Today we will learn with you how to grow crystals at home. In General, this is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Especially in the modern world. Literally about 10-15 years ago, home grown crystal could not every child. But now this feature is available to all. This entertaining pastime, as a rule, parents do together with their children “from the cradle”. Because the crystallization process is very beautiful and interesting. He likes kids. And pupils this phenomenon helps to explain chemical phenomena. But how to grow crystals at home? Let's try to understand with you in this difficult matter.How to grow crystals at home from sugar, salt, copper sulphate? How to grow crystal for 1 day?

What are crystals

For a start it is worth understanding what we will deal with. That is, anyone should know what he wants to grow. Crystallization is a very beautiful phenomenon. But what is a crystal?

This object was originally designated frozen water, or ice. Now, it is a solid in which components (atoms) are arranged in a regular pattern, but in random order. And during this operation they form the so-called crystal lattice.

But if to speak a simple language, it's just solid and beautiful stone some three-dimensional shape, which under the microscope has a special structure. That is, a crystal lattice. Often crystals are considered to be shimmering and sparkling particles. A residue formed during the evaporation of the substance. And now we will try to understand how to grow crystals at home. It is not so difficult. The main thing is proper preparation of the process.

Security measures

No matter what kind of material for crystallization, we will use, there are certain rules of conduct. They necessarily will have to comply. Especially if the material is used crystallization of copper sulphate. Let us quickly find out what you can and cannot do, if you want to figure out how to grow a crystal at home.

To begin with, we need utensils. And you cannot use it for domestic purposes, but rather, for food purposes. Even after disinfection. You can simply poison. In principle, if we are talking about sugar or common salt, then you really might as well wash the dishes after use, and then apply for any purpose. Most importantly, do not touch data capacity in those cases where the material is copper sulphate or anything else.

Eat during the process, it is impossible. It can cause poisoning. And then the game with the crystallization will result in a huge problem. Better to wait until the action is complete, if you are using a potentially hazardous substance.

Working with substances about which you have no knowledge is forbidden. Because some materials will have to observe certain rules of conduct. Otherwise you risk to give a lot of problems myself and my body.

How to grow crystals at home? For this you will have to find and take classes for this special place. Where you will not be disturbed. Where to chemicals and directly to the crystals will not reach very small children and Pets. Especially in the cases of copper sulfate and all other chemicals. The exceptions are sugar and salt.

The basics of action

How to grow a crystal at home? To do this, to be honest, it is important to know the method of work and the process of crystallization. Based on what these actions? In General, if you want to make homemade crystal, you have to consider that you will need to prepare a special concentrated solution.

It is based on this home “kristallwachstum”. That is, in order to grow this “thing”, you need a special concentrated solution with your chosen material. Sometimes you can add dyes to get a color crystal. This is a very beautiful and interesting.

In fact, already more or less clear how to grow a crystal of salt or sugar, for example. We need a concentrated solution. And actually, the place will be to grow the crystals. Let's find out a few scenarios that will help extremely fast and easy to stay at home with crystallization.

I'll begin with you with the most simple and least popular scenario. If you want to grow a crystal at home, you will need water and reagent. For example, salt. Ordinary, common. Can come and sea. In other words, any salt used in food production.

Now what needs to be done? For starters, the liquid is slightly warm. Now add water, salt. Make sure that your solution was concentrated. That is approximately on a glass of water to 2-3 tablespoons of salt. Stir broth until dissolved. Now it only remains to leave a concentrated salt water in a warm place for a while. And in a ventilated space. Once all the water has evaporated, you precipitate crystals of salt.

If you want to quickly see the effect, you can proceed to evaporate water is to boil it. Most importantly, perform this process with caution. But it would be better just to be patient. Here we became known as to grow a crystal of salt. Incidentally, sugar is also. This method is not very good. He just forms a precipitate as crystals. For this reason, there are several other approaches to solving the tasks before us.

Ready set

How to grow a crystal at home? In truth, this can be done in several ways. One, not the most popular, we have already studied. Now on to more interesting methods. Especially among the youngest children.

In order to understand how to grow a crystal of sugar, salt or any other substance quickly and without problems, just go to any toy store and buy a special game pack called “Crystallization”. Or something like that.

In the box you will find everything you need to conduct a process – and a special container in which to pour the liquid and the reagent, and coloring (if desired), and even a special form, which will host crystals. For example, tree or flower. Very interesting options, which directly on the molds caused different dyes. That is, as “fouling”, you will be able to see the colored crystals on different areas of crafts.

What to do? Same as last time – mix water with the reagent, and then to give it form and place in a warm place. How to grow sugar crystals at home (or salt) with a game pack? The most popular scenario is not an immediate lowering of the template to the concentrated water, and pouring them in molds. That is, you will need to collect, for example, resistant herringbone pattern, put it in a special deep form (attached) – into something like a flower pot, and then pour it in a concentrated solution and leave it here. For some time, of course. About a day, maximum two.

