Primary requirements

To choose a highly effective means for fastening a bicycle it is possible proceeding from the following requirements:

  1. It is desirable that the bicycle lock has a rope, the length of which is more than 1.5 m. This will reliably fasten not only the frame of a two-wheeled vehicle, but also wheels, which are often the main target of intruders.
  2. To make the thief once again suffer and increase his own chances of timely detection of hacking allows the purchase of systems with the most thick chains and ropes.
  3. It is recommended to prefer locks with metal cases that are difficult to break with a hammer or damage with wire cutters.

Standard types of fasteners

The main types of fasteners, which are used in bicycle locks, are ropes and chains. And due to the low weight, low cost and convenience in everyday operation, one can often see a bicycle lock with a cable.

Even the longest cables are curled into a spiral, easily spinning around the frame or seat pillar, taking up a minimum of space during transportation. For example, the rather popular Cyclotech bicycle lock can be easily fixed to the seat thanks to the special fastening.

With the help of a cable several meters long, you can tighten any bicycle construction elements. In the way the cable allows you to fix a whole mass of things on the trunk. In this case, even the longest bicycle lock with a cable weighs no more than 1 kg.

As for the disadvantages of bicycle anti-theft systems with a cable, then with a small thickness there is a high probability of cutting them. For this, good reinforcement shears. Well, in order to deal with the most delicate procrastination, a hijacker will need ordinary household cutters.

If we talk about fasteners in the form of chains, then give preference to the products of carbide metal with a good padlock. Cheap iron chains of insignificant thickness are not only easy to cut with a hacksaw for metal, but also easy to break with your bare hands.

However, the chain lock bicycle anti-theft also has an obvious drawback. The most reliable locks, because of their considerable thickness, differ in impressive weight, which becomes not very convenient in terms of transportation. Chains can easily damage the paint on the bike. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase locks with chains, closed with fabric or plastic covers.

Code locks

As practice shows, old cylinder and toggle locks differ not too high degree of reliability. In the presence of experience, skilled burglars open such systems using ordinary wire. A more efficient alternative is to become a bicycle code lock.

Most code locks have shock-proof metal cases and a complex cipher. The main advantage here is the lack of the need to carry a key. The main thing is to remember the code value well.

U-shaped grippers

An anti-theft system with arched attachments is difficult to cut with scissors or a hacksaw. Moreover, it is impossible to unscrew the U-shaped grips with crowbar.

The downside of this decision is the lack of the ability to attach the bicycle to a tree or a wide pole in the absence of a special bicycle parking. In this case, the only option is to attach the bike to any metal fence along with the frame and the rear wheel.

Add is only that the locks with U-shaped grips in most are bulky products. Therefore, it is not convenient to transport them on the bicycle frame.

Stoppers per wheel

The eccentrics in the construction of a two-wheeled vehicle are very practical if you need to quickly dismantle individual parts during maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, for hackers who hunt mainly for bike wheels, this creates additional comfort. To solve the problem, the use of ring wheel stops is possible.

Will help to understand how to use such a bicycle lock, instruction. To begin with, fix the lock ring around the rim of the wheel. Then it is necessary to slam the mechanism lock and to block the anti-theft device. In conclusion, once again check whether the stopper is securely fixed. Approximately the same principle operates a lock for the bicycle chain.

Naturally, the stoppers on the wheels can not be called an ideal anti-theft device. After all, if desired, an attacker can carry a bike on his shoulder or immerse in a car. However, the blockers occupy a minimum of space, have a light weight and are easy to operate. It is most rational to use such locks in combination with other common systems.


Often, bicycle hijacking takes place in the most crowded places. To attract the attention of passers-by at the right time and to frighten off the burglar allows the installation of a bicycle sound alarm.

Most models of alarm systems for two-wheeled vehicles are extremely annoying sound. Even wearing a relatively unreliable lock bike with alarm will become a pretty tough nut to cracker.

The cost of such means of preventing theft starts from $ 10. If there is a remote control, the price of the alarm may be slightly higher.

Useful recommendations

To reduce the likelihood of bicycle theft, it is enough to pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Attackers with experience will find an approach to any lock, regardless of the situation. Therefore, do not leave the bike unattended for a long time, especially at night.
  2. It is a mistake to believe that an expensive, high-quality lock will guarantee absolute protection of the bicycle. Anti-theft systems exist to prevent theft, and professional burglars do not like to give up.
  3. To increase the level of protection of the bike in the parking lot, it is recommended to use several locks of different types simultaneously. For example, using a long chain or a cable, you can fix the wheels, and attach the frame to the parking rack with a U-grip.
  4. To intimidate intruders, you can use a whole series of light lock systems. Seeing the balls of frames, cables and chains, the burglar will probably decide to find the boot easier.