Shoes can be called the most elegant and noble attribute of a shoe wardrobe. This applies to both women's and men's series. Correctly chosen model will not only make walking easy, but also emphasize the style of the owner and the dignity of his figure, and will also allow you to express your personality more clearly. Unlike shoes, boots, sneakers and other shoes, fashion shoes are not designed to perform special functions. For example, they are not used for walking in slush conditions or for sports. The main purpose of such shoes is representativeness and convenience. That is, among the mandatory requirements should be stylistic relevance and comfort.

Fashionable shoes for women

How to choose fashionable shoes? Beautiful comfortable shoes

When it comes to boots or ankle boots, it is entirely possible that there is no original design and stylistic features. This is not the kind of shoes that are suitable for contrasts and shocking. But in the case of shoes, it is the "flashy" styles and colors that often become the main stakes of designers. Models that are recognized as fashionable often refer to this trend. However, fashionable women's shoes are present in the lines with classic features. For example, the legendary "boats" are always relevant, which differ with a pointed toe and heel-hairpin. To the traditional model does not seem boring, it is worth looking at the means of additional design. In particular, decors in the form of a frame of beads, colored beads, sequins and rhinestones will dilute the monophonic and, possibly, boring color scale. But such options are more suitable for spring and summer, since in the fall it is more reasonable to rely on practicality than on external delights.

Is the heel low or high?

With the search for answers to this question at least once, but every woman, perhaps, has come across. But an unequivocal answer to it can not be, since fashion shoes with heels have both pluses and minuses. First, it is undoubtedly elegant and stylish shoes. The very presence of a heel not less than 6 cm high visually builds a woman, lengthening her legs and correcting the gait correctly. The attractiveness of the image created by such shoes is beyond doubt. Especially in modern collections you can find a wide variety of similar versions with heels of different shapes - in the form of glasses, pins, platforms and tankettes.

But there is another side to the coin - comfort and convenience. By this criterion, it is preferable to wear fashion shoes with a low heel not more than 6 cm. Of course, it will not be possible to achieve the same lightness and airy gait as the high hairpin allows, but comfort and leg health will be provided in return.

Select by shape

There are cases when the model you like does not combine with the physical data of the woman. Unfortunately, we have to give up our cherished shoes and turn to other options. And yet for any person, regardless of his parameters, you can pick up fashion shoes that fit seamlessly into the image. Low-cost women should be more careful in choosing a heel. This is the case when the middle heels fit, despite the logical desire to lengthen the legs. Thin and high hairpins should be avoided and women with magnificent forms. To maintain proportions, you should turn to platforms of medium height. Completeness in calves and ankles also imposes a number of restrictions on the choice of shoes. This flaw is recommended to hide, choosing moderately closed shoes.

Select by color and material

Despite the emergence of new collections of various shoes, there are general rules by which one can evaluate the style of a particular model. Among the basic criteria can be noted color and material. Bright fashion shoes should be chosen for contrast with the boring neutral tones of the clothes themselves. These shoes allow you to revitalize the outfit or to add to it the features of playfulness and coquetry. For official events and office work environment, a black color will be a win-win option. It harmonizes with almost all the shades of the outfit, emphasizing the figure of a woman.

In the choice of material is usually necessary to focus on two types of finishes – leather or fabric. The first option is more profitable in every sense – especially the natural leather provides a noble appearance and practicality in care. But, of course, are these shoes more expensive. The fabric is justified by the variety of decorative and stylistic decisions, but these shoes gets dirty quickly and takes on the look of worn things.

Shoes for men

For a modern business man, concepts such as style and fashion are also not alien. And shoes, as one of the key elements of the image, must correspond to the status of their owner. There are several models of men's shoes, which can keep up to date in each season. Among them are the following:

  • Oxfords. A classic option for business formal style. Such models are characterized by a special cover and binding lacing. As a decorative perforation design is used – especially in the summer versions significantly its presence and as a means of providing air circulation.
  • Derby. Another version of the classic model with lacing. These are fashionable men's shoes, which have one significant difference - the criminals are sewn over the arms, which does not allow them to closely adhere to each other.
  • Monkey. The main feature of such shoes is the lack of lacing, which is replaced by a buckle, one or more. As a rule, the socks of representatives of this line are elongated and have a rounded shape.

