Modern man just need to know how to remove toxins from the body. Harmful substances accumulate in the organs and gradually destroy them and break. Thus, the cleansing of the body to take over the rule.

How to remove toxins from the body: food, medications, and expert advice

When the body needs cleaning?

Before you wonder about how to remove toxins from the body, it is important to understand, whether he needs treatment. Doctors say the 12 most important characteristics. If you notice at least 3 of them, it's time to purify:

  1. Bad breath even after brushing teeth.
  2. Flatulence.
  3. The sleep disturbance.
  4. Headache.
  5. Fatigue and irritability.
  6. Excessive sweating
  7. Violation of stool (diarrhea or constipation).
  8. Bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, stomatitis, which are constantly repeated.
  9. Stones in the gallbladder and kidneys.
  10. Dry and unhealthy skin color.
  11. Allergic reactions and itching.
  12. Swelling of the legs.

Products that bring toxins from the body

For millennia, people have looked for ways of dealing with toxins. Healers came to the conclusion that it is better to prevent the accumulation of such substances in the body. Removal of toxins should be regular and consistent. For this purpose the diet should include the following products:

  • Apples contain a lot of nutrients. For cleansing the body responsible phlorizin. It activates the production of bile, which neutralizes and removes certain toxins.
  • The hazelnut is an indispensable source of vitamin E. It not just promotes the excretion of harmful substances, but also nourishes all the tissues of the body.
  • Asparagus is the product that should be in the diet constantly. It helps to cleanse the liver and blood vessels, and reduces the risk of tumour formation.
  • Avocados are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. The substances contained in it, neutralized the toxins that destroy the walls of blood vessels. In this regard, it is recommended that you include in the diet of the elderly.
  • Basil is rich in terpenoids, which, in turn, protect the liver and ensure its proper functioning. Having a diuretic effect, the product quickly and effectively cleans the body.
  • Beets are a delicious and affordable product, which has strong cleansing properties. Due to the unique chemical composition of this product frees the blood from harmful substances and increases the body's resistance.
  • Blueberry is a natural source of acetylsalicylic acid. Thus, regularly consuming this product may reduce the risk of inflammation in the chronic stage.
  • Broccoli many don't like, however, to eat this product is a must. Interacting with liver enzymes, components of the vegetable convert the toxins into simpler substances that are easily excreted from the body.
  • Kale promotes regular mechanical cleaning of the liver and intestines due to increased levels of sulfur. Carbinol, in turn, promotes tissue regeneration.
  • Cinnamon is not just a fragrant spice, a natural antiseptic that kills harmful substances in food. This is one of the most powerful antioxidants.
  • Flax seed is a source of fiber. This substance binds toxins and removes them from the body. The product can be used in pure form, and add to soups and salads.
  • Garlic is a natural antioxidant and antibiotic. Sulfur and other substances stimulate the liver and neutralize toxins.
  • Ginger accelerates the metabolism. This product copes well with alcohol intoxication.
  • Grapefruit is one of the most effective products that cope with many diseases. Lycopene eliminates free radicals and repair damaged cells.
  • Green tea is one of the most important components of any detox program. It displays the body of harmful substances and reduces the level of blood sugar.
  • Lemon stimulates the production of enzymes that neutralize toxins. Glutathione cleanses the liver.
  • Onion is rich in amino acids, which clean the liver. They accumulate lead, mercury and other heavy metals, removing them naturally.
  • Pineapple is a source of bromelain, which speeds up metabolism. Also, this substance contributes to the mechanical cleansing of the intestine.

Rice diet

If you don't know how to remove toxins from the body, should pay attention to the rice diet. Given the availability of this method, it can be called the most popular. Not to say that the figure quickly removes toxins from the body, but the effect will really be.

Take 5 litre cans and wash. One of them, place 3 tablespoons of the rice and pour 2 cups of water. The next day adjust the liquid to clean the first Bank and place rice with water in the second. Such manipulations need to hold until then, until you have filled all 5 tanks. On the fifth day of rice contained in the first Bank, it is necessary to cook porridge without salt, oil, and other additives. This will be your Breakfast for 3 hours after which you can neither eat nor drink nor to smoke.

To achieve a pronounced effect, you need to sit on a rice diet for at least 2 months. The lunch and dinner should be as nourishing, but not heavy. Try to limit the intake of harmful foods during the diet. To enhance the effect and make the rice more palatable, you can add ginger, turmeric or cinnamon. People who suffer from constipation and stagnation of bile, such a diet is contraindicated.

Vegetable “brush”

If a person is interested in how to remove toxins from the body, you can explore the salad recipe called “Brush”. At the moment, there are many cooking options. The classic recipe is as follows:

  • grate equal amounts of beets, carrots and cabbage (all vegetables should be raw)
  • add a little olive oil and lemon juice
  • salad you need to eat on an empty stomach instead of Breakfast.

To strengthen the effect of 2 hours to eat an Apple (or drink the juice). And after 2-3 hours you can eat other products (excluding hazardous). The maximum term of such vegetable cleaning – 10 days. If you have gastritis, ulcer and other digestive problems, it is not necessary to use such a method of purification.

Popular recipes

Traditional healers and herbalists are well aware that removes toxins from the body. The most popular recipes:

  • Two provisions of the aloe Vera pulp need to take one normal honey and also half rules of dried apricots and prunes. All grind and mix thoroughly. Every morning, dissolve one spoon of composition in the glass of clean water and drink on an empty stomach.
  • Three times a day for a quarter of an hour before meals, eat a teaspoon of milk Thistle. After 21 days you need to do a three-month break, after which the course may be repeated.

Threat methods, which do not fall

Wondering what removes toxins from the body, you can stumble upon questionable methods, which are a potential hazard for the body. It is worth avoiding such tools:

  • Olive oil with lemon juice is an aggressive recipe that aims to eliminate the stagnation of bile. However, the high risk of shifting stones, which leads to surgery and other serious consequences.
  • Salt water is harmful and ineffective means. It leads to dehydration and diseases of the blood vessels.
  • Sulphate of magnesia be taken without appropriate medical supervision. It is solely used for emergency release of the intestine, but no cleaning properties does not possess.

The drugs that eliminate toxins from the body

Cleansing the internal organs is an objective necessity. Remove toxins from the body at home you can use such pharmaceutical drugs:

  • Activated charcoal can be taken for 2-3 weeks if you are not using other drugs. This remedy flushes out of the body not only toxins, but nutrients, and therefore after completion of the course you will need to take vitamins and mineral complexes.
  • “Polifepan” has the ability to attract bacteria and toxins. After that they are excreted naturally. The course can last from 3 days to 2 weeks.
  • “Smectite” is a preferred sorbent. It removes toxins, eliminates heartburn and diarrhea. Also, this drink helps to normalize metabolism.

Recommendations doctors

With the question of what helps to eliminate toxins from the body, it is better to contact the experts. A doctor can give such detox advice:

  • it's better to undergo a medical examination to verify the absence of contraindications for a particular method of purification
  • a couple of weeks before the start of the detoxification course completely refuse junk food;
  • increase normal fluid intake to facilitate excretion of toxins.


Each person must find for themselves the best means, deducing toxins from the body. It may be drugs or food. In any case, it is not necessary to resort to such measures without a prior consultation with a doctor and a full examination of the body.