What woman does not want to radiate elegance? The answer is clear, and an adherent in the implementation of this desire will be a tight dress. Fashion for this element of women's clothing originates back in the 20-ies of the last century, and is relevant to this day, becoming a classic. Due to its versatility, this dress is suitable for various events, whether it's a business meeting, a plague party or a romantic dinner. It will add to any woman a touch of sexuality, irresistibility and special charm, which attracts men's looks, filled with admiration.

But in order for a tight dress to look harmonious on you, it should be chosen with all due care, taking into account the features and type of the figure. This will help to hide its shortcomings and emphasize the dignity, showing you in the best light.

How to choose a tight dress?

Choose a dress for the figure "pear"

If you have narrow shoulders, but wide hips, then you are the owner of a pear-shaped figure. In your case, you need to focus on details that visually smooth out the difference in the volume of the shoulders and hips. To do this, choose dresses with a V-neck or an American armhole. Also for this purpose you can use very wide straps. If you are going to an incendiary party, then on this type of figure it will be wonderful to look dress with a corset. Or, pay attention to a tight dress with a light top and a dark skirt that visually narrow your hips. What else can I wear? For example, a no-lose option - dresses with a low waistline or sewn from soft and light fabrics.

Girls with this type of figure contra-indicated dresses on thin straps and with a semicircular cut. Also, it is not advisable to purchase a dress with an overstated waist, located on the hips with transverse patterns and lines, since in this case they will look even wider than they actually are.

The figure "hourglass"

Owners of the enviable figure of the "hourglass," when the parameters of the chest and thighs are the same, but the waist is very narrow, will give greater effect to the dress with a skirt year. Or an outfit supplemented by some belt. If you want to give your image seductiveness, you can choose a version with a deep neckline without straps. Girls with such a figure and thin legs will face a short tight dress. And if you choose the material for sewing this outfit, it is best to give preference to elastic and knitted fabrics.

But even for such an enviable figure there are taboos. It is superimposed on the dresses in a horizontal strip, with a large or geometric pattern. And if you have a small chest, the cutout of the boat is a bad choice and is also subjected to a categorical prohibition.

"An Apple"

This is the type of figure where the chest, waist and hips have an equal volume, but they are not devoid of smooth lines. Women with such shapes are best suited dress with oblique cut or high waist, complemented by a belt. Also, it can be bright, solid one-color dresses (photos of some models are presented in the article). The perfect solution to wear, will be dress-sleeves without sleeves or dresses with a corset. Girls with an "apple" figure should pay special attention to corrective linen, which will hide some of the shortcomings of the figure. An important role is played by eye-catching ornaments that harmoniously combined with the outfit. It is worth to buy dresses, sewn from a thin fabric with a large pattern.


The figure of the "rectangle" type has the same parameters of the chest, waist and hips. And because its owners should focus on different cuts: oval, square, etc. Or supplemented with ruffles, paillettes and other decorative details. Girls with this figure fit beautiful tight dresses with large and colorful prints. Particular attention should be paid to the fabric from which the outfits are sewn - it should be very stiff.

In this case, there are also limitations. For example, such as dresses with round cutouts, on narrow straps. The fabric should not be too elastic, and do not follow the belt to pull the waist.


If your type of triangle shape - shoulders much wider than your hips, you should focus on such cuts as V-shaped, oval or cordate, do not forget about the American armhole and a very high cutout. Separate attention deserves a sleeve raglan, as well as a tight dress with a low waist, the length of which reaches the knees. In the figure "triangle" it is better to choose clothes, where a dark top with a light skirt or horizontal strips are present. Much depends on the choice of fabric, which goes to tailoring the outfit. Here it is worth giving preference to such fabrics as wool, dense silk or hard cotton.

For women with a similar type of figure under strict prohibition short sleeves, wide collars and cutouts in the form of a boat. Undesirable soft and thin fabrics for the upper part of the dress.

Choose the length of the dress

An important factor in choosing the appropriate length of the outfit is the growth of the girl. For the owner of high growth, and if she also has an excellent figure, you need to add a long tight dress to your wardrobe. Especially if it is with a large neckline or completely bared back. A prerequisite for wearing such a dress is its combination with high-heeled shoes.

Owners of medium height are fine short dresses. And the choice of shoes for combining with them is broader and more diverse. Suitable not only shoes with high heels, you can wear a dress with shoes on a wedge or ballet shoes.

Girls of small size should pay close attention to outfits just over the knees. Shoes should only be selected with a high heel. Because it visually stretches and makes a more slim silhouette.

Choose the color of the dress

Another no less important factor in choosing a dress is the color. Here it is necessary to take into account the shade of your skin, hair and eye color. After all, this or that tone can be approached by absolutely different shades.

So, light-skinned blondes with light-colored eyes should choose soft and gentle shades for the outfit. And for owners of beautiful tanning, an effective and bright tight dress becomes an excellent solution.

Harmoniously combined with bright red or pastel shades with a cold blonde hair color. A golden-haired, honey or "champagne" is necessary to choose dresses with exceptionally colorful colors. Virtually all owners of light hair to face pink shades.

Dark-eyed brunettes with pale skin are preferably dressed in a delicate color scheme (light yellow or cream, for example). For dark-skinned or tanned, having brown, gray or green eyes suitable colors such as yellow, poisonous green, chocolate. Also, you should not bypass the classic black tight dress. And, finally, red is a universal color for brunettes, but it is worth remembering that its shades are chosen under the skin tone.

Brown-haired and brown-eyed

Dark-haired and light-skinned brown-haired women can choose from such tones as yellow, orange, purple. And for the sake of efficiency it is necessary to choose a combination of black and red shades. If the hair has the color of chocolate, safely choose dresses of pink, red or white tones. If the skin has dark skin, make an emphasis on golden and brown, and, undoubtedly, on blue shades.

Brown-eyed brown-haired should prefer brown and orange colors. Owners of green eyes will face dresses of purple and violet shades. Also, they should pay attention to the gold and silver colors. And blue-eyed brown-haired women will be approached with bronze and blue tones.

But there are also two classic universal colors - black and white. And the latter is relevant for all girls. Since fitting wedding dresses are sewn individually for each type of figure, they almost always have a traditional white color.


In conclusion, you can say a little about accessories and additions to the dress, such as jackets, jackets or cardigans. Do not neglect the corrective underwear, as it will help hide the belly and wrinkles on the sides and back. To make the image brighter, pick up earrings and an ornament around your neck. And shoes and handbag should be chosen, based on the color and length of the dress.


Now you know how to choose tight dresses. Photos of interesting models are presented in the article. We hope that you will be able to choose a good outfit.