After the specified period of time, look at your crafts. She covered different crystals of sugar or salt. Just be careful – this education is very easily broken and fall off. After all, they will be small and fragile. Now we know how to grow a crystal at home of sugar or salt, and even describing some form. But there are other ways that can help us in solving this problem. Let's look at them.

For example, there is another very interesting approach to solving the problem. How to grow crystals from salt? For this we need salt (sodium chloride, including chunks), water and special strings. It is better to take the string. On it we will have to settle the crystal. Let us now proceed with you as soon as possible to it.

Heat the water. Bring to a boil is not necessary. Now start adding salt in it and mix. To continue the procedure costs until then, until a concentrated solution. That is, until salt begins to settle on the bottom of the dish. During this period, it is best to maintain a warm water temperature without boiling. When you achieve the desired result, just pour the liquid into a different form. Sure that you have not had any sediment at the bottom.

Next you need to take beceome or thread and tie to one end a piece of salt. So that it does not fall and will not slip. Ready? The second end of the thread should hang over a glass of concentrated salt water, and then put a piece of salt in it so that it does not touch the bottom and walls of the cookware. Just have to wait for some time. Of course, this process will be slow for the formation of a normal crystal will take about 2-3 days. And the thread you hung, too, will be covered with small crystals in random order, forming a beautiful pattern.

That's all the problems solved. Now we already know how to grow a crystal at home of sugar or sodium/sea salt. As you can see, nothing difficult. The key is being able to wait. However, that's not all the scenarios. Now try again to grow crystals from sugar, and try to figure out how to grow a crystal of sulphate.

Sugar dream

Well, in the case of salt we may have procured a special material that will help crystallization. In our example, this big piece of salt. But with sugar like this “number” will not work. We can't chip away a piece, from the salt. Therefore, the process of sugar crystallization is a little different. How to grow crystal sugar at home? Let's understand this.

For starters, there are two versions of events. The first is when are we going to get ready a solid crystal to grow, while some material will begin to be covered by data “objects”. Let's start with the already familiar to us approach.

How to grow a crystal at home? This process is very popular. And the outcome of the cultivation too. But how the procedure is performed with the use of sugar? To start slightly (this is important) warm water and then mix it with the sugar until obtaining a concentrated solution. Now, like last time, pour the broth into another container with the filters out sediment. Ready? Then on a string or wire tie some crystal (solid, but not salt). For example, sodium sulfate. Dip it in sugar water and then just wait for some time. Your crystal will grow and will consist of sugar.

In the second case you can do without the sulfate. That is just to lower the string or wire (preferably twine or floss) into the solution and hang in this position. Leave it as is for a few days and then look at the result. Don't be afraid deep down the rope. Now we know how to grow a crystal out of sugar at home. Let's look at another rather interesting way, which was not yet behind us.

Of course, now is the time to think about how to grow a crystal at home from copper sulfate. This material is also a salt. Only chemically active. And so the procedure of growing a little change. But only slightly.

What do we need? For starters, the reagent. That is copper sulphate. As in “loose” form, and the crystal. Be prepared for the fact that it will be blue. What luck – crystal natural color without using dyes! Next – prepare the string, and then tie a piece of vitriol to one end. The other tie on a stick, which will play the role holder. It seems that the process is not much different from working with salt or sugar. But this is only for now. The fun ahead.

What are we talking about? Of course, on the water. When working with copper sulfate you have to use distilled water. That is, cleansed from precipitation, impurities and salts. Only in this case we can hope for the success of the operation. Mix the remaining sulphate with warm distilled water, filter it, and then dip the crystal and thread into the form of liquid. Wait for a while. That's all. Now we know how to grow crystal for 1 day at home.


However, there are not only rules of conduct regarding the procedure and also some tips. They will help you to achieve maximum and good result. What are we talking about?

For example, do not remove the crystal from the solution unnecessarily. Otherwise, the crystallization process will be interrupted. And, of course, the experience will fail. To look at your work, you can use transparent container – through them, you will observe how a crystal grows.

Keep the concentrated solution did not hit debris or impurities. If they are, carefully remove them. Not work? Then leave it as it is. Do not “disturb” the dangling crystal or a rope, lowered into the solution. It will also harm the process.

For best results, always use distilled water. It is already cleaned from impurities and salts. And it means that your solution get most concentrated and of high quality.


Today we learned how to grow crystals at home. As you can see, this process is not so difficult as it might seem in the beginning. A caution during the procedure is an important element. Otherwise, the crystal can not grow.

If you are only familiar with the process, start with ready-to-play sets for crystallization. There you can find a lot of useful things that can teach you how to cultivate the unique crystals at home without any difficulty. Most importantly – be creative and follow safety rules during the experience. Now you know how to grow a crystal of this salt, sulphate and other materials.