Children's models

Often, the beauty and style go into the background in the selection of children's shoes. This is partly justified, since an incorrectly selected model for a child can provoke the development of dangerous diseases. Nevertheless, safety and comfort can be combined with fashion and style, if guided by certain rules of choice. The main thing is that the original shape and style should not violate the natural anatomical position of the fingers. If in the case of older models this is allowed, then fashion shoes for the girl, for example, should ensure the free position of the foot without embarrassment. Of course, this rule does not contradict the presence of a small heel and instep. The area of ​​the soles should be preferred, but comfortable when walking. In many ways, the formation of the gait will depend on it.

Spring models

We can say that spring is the ideal time to use shoes. Appearance of shoes becomes the main criterion of choice, while styles, shapes and colors can be any. A variety of decorative designs allows any woman to choose the best fashionable shoes. Spring is a time of flowering and color, so shades should be appropriate. Last years orange, red and yellow colors are in fashion, but also blue with salad will approach under condition of compatibility with a dress. From massive and heavy platforms it is better to refuse in favor of classical open models. After all, shoes should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.

Summer shoes

In summer, the appearance of shoes also matters. The presence of rhinestones, metallized elements, imitation of crystals and beads in decoration allows creating a luxury effect. However, overdoing with the design is not worth it, otherwise shoes will create the opposite impression of insipidity. And for men and women, fashionable shoes for the summer should also be comfortable and as open as possible, so that your feet do not sweat. Therefore, it is worth choosing from the combined options. For example, it can be shoes that look like sandals or sandals. In the men's rulers are quite popular models "blue flowers". The concept of sandals can be traced in the openness of shoes, and the presence of a heel and elegant straps classifies such models as shoes. Also, the variants on the wedges are popular, but the base with the finish in them should be natural. For example, a tree is suitable in combination with a jute fiber or leather.

Autumn shoes

Conditions of moody weather make serious adjustments in the choice of shoes, forcing to appeal to more practical models. Keep your feet warm and comfortable with closed shoes with a thick sole. Heel should be high, but the hairpin for walking on slush is not suitable - it is worth giving preference to the platform or wedge. No less significant is the material from which fashionable shoes are made. Autumn assumes abundant humidity and dampness, therefore footwear should provide protection from getting wet. It is best to buy shoes from leather and suede - such materials keep the heat well, which is very important for leg health during this period. By the way, autumn bad weather can hurt not only your feet, but also the shoes. Therefore, you should stock up in advance with special means to protect the shoes from moisture and minor damage.

Branded brands or budget brands?

The main question is, justify whether these shoes stylistic requests and quality requirements. Of course, the materials used are cheap. A classic example is when genuine leather is used leatherette or even tissue analogs. But in terms of design the situation is not so deplorable. Usually budget model features repeat patterns of the last relevant lines. Accordingly, in order to save and in the absence of strict requirements to quality can be bought mass-marketasia shoes. Those who are not ready to compromise with quality shoes, it is recommended to monitor the collections from major fashion Houses.


Shoes are an unusual subject of shoe wardrobe, as the models of this group are characterized not only by the convenience of use and durability, but also to a considerable extent by decorative delights. It would seem that any fashionable footwear is more or less endowed with a certain stylistic design. However, shoes in this regard are the most demanding. First of all, such shoes create a visual effect, required in certain conditions. This is achieved with the help of various tools - from the development of the original style with the use of various finishes to textural solutions. At the same time, the primary function of shoes as shoes is not abolished. Therefore, the best choice will be a model that not only pleases with its appearance and organically complements the image, but also suits the season and provides proper protection to the feet.