Bike is required for baby vehicle, whereby he grows and develops physically healthy. The most convenient for parents are models with a handle, as they can be put already one year old baby. On how to be moms and dads of twins? One parent handle two vehicles will be very difficult. But we must pay tribute to the manufacturers that is provided and has launched a special Bicycle for twins.

Do you need such a device?

To develop coordination, learn to navigate in space, to strengthen the muscles of the hands and feet is the child helps to make the bike. And if one child is clear: without such a wheeled vehicle can't do – that parents of twins will be more difficult to determine the choice.

How to choose a bike for twins?

You can buy two bikes: one for each kid separately, so each child had their own personal transport. But a mother is unlikely to be able to take them for a walk, and drive on the road they are unreal. More comfortable is the bike for twins. Such vehicles are represented by different models, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the bikes for twins

Let's look at different options. Bicycles for twins come in several types.

First, they are divided into two-, three - and four-wheeled. The first and last options are suitable for older kids who can ride independently, and a tricycle for twins, especially with a pen, can serve as a great alternative to the pram. But you can use it not always.

Second, depending on the location of the seats of the bikes are of two types. In one of them seats placed side by side, as in the stroller for twins, and pedals from this model has also two pairs. In Russia, this model is not popular, so buy it, even with a strong desire will be very difficult.

The second option involves the placement of seats for each other. In some children's bicycles can be put with and against each other, and in other models this is not possible, and the child sitting at the back, just looks at the back of him who goes ahead. Pedals provided also only one pair: for baby, located in front.

Thirdly, bicycles can be with handle or without it. The first option more advantages compared with the second, but the price will be respectively higher.

Kids bike with handle: popular models

The handle is undoubtedly a important part. The most popular models of bikes with handle are Small Two Kings, Rider, Small Rider Platinum, Capella Twin Trike, Lider Kids, Twin, Glory. Each model has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages compared to other.

Bike Small Rider Two Kings, is considered the leader of sales among vehicles of this type. Wheel of foamed polymer and sturdy metal frame provides reliable ride. Manufacturer provides a visor for sun protection, comfortable seats with headrests and a basket for small items. The advantage of the model is that the front seat can be set on motion, and against it.

Bike Small Rider Platinum can be attributed to wheeled vehicles of the premium class. It takes into account all the "punctures" of the previous model. Steel frame can easily withstand two children weighing up to 40 kilograms, the wheels are made of foam rubber and provide a comfortable ride, and reinforced handle and dual arc tube allows you to control the bike with extreme maneuverability and easy to jump on the high curbs.

What is the model Capella Twin Trike? This tricycle for twins, as previously presented options, equipped with a comfortable handle for control, a robust frame and sturdy wheels that provide a soft ride on it. Its main advantage is that the manufacturers have provided two visor – separately for each seat. In addition, this model comes with comfortable seats with headrests, safety belts and bumpers, that kids are to be in such a vehicle is as comfortable as possible.

Bike with handle for twins Lider Kids, as the Twin, has plastic wheels, which are quite noisy, and kids while you feel all the bumps in the road. The visor has only one rear seat, but there is a music console, powered by two AA batteries.

Children's Bicycle with handle Glory is more suitable for children pogodak, since specially equipped and safe for the baby is only the first seat and the second is just a bench located behind the main seat. The main advantage of this model is that it is more compact than previously provided, and will easily fit in the Elevator.

Important detail: what to look for when choosing a bike?

Just choose your favorite model and buy it? This can be considered a rash act. Definitely worth a closer look to details that will ensure the reliability of the vehicle.

What to look for when choosing a bike for twins?

  1. Wheels. They can be plastic, foamed polymer or rubber. The latter two are considered more reliable. They gently go on the road, easily overcoming all the bumps. But mom has to carry this bike would be tough. Plastic wheels make the vehicle virtually weightless, but when you drive on it the discomfort the children will suffer.
  2. Safety harness, bumper and footrest are an essential element in a bicycle, as they ensure the safety of children in it.
  3. Handle to control the Bicycle. For twins it is even more a necessity than a convenience for parents. The kid sitting in the front seat, it was easier to pull the bike, mom it is better to control the process, setting the pen direction.
  4. Basket. It is designed to store toys and other things. With her much easier because the shopping cart allows the mother to relieve the hands.
  5. Visor. It protects children from the sun.

Bicycles for twins: advantages

So how to still make a choice? Before you buy a bike for twins, you should evaluate all the positive and negative aspects of such acquisition. Among the obvious advantages are the following three:

  • Cheaper to buy bikes for the twins. The price is almost two times lower compared to the cost of purchase of transport each child separately.
  • Bike with two seats where children can sit facing each other allows them to communicate with each other.
  • A Bicycle for twins much easier to manage than each separately.

Disadvantages of double bikes

The disadvantages of variation for twins can be the following three disadvantages:

  • Because the pedals are in front of the vehicle, and twist them, maybe just a child sitting first. For this reason, between the children there are often conflicts, because to control the bike wants each of them.
  • In cheap models the handle and the frame are not strong enough to withstand a double weight to three-year age can reach 30 pounds. Especially difficult for such vehicles to raise the high curbs.
  • Not every children's bike for twins will enter the normal passenger Elevator. And this can lead the mother to considerable difficulties.

The price of the bike for twins

Range pobednik devices for kids on the market of wheeled vehicles is quite wide and allows to choose for themselves the best option that meets the requirements on price and quality.

Low-cost models include bikes Lider Kids and Twin that are in the same price range and cost about 3 thousand rubles. Same price for transport Glory. It varies from different sellers from 2700 to 3 thousand rubles.

The price of the bike for twins Capella Twin Trike is about 8 thousand rubles. Almost the same is popular among parents model Small Rider Two Kings. The price for this model is about 7 thousand rubles. The most expensive bike belongs to the premium class. This model Small Rider Platinum, the price of which reaches 10 thousand roubles.

Real customer reviews

When buying a bike, you need to listen to the reviews and advice of parents whose children have already grown out of such a vehicle. It is worth noting that opinions differ on the choice of a particular model.

First, the price range for the bikes is very different. And, as a rule, the parents who were able to pay for three-wheeled vehicles about 7 thousand rubles, was pleased with the purchase. But the owners of the cheaper models complain that the frame and the handle was weak for a double load, and the bike is very hard to pick up on the curb.

Second, not all homes has a freight Elevator, and ordinary passenger transport is similar for twins not included.

Third, that child who got the passenger seat often begins to act up and stand up from his seat, because he also wants to rotate the pedals, located only in the front. Parents of two kids will have to think in advance how they will share the bike for twins.

Reviews in General are positive about. As a rule, children cannot agree on how to spin the pedals alternately. But before the kids opens up wide horizons, and they can easily observe from your place for everything happening on the street.

Difficult choice for parents

Some parents buy the bike for twins alternatively a stroller. To actually implement such a plan is possible only with those children who have turned at least two years. Toddlers often fall asleep in the stroller, which is impossible to do in a Bicycle, the back which is not tipped. In addition, this transport is suitable only for warm weather: the cold in autumn and winter it is not to drive.

Therefore, Bicycle for twins should be purchased as an extra to the stroller vehicle. If parents have the opportunity, children will be happy.