The paint sprayer is a convenient technical device for uniform distribution of the color layer over the surface. Different types of spraying devices make it much easier to work during the repair and decoration of rooms or technical devices - car, refrigerator or walls.

Airless treatment

Airless paint sprayer is an excellent way to provide high-quality, deep coating without using tedious and inefficient rollers, hands that require manual labor. In fact, the concept of "airless" in this case is not too close to the truth due to the fact that the device includes a vacuum pump with a piston principle of operation. The piston allows the supply of paint from a bucket or barrel and transfer it to the spraying element of the structure. The difference from air systems is that in this case there is no mixing of air with paint.How to Choose a Paint Sprayer
Due to the powerful pressure, the required potential is created through a nozzle with a special design. The result is a quality coating that even professional painters can be proud of.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive aspects of using spraying mechanisms are the following:
  - the process of repair and painting of various surfaces with respect to time and effort is greatly facilitated;
- it is possible to achieve the highest quality coverage of complex planes, with irregularities, bends and angles, which are difficult to paint with a roller;
  - The toolkit is minimal: a bucket of paint, equipment and the presence of electricity;
  - work is carried out in a non-stop mode and does not require constant replenishment of paint in the tank due to the presence of a hose that is lowered directly into the barrel or jar;
  - high efficiency in painting large spaces - facades, walls, fences, floors.

The drawbacks of such methods of painting can be attributed first of all to the high speed of the paint supply under strong pressure, which leads to a large consumption of raw materials. Working with a device such as a paint sprayer requires skill and experience. Beginner malaria process will be slow, the distribution of the coloring layer will be uneven, with streaks. But practice and long-term use soon enough will allow you to learn how to work with the device without error, using all its capabilities to the maximum and achieving quality coverage.


Different surfaces require different devices according to the principle of operation. The electric paint sprayer can offer the painter a more intensive operating principle and ensure the quality of the work at a different level. These are universal devices that have in their kit a set of replacement parts.

A variety of attachments and other components allows you to paint well the most diverse surfaces.They can conveniently distribute paints and solutions. The weight of such devices reaches 25 kg. But within an hour with such a sprayer, you can paint up to 250 square meters of space. And in the process there is an economical expenditure of the coloring material, in the absence of a compressor.

Hand sprayers

The manual spray gun is a variant of an electric "colleague" that gives the wearer maximum freedom of manipulation, but works with a small amount of material and allows you to manually cover small surfaces that require special attention.Portable units are equipped with small batteries, which allows you to pinpoint small areas: walls of private houses, garages, fences.

Criteria for selection of apparatus

Airless paint dispenser can be selected according to the following parameters:

- reliability and quality of the manufacturer's brand;
  - durability and quality of work;
  - stable feeding of material without failures;
  - ease of use in solving a specific repair problem;
  - speed of paint supply;
- the amount of painting work;
- material opportunities;
  - independence from wage workers and comfort in use.

Any kind of device will greatly facilitate the supply of paint and will improve the result and speed almost twice. There is a saving of labor and the most expensive resource - time. In this case, the most expensive option will be machine painting, and the cheapest - using a simple hand-held unit. Any option will help to save paint - if the roller requires 1 kilogram of diluted liquid, the devices spend an average of 0.5 kilograms for a similar area.

Spray for paint is chosen in accordance with the needs of construction and repair.In one case, you need a small portable unit. In the other, a large-scale painting with an electrical device with a long-playing distribution.

Cost of devices

The paint sprayer, the price of which is significantly higher than that of a conventional roller or air diffuser, meets all the latest standards and fully justifies the costs and investments. Methods of painting "in the old manner", of course, are justified in some cases - with one-time painting of small parts or savings, but the efficiency of the spraying device largely pays for all expenses.

The cost of hand-held remotes for today fluctuates between 1000 and 8000 rubles.Electric models start from a much higher price threshold, but are completely accessible to all comers.

For comparison, you can bring such "interchangeable" phenomena, like a broom and a vacuum cleaner.If you want you can do with the first option, but in the 21st century it is already irrelevant - the modern vacuum cleaner is more popular. Convenience in operation, speed and quality of the sprayer quickly redeem all costs and efforts. Additional costs require highly professional equipment, which requires a lot of experience and technical knowledge in the service.

The paint sprayer is a state-of-the-art equipment for repair and construction that will ensure a high level of work and facilitate many processes.