When there is a need to quickly bind the paper sheets, usually used stationery stapler. But for more complex work it is convenient to use a powerful tool called Thacker. It can be used not only to pull the furniture, but also to attach the carpet to the floor, to carry out the wiring and so Each work has its specificity, therefore, involves the use of a tool of a certain type.

How to choose a stapler for hauling furniture: the main varieties

How to choose a stapler: description, types, manufacturers and recommendations

On the market today, you can find three main types of stapler for furniture waist, among them:

The latter is an inexpensive classic. Such tackers are like home craftsmen. There are only three nodes in the design:

When the operator operates the lever actuates spring mechanism. Spring crushes, and nails or staples. If you want to find such a tool, you should choose the model with the collapsible housing, the elements of which are fixed by screws but not the rivets. This allows, if necessary, to carry out the removal tool, saving it from minor problems.

If you have a question about how to choose a stapler, it is important to pay attention to the material that should be durable. When it is made of steel, it is good if it has extra chrome, Nickel or powder coating. But sometimes the case is made of modern lightweight alloy, which is the best solution.

Description mechanical type

Quite often, consumers decide on how to choose furniture stapler for the home. In order to get a response, it is recommended to consider the mechanical model. They are low cost and will be affordable for every consumer. A suitable tool to perform household chores in small volumes. However, if you are covering furniture on a professional level, it is better to consider another kind of device, because it quickly Thacker to work will not work, the hand will be tired from long effort. Experts recommend to consider the professionals pneumatic or electric devices.

Description of electric staplers

Before choosing a stapler, you should pay attention to electric models which are more expensive but are reliable and fast work. Pressing the button, you will trigger the shock mechanism. Make a special effort when this is needed. Even the frailest woman or child will be able to cope with this task.

It will go faster if you use this mechanism, abandoning the mechanical option. And the materials they will be able to penetrate more than solid and the connection is quite sturdy and reliable. How to choose furniture stapler, you will be able to understand, consider the electric network models that have the cord. Sometimes it becomes a real problem, because the cable can limit the area of use. For example, if you're away from an outlet, the wire length may not be enough.

When the rechargeable kind

However, you can use an alternative solution and purchase battery stapler. It will be quite heavy, the operator's hands get tired after a while. Any electric model will be much heavier than a mechanical analogue. Before choosing a stapler, you have to consider that to pay for the electric model will have a fairly high cost. So if the device you acquire for personal use, and will use it from time to time, it is not recommended to spend too much money.

Recommendations on when to buy a pneumatic stapler

If you need furniture stapler how to choose, price will solve. On average it is 500. But it is important to take into account the purpose and operating conditions. For example, for stationary use others more suitable pneumatic stapler. It is quite convenient and is constituted by air which is under pressure.

Performs its task for such a Thacker immediately. Weighs model of the pneumatic type is much less compared to electric. But in this case there is a catch, expressed in the fact that together with the stapler will have to buy another and the compressor, to pay for extra money. This option is the best to buy for stationary operation. Pneumatic models are bought for production conditions.

If furniture must be sheathed at the factory, it is better to equip the workplace with the help of this option, because skobozabivatel and a compressor to transfer will not have, in addition, pneumatic equipment allows to carry out work quite quickly, providing an excellent result.

The choice of stapler according to the manufacturer

Before you choose a stapler you should take into consideration the status of the manufacturer of the relevant goods. It is important to pay attention to the additional opportunities that are not always needed in everyday life. That is why a number of of consumers choose household stapler Piranha X70005, which weighs 566 g. Rubber insert has a shock-absorbing material characteristics, and enclosure is a ring for attaching arm in the lower position.

Another domestic model – Rapid R453, it weighs less than 356 g, is bumpless shutter release lever, and allows to fix the handle in the lower position, as in the above embodiment. Additionally, this stapler has the ability to work with round brackets.

But if you need a professional tool, it is necessary to pay attention to the Arrow JT21CM. This model weighs 436 grams, but some consumers say its one disadvantage, which is expressed not in a very comfortable grip, it slides off during operation.

Alternative solutions

More convenient would be the model Novus J-19 EADHG, which has a rubberized handle and weighs 1024, This professional tool has a multiple impact regime, a system for secure recharge and distant focusing. For fixing the arm in the lower position has a special latch, and the plastic hook allows you to hang the tool on belt. Impact resistant rubber insert on the case available models Rapid R353, it weighs 886 grams, and has a unstressed regime descent that simplifies the work and makes it more comfortable.

Features a choice of staples

Quite often, home masters and professionals are wondering about how to choose a bracket for a furniture stapler. They are very simple in this case, their depth varies from 4 to 8 mm. Cost of such consumable items are not so expensive. They are intended to perform simple operations. To break them will be paper and fabric.

You can select options ranging from to 10 mm. They are used in semi-professional nailer. Some models use staples type 140, they are thicker and have a thickness of 1.2 mm. In this case, the width reaches to 10.6 mm. should Not be purchased for such staplers staples type 53, as in this case, the equipment can shoot 2 clamps at once. It is therefore important to ask what type of bracket utilizes tool.

A semicircular bracket designed for securing cable. But if you have a stapler from the company Stayer, then you should know that it supports four type of staples: 143, 100, 500 and 36. If you have already decided what furniture stapler you choose, it should pay attention to the material of the consumables, which can be tempered, used for laminated wood or strong particle Board. Typically, these supplies cost two times more than usual.