Air guns today are very affordable. Some buy them for the shooting or self-defense. In any case, on the market there are professional devices, and modifications for beginners. In the parameters they are quite different. The main indicators include the power of the device, which depends on the type of the installed cylinder.

Also, the manufacturer indicates a muzzle velocity model, which is measured in meters per second. Caliber conventional pistols is 4.5 mm. ammunition as apply balls, which are made of steel.

How to choose the best air gun: a review of the market and manufacturers

How to choose model for a beginner?

Beginner arrow, it is more expedient to pick up a gun with a capacity of not more than 2 John. This parameter is the initial speed of a bullet must be 120 metres per second. In General, the model should be compact and weigh less than 700 g. the Fuse for the newbies welcome manual type. Will cost a good gun to date in the area of 4 thousand.

Features choice of professional gun

In this case, to choose the best air gun better with the power of about 3 joules. In turn, the muzzle velocity parameter is required to be at the level of 130 meters per second. All this allows to conduct aimed fire at a distance of 120 metres. Many professionals prefer ten versions. Weigh this gun needs no more than 850 g. the Handle of the model is welcomed with a rubber gasket. Thus, it will be comfortable.

The fuse is better to choose the automatic type. Before buying a model it is important to check the rear sight for defects. In some cases, it may be damaged. Then flatten it with a fly would be problematic. Last inspected the bundle. Is today a good gun for the professional in the area of 8 thousand.

The device “Krosman” for self defense

Reviews about the “Krosman C-31”

The review of the model Makarov Mr 654К-32

Air pistol Mr 654К-32 lately in great demand. Ammunition for it is in a caliber of 4.5 mm. Initial velocity of a bullet is at 140 meters per second. Compared to other configurations it is considered quite a lot. It should be noted that the standard kit includes the holster, which is very convenient to carry a gun. The housing in this case is made entirely of plastic. However, the breech is made of metal. According to the owners of the models, handle it very convenient. Worth air gun Mr 654К-32 in the store about 5 thousand rubles.

Devices of the company “Hatsan” for self defense

Company “Hatsan” air guns reviews are good, but they are suitable only for more experienced shooters. The power parameter reaches 3 they John. The frame shafts are metal. Handle in form can be very different. In this case, the model should be individualized based on the size of the palm of your hand. Sear all models is protected by a tab. Hooks over the trigger is a special bolt. Fuses, typically of manual type. Figure the initial speed of a bullet is around 130 meters per second. The average weigh of the gun is the specified brand in the area of 700 g.

Opinion on “Hatsan AT-2”

“Hatsan at-2” – the best air gun of this company for newcomers. The capacity of it ranges at around 2 joules. The spray in this case, a small capacity, but the price is small. Setting the initial speed of a bullet is equal to 120 meters per second. As ammunition for the model fit balls with a diameter of 4.5 mm, which is made of steel. The handle of the gun is a plastic.

It should be noted that it is fixed with a special rubber strip to better stabilize the gun during the shot. Aimed fire from this model can be carried over a distance not exceeding 130 metres. If we talk about the shortcomings, it should be noted a fairly large tractor. Thus, to wank sometimes problematic. Are submitted air pistols (market prices) of about 5100 RUB.

Features of the IZH-53M

All this became possible due to the installation of the gas cylinder medium capacity. Thus, the capacity of this model reaches 2 John. The shutter in the represented configuration peredergivaete is quite simple. According to the owners of this model, the trigger goes down smoothly. Air pistol IZH in semi-automatic mode behaves when shooting fairly balanced. Is this unit in the store about 4500 RUB.

Reviews about the “Anics A-101”

Air gun “aniks” is convenient and is famous for its capacitive rather spray. The bullets in this case can be used for shooting only with a caliber of 4.5 mm. Only the store can accommodate 18 steel balls. The total length of the gun is presented is equal to 215 mm, and it weighs only 650 g. as sight used strap. Holster the standard kit includes and this is a big advantage.

If you believe the reviews of consumers to change gas cylinders in the model without difficulty. Additionally, it should be noted that the handle of the pistol is very comfortable. Breech in the device is made of metal. In General, an air gun “aniks” was very comfortable, and the return it small. It will cost the store buyer about 5100 RUB.

Model of the firm “Gamo”

Reviews of “Gamo RT-80”

“Gamo RT-80” is the best BB gun from this brand. The model length is quite large, but weighs only 650 g. In the hand the specified gun is very comfortable. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then the return it small. Spray standard kit is included in high capacity and it lacks a long time. Cartridges in the set to the gun there are 200 pieces. Sighting device the device has a pretty high quality.

If we talk about the shortcomings, it should be noted hard the shutter. The housing in this case is made of metal. Figure the initial speed of a bullet is equal to 120 meters per second. Power is at the level of 3 joules. The holster in the standard kit is not included, however, it is possible to find a hex key for maintenance of the model. It costs the store about 4 thousand RUB Repair pneumatic gun can only be done at the service center.

Review “Gamo RT-85”

Just shop at one time can be charged 16 bullets. The handle of the submitted instance is made of plastic. This rubber gasket on there. Thus, the gun holds fairly tight and while not much recoil twitches. This model weighs with a full clip exactly 700 Cost presents gun shop in 6100 RUB.

What distinguishes air gun “Umarex Legends”?

Many buyers Umarex air pistols choose for high power – at the level of 4 joules. All this gives a pretty good initial speed of a bullet. Due to this, aimed fire from the gun can be carried over a distance not exceeding 130 metres. As ammunition for the device are used steel balls of diameter 4.5 mm. All of them in the shop user is able to hold 18 pieces. In semi-automatic mode, firing can lead.

The valve in this case, the gun is protected by a rubber ring, which acts as a sealer. Saddle under it there. Spring feeder installed are quite durable and load capable of withstanding heavy. The adapter in this case is located under the filter. Additionally, it should be noted that the pressing screw is securely fastened on the saddle. Will cost data air pistols (market prices) in the area of 4500 RUB.