Quite often when using such fasteners, like bolt, there are situations when the head of the product broken off, and the hardware stays in. Thus there is a need to remove this residue without damaging the threads to the hole could be exploited further. Given this, the topic of how to Unscrew the broken bolt, very popular and requires more detailed consideration.

How to remove a broken bolt without damaging the threads in the hole

Types of fractures

Typically, such a fastener breaks at the end of the thread, although there may be exceptions. In the end, the hardware can be recessed into the hole, to protrude above the surface or leveled with her. On this basis, to decide how to Unscrew the broken bolt, need you drawing attention to this point.

Surface breakage

This type of failure is the option, when part of the fastener protrudes above the surface. We can assume that to solve a similar problem the easiest way, without using radical measures. However, before carrying out any Unscrew the broken bolt, should treat the place with kerosene to remove carbon deposits and loosen the contact surfaces.

  • If the protrusion is quite large, then the easiest way is to use tools like pliers, pincers or clamps, by which you can capture the detail and to twist it on the thread.
  • Some experts, answering the question of what to do, if you broke the bolt which is very tight in the hole, it is recommended to use a welding machine. It can be welded to the fastener lever that will allow you to obtain a great leverage for rotational motion.
  • You can also use a drill with a diameter slightly smaller than the bolt. Drill make a hole along the Central axis of the bolt to the full depth. Then remove the remains of the fastener with a hook, trying to twist the thread from the bottom.

Open flush

It is believed that this failure is the hardest, because sometimes very difficult to determine the diameter of the hole, especially if the fastener was cut. Therefore, in order to determine how to drill out a broken bolt of this type, the first is to sweep the surfaces defining the gaps.

Quite often, the break has a very uneven shape, which in this location is very difficult to rectify. Drilling in this state, the product will not work. That is why the first used core, which prepare the place for the center drill.

Further steps describing how to drill out the broken bolt, as described in the paragraph about surface breakage. After drilling a hole just the remnants of thread and remove the hook.

The cliff below the surface

Such damage is quite difficult, especially if the item itself is made of soft metal. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of how to remove a broken bolt and not to damage the threads in the hole.

First of all using the core marks the center of the fastener. While it is best to use a thin tool made of durable metal, not to accidentally damage the item.

The next step is to purchase a tap with a reverse thread. Its diameter should be less than that of the bolt.

After that, the hardware is drilled the hole for the tap, but not much deepen it. Further, it is sufficient to set the tool for threading and turn it on a course that will lead to twisting. If this did not happen, the tool is used like a regular bolt, but do not exert too much effort not to break him.


The most correct answer to the question of how to Unscrew the broken bolt is the one which proposes to use a specially created for this tool. It is called an extractor and sold in the form of a set of products of different diameters. Outwardly, it resembles a tap, but without the longitudinal slots, and with a tapered notch for cutting.

To use the extractor, enough to drill a hole in the center with a diameter that allows the tool to go for a few turns. Then start to crank it until it stops, and then to complete the twisting.

There are several options for extracting broken bolts from holes that can be used under certain types of damage. However, it is best to pre-purchase a set of extractors that can be considered as the best tools for such tasks.