Nails - the product on the market is very popular. Any kind of repair, finishing or construction works does not do without them. Therefore, the business of their production is considered more than cost-effective. Of course, a company will be profitable only if the right equipment is selected.

Types of machines

All nailing equipment sold today on the market is classified into:

The second type is used in the manufacture of nails more often. The point is that impact machines do not have too much performance. In the process of making nails for this type of equipment, only 10–20% of the shaft’s turn is actually used to produce the point and nail head. In addition, any press machine for the production of nails is very noisy and often breaks. The principle of operation of rotary machines from the principle of operation of press are significantly different. In this case, the landing of the metal wire occurs through mechanical pressure, and not due to sharp blows.

How to choose a machine for the production of nails

In addition to the usual on sale today there are machines designed for the manufacture of pierced nails. They are bought in addition to the standard equipment. When using them, cutting is done on ready-made smooth nails.

If necessary, in our time, you can also purchase some highly specialized equipment of this type. For example, there are machines on the market for the manufacture of shoe nails or forging, nails for air pistols, rivets, etc. Of course, this equipment has a special design. For a very small business, you can buy a mini-machine for the production of nails. Such installations are cheaper than usual.

Nailing machines can vary not only in performance and type of construction, but also in many other parameters. It is necessary to take into account some of them when selecting equipment.

What factors should pay attention to when buying

When choosing a machine for the production of nails, you need to look at its parameters such as:

The maximum length of the produced nail. In modern machines, this figure can vary within wide limits - from 12 mm to 20 cm.

The range of diameters of rods manufactured nails. It can be 1.2-9 mm.

Performance. In modern equipment can range from 100-600 products per minute.

The absence or presence of the function of adjusting the size of the cap.

All nailing machines from a network of 380 V work. Of course, when choosing equipment, among other things, you need to pay attention to its dimensions and weight. That is how well it is suitable for work in the room in which it will be used.

The most convenient to use are fully automated installations. However, the high cost is, of course, what distinguishes such machines for the production of nails. The price of modern automated equipment can vary between 120-1000 thousand rubles.

Despite the relative simplicity of the design to make a machine for the production of nails with their own hands is unlikely. Yes, and it will cost the assembly is not cheap. After all, even the smallest nailing machine consists of many components and parts, the manufacture of which would still have to be ordered by a turner. So it’s better for a novice businessman to buy, even if the most inexpensive, but ready-made model.

Device press unit

This type of equipment includes all machines in which a nail head is formed as a result of punches. Each such unit is supplied with a metal or wooden spring of spring type. Also in the design of equipment such as a percussion machine for the production of nails, includes such nodes as:

the roller intended for straightening the wire;

knot of adjustment of length of a nail;

wire feeder;

shaft with fists and bed;

hammer and bump.

Rotary Equipment

The rotary nail making machine is notable for its high productivity. In such a device, the workpiece is pre-captured by the drum matrix. Further, when the latter moves, the wire is machined by a swinging punch located on the disk. The design of the rotary machine is rather complicated and includes such components and parts as a wire cutter, a knife, a sear, a mechanism for resetting finished products, etc.

Machine for the production of nails

The design of this type of equipment, among other things, includes a hopper. It is located at the top of the rack. It laid smooth nails made on a conventional machine. The dimensions of this capacity may be different. There are options in which you can load from 300 to 500 kg of raw materials at a time. From this receiving hopper, smooth nails are metered into the vibrating hopper, and then to the knurling area.

Optional equipment

Those who want to open their own business for the production of nails, in addition to the conventional and ruffed machine, will definitely need to purchase a tumbling machine. This type of equipment is designed to clean the surface of nails from baking, rust, sharp edges, as well as its polishing. The design of tumbling machines includes such nodes as: