts about the truth of the existence of essences. But you just need to penetrate the theme, understand what to do. To communicate with another world, concentration and concentration are necessary. They must be complete. Therefore, all unnecessary things need to be removed: electrical appliances and any shiny decorations, mirrors and books that contradict the ideology of the ghost. Everything in this experiment is important, there are no trifles. Pay special attention to the external attributes. Cover or remove the mirrors. In them, the ghost can get lost and remain forever. This is a terrible fate for him. Then do not be surprised that he will take revenge. And in general, communicate with the essence of respect. Ghosts are as sensitive as babies. A little that's not right, they'll fly away, and no one else will come to your call. In that world, information is instantaneously transmitted to all its corners. Good luck!