The very first cleaning is mechanical water purification. It can be used to extract sand, small stones, rust, and lime. By installing a cleaning system in your home, you will not only protect your body from harmful elements, but also prevent the breakdown of household appliances - extend their life.

What is the filter for?

Before buying, many are wondering how to choose the right main filters for water treatment. The most important criterion when choosing a filter is the presence of coal cleaning in it. With the help of coal water purification you get rid of chemicals in the water, namely chlorine and various harmful impurities. Of particular danger to our lives is chlorine, which is often contained in running water, because it can enter the body not only through the respiratory system and stomach, but also through the skin. Main filters for water purification protect our body from the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, as well as the occurrence of various allergic reactions that can cause the same chlorine, once in our body.

How to choose the main filters for water treatment?

Which cleaner is better to choose?

Specialty stores offer a variety of main filters for water purification. How to choose a filter that is suitable for your home? This will help the laboratory. To do this, you need to take samples of running water in your home and pass them on for analysis, after which you will understand what kind of purifier you need. If laboratory tests show that the running water from your faucet has only impurities of rust and limescale, then you will need a filter with mechanical cleaning, that is, with a single-stage filter. And if the tap water is saturated not only with rust and lime, but also with chlorine with the addition of harmful chemical elements, then in this case it will be most useful to purchase main filters for water purification with multi-stage cleaning.

Benefits of using a filter

Purifiers conduct primary purification of water, which should be used for domestic needs. When using them, the service life of household appliances is significantly increased, this is due to the fact that after cleaning the appliances and utensils do not cause any deposits and scale. If desired, you can install in the bathrooms, laundries or utility rooms main filters for water purification. Reviews of customers using these filters show that these devices are practical - easy to maintain and replace cartridges. The taste of purified water is not inferior to that sold in stores, customer reviews confirm this. In addition, if you count, then, buying water in stores, you spend significantly more than installing a main filter at home. The useful life of the filter for water reaches 20 or even more years, because with pollution only cartridges change.

Popular filter models

Shops specializing in the implementation of cleaning equipment for the water supply system, offer the attention of the buyer a variety of main filters for water treatment in the apartment. Consumer reviews suggest that some of the proposed devices, some occupy a leading position. For example, the filter “Geyser Typhoon” is able to purify water to the state of drinking. Such a cleaning system can be used not only for cold but also for hot water.

The main filter for cleaning “New Water”, as well as the previous one, is capable of cleaning both cold and hot water; it frees it from mechanical as well as chemical impurities.

Manufacturer of water filters "Aquaphor" offers the buyer a variety of types of purifiers for filtering water. If necessary, Aquaphor cleaning devices can be installed for hot and cold, these devices also clean running water from various impurities, turning it into drinking water.

Barrier devices are in great demand among buyers, they purify water from various origins of impurities, and also soften it.

The device should be installed directly by a qualified specialist in this field - only this way you can get a guarantee that the device will perform the necessary functions. It is necessary to choose a special place that will allow you to easily replace the filter cartridges if necessary. If you are not sure about the good quality of running water in your home, then you should not save - install a cleaning system, besides its price is not as significant as the price of your health, which can be affected by eating poor-quality water.